Ferzoo Exchange’s Presale Captures Attention of Avalanche and Ethereum Investors Setting Stage for Rivalry


Utilizing its innovative approach to developing a decentralized crypto exchange, Fezoo has caught the attention of investors of two of the biggest layer 1 blockchains on the market: Avalanche and Ethereum. This has been no surprise to experienced crypto holders and investors, as a project like Fezoo has the potential to shake up the crypto landscape, despite still being in its early stages. 

Avalanche Price Correction Analysis

Following the bearish outlook of the crypto market, Avalanche has been down by 14.1% over the past week. All current indicators are pointing towards bearish momentum for the short term. It is no secret that these past couple of weeks Avalanche has been a bit overbought by the market. This is supported by its RSI index, which determines if a cryptocurrency is overbought or oversold. Avalanche’s RSI is close to the overbought zone and this hints towards a cooling in investor excitement. 

Over the past 2 days, Avalanche also experienced a notable shift in its Stop and Reverse, as it changed from bullish to bearish. This is to be expected considering the price drop, but it furthers the point of how Avalanche has been performing. The SAR tool is neat for this observation because it helps identify momentum changes and reversals. However, many experienced traders have pointed out that in the grand scheme of things, this is just a small correction.

Ethereum ETF Delay Concerns

Ethereum has also looked quite bearish over the past week, as its price has been down 7.8%. A big reason why it is behaving like this is the most recent news regarding the highly anticipated Ethereum ETF. The SEC has investigated the Ethereum Foundation, which has raised concerns amongst many that the ETFs that include crypto could be delayed. Obviously, this includes the ETH ETF.

Despite this, experts are staying bullish on Ethereum for April. The historical data says that April is always a positive month for the second-biggest cryptocurrency, and there is no specific reason why this year should be different. Notable surges in April include 2017: +66.77%, 2018: +70.19%, 2020: +55.04%. Considering even the average return for ETH in April, a price target of $4500 doesn’t seem too far-fetched. 

Fezoo Considered a Priority by Investors

Both ETH and AVAX investors are enamored with the low fees that Fezoo provides, as well as the fact that no KYC is required to start trading. Elements like that are going to be far too common in the future of blockchain. Users can also earn passive income by staking their tokens, which is accompanied by a revenue-sharing system where 50% of all transaction fees are distributed to all presale token investors, in proportion to their holdings. 

Fezoo is determined to have the safest possible decentralized exchange, with the most transparency possible. The audit has been fully passed and users will be able to view all transactions and records. The team tokens will be locked for 16 months, and liquidity will be locked for 50 years, ensuring maximum safety. All in all, this is an extremely impressive project that could be the next blue-chip crypto and we believe that the phase 1 starting price of $0.013 is a major bargain.

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