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Data Ownership Protocol Raises $162M in Token Sale

Tanzeel Akhtar
Last updated: | 1 min read
Data Ownership Protocol Raises $162M in Token Sale

Data Ownership Protocol said it has raised $162 million in a recent token sale ahead of its upcoming mainnet launch later this month.

The protocol is focused on blockchain privacy and clims to bring “selective transparency to Ethereum” has a community with over 2.67 million users taking part in its testnet. Data Ownership Protocol aims to give users full control over their data.

In an announcement the protocol founders said, the now-completed token sale represents the ninth-largest of all time, supporting the protocol’s objective of promoting on-chain data transparency by expanding its overall operations and forging meaningful partnerships as the team prepares for its upcoming mainnet launch late April to May 2024.

Protocol Uses zk-SNARK Tech

Data Ownership Protocol uses technologies such as zk-SNARKs to validate transactions without revealing the underlying data, ensuring both privacy and regulatory compliance.

zk-SNARK is a zero-knowledge proof protocol where users are able to prove they hold certain information without revealing it and without any interaction between the parties.

Developers Test New Features

“During our testnet launch, our community was instrumental in helping the team shore up the protocol’s features and identify any possible vulnerabilities, and that continued invaluable support is responsible for this token sale,” Kohji Hirokado, Co-Founder at Data Ownership Protocol in a press release.

“It’s been a while since the crypto world has seen a token sale quite like this, and it underscores our innovative approach to data ownership. By leveraging blockchain technology, we aim to empower individuals with complete control over their data, ensuring privacy, security, and the opportunity to partake in the value it generates,” adds Hirokado.

Data Ownership Protocol recently shared its roadmap on the social media platform X.