Crypto Exchange LYOPAY Aims to Reshape Crypto Payments

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  • LYOPAY is a regulated crypto ecosystem that provides a variety of products and services that makes cryptocurrencies easy to use. 
  • LYOTRADE is a regulated centralized crypto exchange that provides different trading types such as futures, margin, spot, and ETC. It also offers DEX SWAP, crypto loans, and more. 
  • LYOTRAVEL is a travel booking website where users can book flights and pay using BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, and LYO. 
  • The ecosystem will roll out more products and services soon. 

LYOPAY stepped into the crypto space as a compliant and regulated crypto exchange. Ever since, its ecosystem packed with revolutionary crypto tools has been scaling up. Moreover, LYOPAY’s userbase expanded simultaneously with the ecosystem’s consistent growth over the years. To address multifaceted issues that are encountered by thousands of crypto users everyday, the ecosystem built different crypto initiatives dedicated to making crypto user-friendly. Below are the services that the LYOPAY ecosystem offers. 


LYOPAY is a cryptocurrency payments application that acts as both crypto exchange and wallet. It is used to buy, sell, exchange, and store cryptocurrencies. Other services that will be added to the application in the future are mobile payment, debit card, and referral system. 


LYOTRADE is a regulated centralized crypto exchange that boasts a high liquidity system. In the platform, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies through Visa and Mastercard, earn yearly rewards by staking LYO Credit tokens and USDT. Other services that users can access in the platform are futures, margin, and ETF trading, crypto loans, and DEX SWAP. 


As a travel booking website, LYOTRAVEL allows its users to pay for their trips, not only with a card, but using cryptocurrencies. Tons of features await for crypto enthusiasts and travel connoisseurs such as group booking discounts, trip stacking, and an option to type in vouchers. In the platform, customers can pay for their flight tickets using cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, and LYO. The LYOTRAVEL website has a user-friendly interface so users can book their trips with ease. 


LYOWALLET is a non-custodial wallet that crypto users can utilize to anonymously buy crypto and trade digital assets. Apart from that, it also acts as an NFT storage and cryptocurrencies can be purchased and sold through SEPA and SWIFT transfer. All of these can be done without sharing any information with the application. Other features that are coming soon are staking and yield farming. 


LYOMERCHANT is a crypto payment gateway that allows merchants to accept different types of cryptocurrencies as payments. This technology supports the emergence of crypto-friendly businesses around the world and promotes mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Making cryptocurrencies as the mode of payment on a daily basis will be easier for people with the help of LYOMERCHANT. 

Revolutionizing the FinTech Space 

LYOPAY aims to redefine crypto payments by launching multiple products that address different needs of people across the globe. Cutting-edge crypto tools are constantly developed to materialize the company’s vision, which is to make cryptocurrencies a part of people’s daily lives. 

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