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G2A Unveils “Geekverse”, A Gaming-focused NFT Marketplace

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“Geekverse” has the primary goal of providing exposure to Web3 and NFT games curated by the G2A team.
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Popular gaming keys distributor G2A has launched a marketplace for NFTs linked to Web3 games.

According to a press release published Wednesday, “Geekverse” has the primary goal of providing exposure to Web3 and NFT games curated by the G2A team. This initiative allows gamers the opportunity to explore the world of blockchain gaming and will showcase NFTs from games that have partnered with G2A.

In the statement, G2A CEO Bartosz Skwarczek said that the company has been monitoring the development of the blockchain gaming sector since the conception of NFT gaming project Cryptokitties, which initially launched in November 2017.

“We wanted to find out how closely gamers are related to technology and concepts of blockchain gaming,” Skwarczek said. “It turned out that players are quite familiar with the blockchain gaming industry, and a significant portion of them already play web3 games and have even engaged in NFT trading from games.”

“Considering these factors, we decided to create an online space for enthusiasts of decentralized games – a place where users will find information about the best web3 games, and most importantly, they will have the opportunity to buy and sell digital assets associated with these games,” he concluded.

Geekverse will allow users to purchase and sell NFTs from collections related to the games of G2A’s partners, and will also host contests, giveaways, and in-game item drops. The marketplace also said that it aimed to fully honor royalties set by NFT collection creators and would refrain from charging transaction fees on NFT sales for a limited time.

As per the announcement, the currently supported blockchains for the venture include Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain. Additionally, there are plans in the pipeline for the introduction of G2A-themed NFTs in the future.

G2A also outlined future plans for its NFT marketplace, including expanding the number of supported blockchains, facilitating fiat payments, and furnishing tools to assist partners in promoting their NFT collections.

Traditional gaming distributors have displayed growing interest in Web3 gaming, as evidenced by the inclusion of Gods Unchained in the Epic Games Store in June. Gods Unchained, a collectible trading card game utilizing NFTs, features gameplay akin to popular titles such as Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

One month later, the Google Play Store began accepting NFT games under specific restrictions. The team said that games offering NFTs for sale or as earnings would be permitted, but clarified that it would not allow gambling with NFTs.