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Famous Economist and Crypto Hater Nouriel Roubini Launches His Own Cryptocurrency

Jai Pratap
Last updated: | 1 min read
Nouriel Roubini
Source: X / @Nouriel

Famous economist Nouriel Roubini, who once said 99% of crypto is a scam, has now launched his own crypto project.

Also known as “Dr.Doom” for his pessimistic predictions, Roubin has co-founded a cryptocurrency project called “Atlas”.

The project is being advertised as some climate-related token that promotes accessible, and scalable returns in regions where they are most needed.

The official website of the project claims Atlas is pegged to a carefully chosen portfolio of liquid real-world assets—climate-resilient REITs, strategic commodities, inflation-hedged sovereign bonds, and gold.

Nouriel Roubini’s Brutal Attacks on Crypto

In the past, Roubini minced no words when he attacked the crypto industry. In November 2022, during Abu Dhabi Finance Week, Roubini stated that the entire crypto ecosystem is a fraud. He said:

“What are the seven C’s of crypto? Concealed, corrupt, crooks, criminals, conmen, carnival barkers, and CZ.”

In January 2023, when the FTX collapse was unfolding, Roubini took the opportunity to once again criticize crypto. He said that 99% of crypto is a scam, criminal, bubble and a massive Ponzi scheme.

Roubini was also not sold on blockchain tech separate from crypto. He said that the blockchain is the most hyped technology ever.

CZ Calls Roubini “Shameless”

Binance CEO Changpenz Zhao called out Roubini for putting the Binance logo on his crypto project’s website Atlas without the exchange’s permission. CZ posted on X:

“Some people are shameless. After attacking Binance publicly on stage a year ago, now issues a token and puts Binance logo on their website without permission.”

Bitmex co-founder Arthur Hayes, who has also been attacked by Roubini, took a dig at the economist’s crypto project. Atlas token that claims to be enabled by AI, ML, Climate Technology and Blockchain. Hayes responded saying “Wow my bestie Nouriel included all the buzzwords it must mean he is going to make money.”