Following ERC-404, Here Comes DN404 + More NFT News

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Following ERC-404, Here Comes DN404 + More NFT News
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Top NFT news today, February 13, 2024: Following ERC-404, a new divisible NFT format called DN404 has launched, Magin Eden has announced its Ethereum marketplace launch, and Deadfellaz launched 10,000 Bitcoin Ordinals.

NFT Market Data

The non-fungible token (NFT) sales volume currently stands at $36,917,776. It is up 0.19% over the past 24 hours.

In the same period, buyers, sellers, and transactions have gone up 5%, 1%, and 7%, respectively.

When it comes to the top 10 collections by sales volume over the past day, Pandora is still in first place with $6,560,152, despite a 16% drop.

Art Blocks increased the most in a day: 444% to $843,870. Meanwhile, Doodles dropped the most: 47.47% to $855,826, according to CryptoSlam.

Today in NFT news: a team of developers reveal a new, experimental blend of ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards; Magic Eden launches its Ethereum marketplace in two weeks; and Deadfellaz creators, DFZ Labs, launch 10,000 Bitcoin Ordinals.

Following ERC-404, Here Comes DN404

Following the recent launch of an unofficial Ethereum standard ERC-404, a different team of developers announced the launch of the ‘Divisible NFT’ standard (DN404).

Developer “cygaar” announced the launch of DN404, calling it “a hybrid ERC20/721 token.” Per GitHub, it is an implementation of a co-joined ERC-20 and ERC-721 pair.

The team also includes vectorized.eth, quit, 0xjustadev.eth, michaelamadi.eth, and Pop Punk.

Pandora’s ERC-404 combines the popular ERC-20 (token standard) and ERC-720 (NFT standard). “The premise of ERC404 was to create a single contract that can act as both a fungible and non-fungible token. However, this can’t be done without introducing exploits and breaking standards,” cygaar wrote.

The DN404 team’s approach is to have two contracts: a “base” ERC-20 with a “mirror” ERC-721.

Most trading will be done on the base contract, cygaar explained. The base contract is a fully compliant ERC-20 token. It tracks user balances and handles the minting/burning of the mirrored NFTs, said the developer, adding: “You can think of these tokens as fractions of the NFTs.”

These are compatible with decentralized exchanges (DEXes).

Meanwhile, the mirror contract acts as a standard ERC-721 token. All its functions are fully compliant and can be used with any protocol that supports ERC-721s.

Developer Quit further noted that DN404 has not been through the EIP process. Therefore, “we are not calling it a standard.”

Moreover, Cygaar reminded readers that DN404 is not a project, and there are no tokens for sale. The team has just released open-source code for other projects to build hybrid tokens.

The code has not been formally audited, and the team is not liable for any exploits.

Magic Eden Launches Ethereum Marketplace in Two Weeks

Popular NFT marketplace Magic Eden will launch its Ethereum marketplace on February 27.

The countdown has begun, it said.

Magic Eden and Yuga Labs announced the Magic Eden Ethereum Marketplace in November last year. The two companies said that this would become the first major Ethereum marketplace with a contractual obligation to uphold creator royalties.

The new marketplace will be powered by Payment Processor, a marketplace protocol developed by Limit Break.

“Limit Break’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of web3 technology has paved the way for us to collaborate on safeguarding creator royalties and fostering future innovation,” Magic Eden said.

The team further announced that the first mint on the Ethereum launchpad will be the Okay Dogs collection in partnership with Okay.

Deadfellaz Creators Launch 10,000 Bitcoin Ordinals

In other NFT news, DFZ Labs, the creative studio behind the Deadfellaz NFT collection, is launching its own Bitcoin Ordinals.

On Tuesday, February 13, the team launches its unique ordinals collection on the Magic Eden marketplace. It is called Bits and comprises 10,000 pixel characters inscribed by Ordinals Bot.

Per the press release shared with Cryptonews, what’s coming is “a new independent brand focused on “Bringing Indie Gaming to BTC.”

“Bits sets out to build a supercharged game development incubator, utilizing a roguelite game world at its core to house curated UGC content, while rewarding collectors and players – in a way never seen before,” the press release says.

Bits focuses on a ‘Build to Win, Play to Enjoy’ model, the team added. Therefore, the community has the chance to contribute and earn rewards. Meanwhile, the team will continue creating an expanding immersive game.

The game will be offered to a wider audience via traditional platforms, including Steam and consoles.

The Bits founding team all come from within the Deadfellaz community. They will run Bits as its own flagship BTC IP under the DFZ Labs ecosystem but as an independent brand.

Deadfellaz co-founders Betty and Psych serve as mentors and advisors. They will host a Twitter Spaces this Friday on the Bits and Deadfellaz accounts. Bits’ inscribing partner Ordinals Bot and BTC wallet Xverse will join the discussion.

Meanwhile, DFZ Labs has allocated 500 air-drops of Bits for top Deadfellaz collectors and community contributors.