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Crypto Influencer ‘BitBoy’ Claims He Received Death Threats, Begs Followers to Donate For His Legal Fund

Jai Pratap
Last updated: | 1 min read
Source: a video screenshot, Discover Crypto / YouTube

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, who was recently ousted from the company he created, claimed he has been receiving death threats from Hit Network.

As reported earlier, the founder of BitBoy Crypto filed a lawsuit in Georgia, USA, naming Hit Network CEO Timothy ‘TJ’ Shedd Jr., his father Timothy Shedd Sr., and TJSJ Holdings as defendants. 

Armstrong claims they stole his company from him.

In a recent video posted on X, Armstrong claimed that he has been receiving death threats form the people he has sued and he has been extorted out of his Lamborghini.


BitBoy Crypto Asks Followers to Donate to his Legal Fund

The eccentric crypto influencer tweeted that HitNetwork has taken all of his money so he can’t fight. 

He asked his followers to donate to his legal fund to bring BitBoy Crypto back. 

Several from the crypto community took a jab at the influencer for asking his followers for money.

Blockchain analyst ZachXBT replied under Armstrong’s post saying, “How about all the people who lost money as a direct result of you promoting sketchy projects and more recently meme coins?”

Another account pointed out Ben wearing a $350k rolex in his latest video. 

So far people have donated over $40,000 to Ben Armstrong. 

‘BitBoy Crypto’ Has Been Rebranded to ‘Discover Crypto’ 

Ben Armstrong further claimed that Hit Network sent him a death threat after he filed a lawsuit against them. “They agreed to negotiate and I pulled the lawsuit. Then, through my relative, they found out I was filing a lawsuit so they quickly filed a flimsy suit before we could get ours filed,” he added. 

Despite Armstrong’s legal action, Shedd and the Hit Network proceeded with their plans, unveiling a complete rebranding of the Bitboy Crypto YouTube channel as “Discover Crypto” last week, alongside the release of a video formally introducing the channel’s new identity.