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Could Pikamoon be the Next Big GameFi Token?

Viraj Randev
Last updated: | 4 min read

Pikamoon is a new NFT play-to-earn game that will offer exciting gameplay, NFT elements, and a thriving marketplace. Through $PIKA, the native token, investors can engage in battles, purchase NFT items, and earn various rewards.

With the $PIKA token presale expected to kick off on April 16, 2023, investors can purchase the token on the first round before the price hikes by 200%. Now, let’s learn more about this exciting GameFi project.  

Pikamoon – The Next Big GameFi Crypto Token 

Boasting the potential to be one of the best GameFi cryptocurrency tokens in 2024, Pikamoon is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) where players can explore and battle each other on the Pikaverse.

The Pikaverse is a play-to-earn environment where members can participate in this new gaming experience. Pikamoon has taken inspiration from popular GameFi projects such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. 

The platform will offer a marketplace through which one can purchase virtual land to build their empires on the Pikaverse, purchase in-game NFT avatars, and collect special weapons and tools.

At the center of this new project is $PIKA – the native cryptocurrency of the Pikaverse. On the ecosystem, $PIKA will be used to make all purchases, including NFTs, healing items, and boosts. 

On April 16, 2023, Pikamoon will conduct the initial coin offering for $PIKA, making the high-potential crypto available for purchase.

Buy NFTs through the Pikamoon Marketplace

One of the main elements of Pikamoon will be the marketplace. Through this ecosystem, users can leverage their $PIKA tokens to purchase Pikamoon NFTs. According to the Pikamoon whitepaper, there will be a total supply of 18,012 first-generation Pikamoon NFTs.

With your $PIKA holdings, you can mint your first Pikamoon NFT for free, with the NFTs acting as a player’s in-game avatar that can be leveraged to battle opponents to extract points. The top performers will be rewarded with free tokens and NFTs. Users can also benefit from the daily games and weekly giveaways which Pikamoon will run.

Apart from the Pikamoon avatars, the marketplace allows members to purchase virtual land to expand their territories. The marketplace will offer NFT health portions, boosts, healing items, and treats for your Pikamoon characters to increase the chances of winning big.

One of the best deflationary cryptos to buy, 5% of all $PIKA transactions on the marketplace will be burnt. Furthermore, 65% of the tokens spent will be sent to the play-to-earn pool. The platform will distribute these tokens towards monthly quests in which players can participate.

The remaining 30% of the tokens spent will be used towards the marketing and development of the Pikamoon project.

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Pikamoon Gameplay – Win Big by Battling in Different Regions

In the Pikaverse, players can explore and battle other entities within Dreva – the virtual world. The main storyline pits the players against the 13th God, an entity looking to destroy and reshape the world of Dreva.

Pikamoon’s play-to-earn world aims to grow your forces by developing a team of Pikamoon NFTs to battle various bosses. Through explorations, you can collect multiple items and increase the strength of your team.

Your Pikamoon avatars will be pitted against other players through the battle system. Each of the 18,012 Pikamoon NFTs will belong to four distinct regions. The first being the Flame Empire – a harsh terrain where war is a regular factor.

The next region is the Thunder Collective, which is susceptible to regular storms and is filled with uncertainty. This region also hosts electric Pikamoon, which is the newest addition to the Dreva world.

The last two regions are the Water Kingdom and the Earth Regions, which are calmer environments compared to the first two.

Interestingly, Pikamoon has taken inspiration from multiple gaming projects such as Pokémon and Fortnite. The game aims to replicate the cartoonish style of Fortnite and the stunning gameplay and diverse regions which Pokémon is known for.

Pikamoon also based the strategy and team-based elements by gaining inspiration from FIFA – the popular soccer game – and will initially feature a single-player story mode with a multiplayer metaverse world following in later months.

$PIKA Tokenomics and Presale 

$PIKA has a total supply of 50 billion tokens. Through the upcoming presale on April 16, 30% of the overall supply will be allocated.

The presale will consist of three rounds, each round allocating 5 billion tokens. However, the $PIKA price will rise subsequently per round. During round one of the presale, $PIKA will be priced at $0.0002 per token.

The price will jump by 200% to $0.0006 by the final round. Thus, early investors can get in early by purchasing this token through the opening round.

Apart from winning multiple rewards by battling in the Pikaverse, this utility token will also allocate 10% of the token supply towards staking rewards.

Pikamoon will also integrate Transak – the fiat onramp device, to simplify the investment process and support fiat payment options. Moreover, users can also connect a cryptocurrency wallet and purchase $PIKA directly with other cryptocurrencies.

Join the $PIKA Revolution

Along with the strong utility of this project, Pikamoon can become one of the best crypto presales due to its social media presence.

This NFT play-to-earn game has a Twitter following of nearly 15k, despite not having begun its presale. Similarly, over 4K people have joined Pikamoon’s telegram channel. 

As the project goes live and Pikamoon begins releasing the marketplace and the gaming environment, it can become one of the top GameFi projects of the year.

Join the Pikamoon Telegram channel to stay updated with all the new developments surrounding this project.

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