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Crypto Experts Are Betting on This New Bitcoin Project As Crypto Prices Rebound – 100x Possible?

Tim Hakki
Last updated: | 4 min read

Political and economic uncertainty may have investors trading cautiously but with Bitcoin’s halving on Friday set to revitalize what has been an already breakout year for crypto, one exciting new presale is getting a look-in: 99Bitcoins.

Last Thursday, 99Bitcoins began a presale for its $99BTC token. It has already netted a staggering $300,000, according to an announcement on Twitter.


99BTC powers a newly revamped heritage crypto learning resource that monetizes learning for its users with a pioneering new Learn-to-Earn rewards model. 

Since launching as a blog in 2013, 99Bitcoins has become a trusted name by providing top-tier educational resources for crypto beginners. As it gears for its Web3 launch, it has a long-established community of 700,000 YouTube subscribers, alongside 2 million users enrolled on its courses

The platform started life on a domain called

It was a simple page giving visitors instructions on purchasing Bitcoin via PayPal along with general Bitcoin guides. However, after landing in hot water with PayPal, it rebranded itself. 

Today, BTC trades at $65.5k, having taken a beating on the weekend as news of an Iranian drone strike on Israel turned investors off risky assets

However, this week is a period of consolidation ahead of Bitcoin’s fourth quadrennial halving on April 20. It could set a new high watermark for the world’s favorite cryptocurrency, which previously set an all-time high (ATH) of $74k last month. 


The Bitcoin network is also expanding thanks to the addition of more Layer 2 protocols and the proliferation of the BRC-20 token standard. This green lights a potentially explosive rally for Bitcoin’s one and only learn-to-earn platform. 

Learn to Earn with 99Bitcoins (99BTC) 

 99Bitcoins uses a blend of gamification and a leaderboard reward system to pay out rewards for engagement. The idea of “learn-to-earn” rests on the simple premise that users will be incentivized to learn more if learning bears tangible (spendable) benefits. 

The gamification aspect comes about through various different learning resources, like interactive learning modules, quizzes, and tutorials. Successful completion of these challenges raises a users’ 99Bitcoins rankings. The higher the ranking, the greater the payout. 

Users unlock more courses as they progress through the exercises, which means more rewards in a self-motivating and immersive experience that stays engaging and enjoyable for users of all levels of crypto knowledge.

For today’s highly switched-on and video game and smartphone palming generation, it’s more familiar than textbooks.  

99Bitcoins platform will offer comprehensive curricula on various topics at all levels, from wallet basics and how-to guides all the way through to trading signals, strategies, trends, and technical knowledge. 

99Bitcoins and Bitcoin: BRC-20 and the Halving

Some 15% of the total 99 billion 99BTC tokens will be sold over a fourteen-round presale to raise funds for the project’s BRC-20 integration.

$99BTC is initially launching as an ERC-20 token (which means it’s issued on Ethereum).

It will bridge to Bitcoin’s BRC-20 token standard as a priority along the project’s roadmap, enabling native integration with Bitcoin’s growing ecosystem of dApps and projects.

Those projects include tokens like ORDI and SATS, both of which are up more than 5% today as Bitcoin continues to expand its offering to rival its high-functionality smart contract-enabled rivals Ethereum and Solana. 

Holders of the 99Bitcoins token 99BTC gain access to a variety of benefits and services. Besides getting access to premium reward-paying crypto learning content, holders can also earn staking rewards on Ethereum, receive special training courses, exclusive trading webinars, trading signals and strategies, and access to VIP community groups. 

99BTC Tokenomics

Course and community participation earns platform users $99BTC directly in their Ethereum wallets. They can redeem the tokens for exclusive access to premium content, discounts on partner products and services, and token-holder events. 

Bitcoin’s upcoming halving around April 20 promises to be another strong price driver for 99Bitcoins. That’s when Bitcoin mining rewards get cut in half, effectively bottlenecking the issuance of new BTC. 

Given consistent levels of demand, the halving will push Bitcoin’s price higher. Historically, the three prior halvings have consistently led to bull runs, which have added value to the entire market, even projects not connected to Bitcoin. 

This year probably won’t be any different. Some even suggest Bitcoin’s price could go ballistic, due to increased institutional and retail demand for Bitcoin since the historic launch of 11 Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) on January 11 this year. 

The 99 Bitcoins Airdrop and Giveaway

99Bitcoins is currently running a massive airdrop of $99,999 worth of Bitcoin (BTC). This will go to 99 early supporters who follow the instructions on the official website.

In addition to the airdrop, there is a giveaway, according to an announcement on the platform’s X/Twitter. The protocol is collectively rewarding three participants with $9,999 worth of Bitcoin for either following, retweeting, or signing up on the website.  

Twitter 99Bitcoins

The 99Bitcoins mobile app is available for download on Google Play and App Store, keeping users up-to-date on all the latest crypto prices and news.

So, with Bitcoin leading the news cycle through April and beyond, there will likely be many new BTC neophytes in the coming months. 

What better incentive to learn about Bitcoin through expert learning materials than to get paid for it?

Visit 99Bitcoins secure presale website ahead of Bitcoin’s halving.

Buy 99BTC here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.