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DOGE 2.0 Rockets Up 30,000% But Crypto Whales Are Accumulating This Other Token Before it Lists on Exchanges – 100x Potential?

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So far 2023 has been a year characterized by explosive meme coin runs, perhaps none more successful than the incredible Pepecoin ($PEPE) pump which ignited Spring's ecstatic meme season.

But the altcoin pumps haven't stopped there, as the eye-watering gains have continued to flow from straight to DEX tokens in months since.

And in the latest sensation, Dogecoin ($DOGE) spin-off token $DOGE2.0 has surged in price.

The Incredible Pump of DOGE2.0

Launched in an impressive initial DEX offering (IDO) on July 4, DOGE2.0 has enjoyed immense volatility over the past few weeks.

An initial pump from a launch price of $0.0915 saw significant traction in the first 48 hours - pushing price up quickly to $0.071.


But the pumping price action didn't stop there, as legions of holders raced into DOGE2.0 to claim their slice of the pie.

With holder numbers surging to over 2,000 overnight, price exploded up to a jaw-dropping $0.0716 -bringing DOGE2.0's overall gain to an incredible +30,000% since launch - at a  $1.55m market cap.

Yet as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, and price action in recent days has bled-out a dreary -77% leaving thousands of intrepid bag-holders out of pocket.

Profits Rotate Into Next Meme Coin Sensation

But the smart money that rode the pump and sold the top have already locked the next meme coin sensation in their crosshairs as the Wall Street Memes ($WSM) presale flies sky-high in an unprecedented frenzy.

As we write, there are just over two days left before the token price increases, making now a critical time to consider this presale opportunity.

The Wall Street Memes token isn't merely another meme coin - born from the Wall Street Bets Movement and a top NFT project, $WSM carries the promise of a complete shake-up of the meme coin world.

Accelerated Growth: The $WSM Presale Phenomenon

Source / Wall Street Memes

While the retail investor uprising against institutional dominance was widely seen during the Wall Street Bets movement, Wall Street Memes has managed to turn this sentiment into a tangible asset.

The $WSM token not only tokenizes the movement but is also set to redefine the power dynamics surrounding how markets view digital value.

And with a current price at $0.0322, the $WSM presale has already collected an impressive $16,705,476, rapidly nearing its target of $16,717,231.

The speed at which tokens are being acquired signals a substantial potential return for early investors.

Indeed, by the end of the presale, they could enjoy over 30% paper gains, with further price appreciation expected once $WSM gets listed on major exchanges later this year.

Wall Street Memes: Community Empowerment and Potential Exchange Listings

Source / Wall Street Memes

Recognizing the importance of its community, Wall Street Memes has allocated 30% of the total token supply as community rewards. 

The significant traction of the Wall Street Memes community (now over 1m strong) also strongly indicates that $WSM will be listed on top-tier crypto exchanges like Binance, which could trigger a bullish run for the token.

Source / Wall Street Memes

The Wall Street Memes presale offers a remarkable investment opportunity, as the project is backed by a proven record of successful digital asset launches and a substantial and engaged community.

The current presale price offers an enticing window for investors, especially with the knowledge that the price is set to increase shortly.

Join the revolution today, buy $WSM, and become part of the next big meme coin story.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.