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Chimpzee Continues Charitable Efforts As Web3’s Most Wholesome Passive Income Crypto Project Plants More Trees – NFT Passports Launch

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Chimpzee NFT Passports

Chimpzee continues its charitable efforts as it solidifies its role as being the most wholesome passive income project in Web3.

The meme coin provides four routes to earning a passive income while helping raise funds to donate to charitable organizations fighting to save animals and prevent deforestation.

Furthermore, the project has launched its much-awaited NFT Passports with a potential of burning another 5 billion $CHMPZ from the circulating supply.

Passive Income and Charity: Chimpzee Aims to Prove Web3 Can Be Used For Noteworthy Purpose

Passive Income and Charity

Chimpzee is a Web3 project that provides its users with multiple routes to earning a passive income while positively contributing to the world by saving animals and helping to prevent climate change.

It’s the first Web3 project to disrupt how people contribute to charity, offering a unique perspective on what meme coins and blockchain technology can offer.

It’s already made a series of donations to noteworthy charities, including WeForest, WILD Foundation, One Tree Planted, Forgotten Animals, and Rainforest Rescue.

It recently made another donation to WeForest to help support its Mala project in Tanzania, planting an additional 4,200 trees in the process.The project offers four avenues to earning a passive income:

  • Shop-to-earn
  • Trade-to-earn
  • Play-to-earn
  • $CHMPZ staking

Users can earn rewards by interacting with the three products mentioned above, stake their $CHMPZ tokens, and earn up to 40% APY in passive staking.

NFT Passport Launch: Prepare to Maximize Gains

The Chimpzee NFT Passports are essential to earning the most passive income through the ecosystem. They provide a wide range of benefits, including the following;

  • Higher $CHMPZ rewards and an exclusive discount in the Chimp Shop.
  • An increased cut of the trading fees generated on the NFT Marketplace.
  • A discount on the NFT Marketplace fees.
  • Discounted advertising on the platform.
  • Higher rewards in the Zero Tolerance play-to-earn game
  • A staking reward for those staking the NFT Passport
  • VIP access to events, airdrops, and special promotions in the ecosystem.
  • Chance to win $10,000 in exclusive promotion just for holders.

Chimpzee Benefits

The NFTs will come in a tiered structure with a limited supply in each tier, providing a different level of rewards. The four tiers include Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The Diamond NFTs are the most coveted as they provide the highest level of rewards. There will be a total of just 1,000 Diamond NFTs up for grabs, which will cost 1 million $CHMPZ tokens.

The Gold NFTs will cost 750,000 $CHMPZ tokens with just 2,000 available, and the Silver NFTs will cost 500,000 $CHMPZ with 3,000 units to buy.

Supply Shock Inbound: Can $CHMPZ Surge 10x After the Passport Sale?

Traders in the Chimpzee community are starting to predict huge 10x returns after the passport sale as all the $CHMPZ used to purchase the NFTs will be permanently burnt, removing them from the supply.

As a result, the total circulating $CHMPZ supply could shrink by over 5 billion during the NFT sale if every NFT in the collection is purchased. This would reduce the total supply from eight billion to three billion $CHMPZ.

In addition, the staking feature continues to be hugely popular for the Chimpzee community, with an incredible 5.7 billion $CHMPZ currently staked, providing stakers with up to 40% APY.The community believes some of these $CHMPZ tokens will be unstaked to purchase the NFTs. However, most of the remaining $CHMPZ circulating will still be staked following the sale.

Therefore, traders expect a supply shock during the NFT sale, as newcomers are likely to struggle to find cheap $CHMPZ to purchase. This will result in bullish pressure on the open market, pushing prices much higher.

Overall, Chimpzee continues to prove itself to be one of the most important charity-focused Web3 projects in the entire industry as it continues to make waves.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.