This New Crypto Rewards Users For Engaging in Elon Musk-Type Voting Polls – 50x Potential in 2023?

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Source: Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu has launched the presale for its native LHINU token today, with the exciting new polling platform aiming to raise just over $10 million within the next couple of months. 

Running on the Ethereum blockchain, Love Hate Inu will provide users with the ability to earn rewards for voting on hot topics when it launches later in the year.

Given just how successful certain presales were last year, there’s every chance that participating early in the Love Hate Inu sale could end up being profitable for investors. Because with a viral meme-focused design and some genuine utility, the new platform could end up becoming very popular indeed.

This New Crypto Rewards Users For Engaging in Elon Musk-Type Voting Polls – 50x Potential in 2023?

The concept behind Love Hate Inu is refreshingly simple: token-based rewards for voting on a regular stream of relevant and timely issues.

As written in the project’s whitepaper, “Our platform provides a unique opportunity for you to engage with important issues and promote healthy discussion, all while contributing to the next meme sensations and earning valuable tokens.”

On a cultural level, Love Hate Inu taps into the growing popularity of Elon Musk-style Twitter polls, in which the Tesla CEO has asked his followers various questions in order to help him make decisions (e.g. whether he should step down as CEO of Twitter).

Given that such polls can often draw upon a large number of participants, the team behind Love Hate Inu has clearly recognized an opportunity to harness the popularity and enter the global online survey market.

According to the Business Research Company, this market is expected to grow to $5.69 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 15.5%.

This represents a huge opportunity for a platform that can incentivize wider participation in its polls and surveys, with Love Hate Inu’s team clearly reasoning that a crypto-based polling/survey platform is just the way to do that.

Accordingly, it has just launched the presale for its token today, with its platform itself expected sometime around the third quarter of 2023.

Interested investors can participate in the LHINU presale by heading over to the official Love Hate Inu website.

From there, they can buy LHINU using either crypto (USDT or ETH) or fiat (via a credit card), with 1 LHINU currently costing $0.000085.

There will be eight stages of the sale in total, with the coin’s price rising to $0.000145 by the final stage.

This makes for a 70.6% increase compared to the first stage’s price, underlining how profitable the sale could be for the earliest participants.

Encouragingly, the sale has been allocated 90% of LHINU’s total maximum supply of 100 billion.

This makes the coin’s tokenomics laudably decentralized, reducing the scope for team members to drag down its price by dumping their allocation of tokens onto the market.

Another interesting aspect of LHINU’s tokenomics is that holders vote in polls by staking their tokens, meaning that coins will be taken out of circulation.

And the more Love Hate Inu’s platform grows, the more LHINU will be removed from circulation, boosting its price.

After the Presale

In addition to surveys and the increasing popularity of social media-based polls, Love Hate Inu also taps into the market’s appetite for meme tokens.

This appetite is evident in the FOMO-induced rallies and pumps witnessed this past year by such meme coins as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Floki and Tamadoge.

And speaking of Tamadoge, the success of TAMA’s presale in 2022 highlights the potential for early investors to make substantial gains with LHINU.

For example, it rose by as much as 1,800% compared to its initial presale price when it was listed on OKX last October.

While there can be no guarantee that Love Hate Inu will match such performance, its combination of viral memes and relevant polling gives it the strong fundamental base to have a very good 2023.

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