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Ethereum’s Struggle Below $3,000 Turns Focus to Pushd’s Stage 6 E-Commerce Presale, Setting New Market Standards

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


Ethereum was all set to pump thanks to Hong Kong’s spot ETH approval. However, it was cut short due to the tension surrounding the Iran-Israel conflict. Experts still believe that once the smoke blows away, Ethereum will pump in value as the news of its spot approval goes viral. 

Even after that, we believe Pushd has far more growth potential than Ethereum in the current market. It has the potential to become a blue-chip cryptocurrency. This decentralized e-commerce platform will make buying and selling much more profitable.

Ethereum’s “Pectra” Upgrade is Just Around The Corner

After the successful Duncan upgrade, Ethereum’s team has decided to go for the “Pectra” upgrade. It might sound like a big one, but it does not. Tim Beiko, in an interview with CoinDesk, said that Pectra is all about sorting out the small and easier stuff while preparing for the main event. This upgrade mainly aims to make minor code changes and increase staking limits for validators.

EIP 3074 and EIP 7251

The Ethereum Improvement Proposal, or EIP, is a document with recommended protocol changes. The EIP 3074 and 7251 are the two main changes happening in the Pectra upgrade. In EIP 3074, some code changes will increase the user experience of Ethereum wallets. It will also allow users to batch transactions and sign them simultaneously.

On the other hand, EIP 7251 will increase the staking limit for validators from 32 ETH to 2,048 ETH. It will allow large staking companies like Coinbase to consolidate their existing validators. Now, they don’t have to create new validators every time they have 32 ETH for staking. This will also lighten the operational load on large stakers.

Even with these minor updates, Ethereum might not have the growth potential that Pushd possesses. As a result, Ethereum investors are moving their money into Pushd’s presale in hopes of significant gains. 

Pushd Reaches Stage 6 Presale Early Due to High Demand

It is the first-of-its-kind decentralized marketplace built for better security and transparency. It has attracted the attention of ETH holders willing to invest their money in Pushd. Users can buy and sell goods on the platform using cryptocurrency, and KYC is not required.

Pushd is currently in stage 6 of presale and has a price of $0.144. This project could be a solid opportunity for investors looking for high returns in the Web3 space. Pushd ensures that all transactions will be secure, transparent, and immutable.

A key benefit of buying Pushd tokens is that you become part of the rewards program that incentivizes users to complete certain tasks and milestones within the platform. Pushd is here to compete with the existing retail giants and revolutionize the user experience with instant withdrawals, lower fees, and faster transactions.

Currently, Pushd has the first-mover advantage. With its audit passed and its liquidity locked for 20 years, investors are more than happy to put all their money into Pushd’s presale. Five stages have already been completed, but stage 6 is still live for people who want to buy their tokens at the lowest price. 

Sign Up for Pushd’s presale now and get a chance to earn revenue from fees generated on the platform.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.