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Futureverse Raises $54 Million to Advance AI and Metaverse Integration

Hassan Shittu
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source: Shutterstock

Futureverse, an AI and metaverse technology company, has raised $54 million in funding to support its mission of revolutionizing the metaverse with AI. 

The funding round, led by 10T Holdings and with participation from Ripple, will enable Futureverse to develop exclusive AI content generation tools that enhance music, objects, characters, and animations within the future metaverse.

To build next-generation metaverse applications, games, and experiences, Futureverse partners with Ripple to leverage the Root Network and a suite of protocols. 

The integration with Ripple’s XRPL enables using XRP as a gas token and follows the XLS-20 NFT standard.

With notable partners like 10T and Ripple backing it, Futureverse aims to transform the metaverse from a conceptual idea into an immersive and accessible realm for everyone. 

The recent funding secured by Futureverse will be allocated towards further developing their comprehensive technology, focusing on enhancing the Futureverse Platform and its innovative tools and products.

In addition, Futureverse aspires to be a leader in AI gaming. They have recently collaborated with FIFA to launch the AI-powered consumer game AI League and partnered with Muhammad Ali Enterprises to release the AI-powered boxing game “Muhammad Ali – The Next Legends.

Futureverse: Pioneering an Open and Scalable Metaverse Infrastructure

Futureverse, led by metaverse pioneer Aaron McDonald, investor/operator Shara Senderoff, information security expert Marco Brondani, and business operator Dan Gillespie, aims to establish itself as a critical player in the metaverse industry. 

Their primary objective is to create an open, scalable, and interoperable infrastructure that empowers developers and users to engage with previously inaccessible content and applications within the metaverse.

McDonald and Senderoff express their enthusiasm for the metaverse’s potential to revolutionize human engagement and collaboration across multiple domains. 

“The metaverse has the potential to revolutionize human engagement and collaboration across various domains. To unlock this potential, the metaverse requires open, scalable, and interoperable infrastructure,” said McDonald and Senderoff, co-founders of Futureverse. 

The support of partners such as 10T and Ripple strengthens their resolve to transform the metaverse into a tangible and interactive destination.

Futureverse’s strategic partnerships with renowned organizations like Cool Cats, FIFA, and Mastercard have allowed them to integrate iconic brands and expand their offerings. 

This series A funding round signifies the company’s momentum. At the same time, Dan Tapiero, CEO of 10T, lauds Futureverse’s immersive and vertically integrated metaverse platform, encompassing AI technology, infrastructure building, creative studios, and digital communities, all in one cohesive ecosystem.

Futureverse Expands Metaverse Ecosystem Through Strategic Acquisitions

Futureverse formerly formed from the meager of 8 companies in 2022, executed a strategic move by acquiring 11 metaverse infrastructure and content companies. 

This acquisition strategy aims to bolster Futureverse’s position in the metaverse landscape and solidify its ability to provide essential components for diverse metaverse applications. 

By integrating these acquired companies into a unified ecosystem, Futureverse seeks to foster a vibrant metaverse community driven by digital collectibles.

With a dedicated global team of approximately 250 individuals, Futureverse focuses on constructing cutting-edge infrastructure, tools, and immersive experiences for the metaverse. 

These companies include Altered State Machine, Non-Fungible Labs, Sylo, Centrapay, Centrapass, Immersve, Shadows Interactive, Altered Phoenix, ATEM Car Club, Centrality, and DRx. 

Each entity brings unique expertise, spanning AI protocols, creative and engineering studios, decentralized communications, digital asset payments, decentralized identity, gaming development, augmented fashion, and more.