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Dash 2 Trade Offers New Crypto Trading Tools for All – Best Presale 2022?

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The Dash 2 Trade (D2T) presale has already raised over $400,000, barely 24 hours after beginning. Its quick progress comes as significant validation for the Ethereum-based platform, which will provide cryptocurrency traders with actionable market data, insights, and analysis in real time.

In a year marked by big presales, the D2T token sale has plenty of competition, yet its strong fundamentals have already helped it stand out from the crowd. And with the market lacking a trading intelligence platform of the scope and usability of Dash 2 Trade, it has a very good chance of becoming one of the most successful presales and coin listings of 2022.

Dash 2 Trade Offers New Crypto Trading Tools for All – Best Presale 2022?

Kicking off yesterday, the Dash 2 Trade presale quickly passed important milestones, crossing $300,000 within only a few hours. Now, it’s up to $400,000, and likely to pass a few more important targets in the coming hours. 

As set forth in its whitepaper, Dash 2 Trade is building a “world-class” cryptocurrency analytics and social trading platform, one which will make it easier for investors of all levels to make informed investment decisions. To this end, it will provide such features as the following:

  • Trading signals for indicating new buy or sell opportunities
  • Social sentiment metrics and on-chain analysis to highlight trending cryptocurrencies
  • Strategy building and social trading tools for helping investors formulate new approaches
  • A scoring system enabling users to gain access to presales
  • Crypto listing alerts 

All of these features will be situated within the platform’s unique dashboard, which combines a wealth of tools yet presents them in a streamlined and accessible, making them useful for more than just experienced traders.

While Dash 2 Trade’s presale has only just begun, its platform and dashboard have already been in development for months, and it has also received venture capital funding worth $200,000. This sets it up nicely for further development, as does the fact that Dash 2 Trade has, in fact, grown out of Learn2Trade, a forex signals provider that provides daily technical analysis and that draws upon a community of over 70,000 active traders.

This puts Dash 2 Trade in an excellent position to build on Learn2Trade’s growth and experience, with its crypto-focused dashboard unique within the cryptocurrency market. 

Within the Dash 2 Trade platform, the native D2T token can be used to grant holders access to analysis, signals, and social trading, as well as other features. It may therefore witness growing demand, and a rising price, the more popular Dash 2 Trade becomes.

At the moment, the presale is making it available at a price of 0.0476 USDT for 1 DST. This price, however, will last only for as long as the sale’s first stage, at which point it will rise to 0.05 USDT.

Given that stage one will end after it raises the equivalent of $1,666,000, DST could see its price increase very soon. As such, interested parties may want to act sooner rather than later.

How High?

Dash 2 Trade’s progress so far suggests that its presale will sell out fairly comfortably and that it could indeed enjoy some successful listings in the New Year.

Of course, the question is, how high could it gain over its presale price? This is an important question, especially when the ongoing bear market would suggest that hopes for big returns should probably be downplayed at the moment.

The thing is, even though we are still in a bear market, other presale coins have gone on to enjoy successful initial listings. This was especially the case with Tamadoge (TAMA), which raised $19 million in September and then posted a return of 1,800% at one point, following its listing on OKX.

This isn’t to say that D2T will also surge by 1,800% once it receives a few listings. However, it certainly has good fundamentals, with its trading intelligence platform likely to be in demand within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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