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Could 1,000 Bitcoin BSC Make You a Millionaire? These Reasons Point to a Price Surge

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 3 min read
Source / Bitcoin BSC

A couple of years ago, tales of crypto millionaires seemed common, however, with the cryptocurrency winter season, these stories faded away.

But PEPE has reignited that flame this year, transforming small investments into vast fortunes, and with the advent of on-chain summer – the burning question now: Can Bitcoin BSC replicate this success?

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Bitcoin: The Magic of 1,000-fold Increase

For crypto newcomers, the idea of an asset growing 1,000 times in value to turn $1,000 into a million might sound fantastical.

Yet, history tells us that such explosive growth isn’t alien to the digital currency market.

Take the original Bitcoin, for instance: a mere $100 investment in 2011 would have metamorphosed into an astounding $6.8 million by 2021.

Bitcoin Today:
Price: €22,895.10
Market Cap: €445.21B
Supply: 19.45M (92% of total)

TradingView /. BTC USDT

Indeed, in the decade between 2011 to 2021, Bitcoin’s value soared not just by a thousand times but a whopping 68,000 times!

One might think of Bitcoin as the poster child of crypto success, but even “smaller” coins have yielded similar, jaw-dropping returns.

Ethereum is a shining example. Funded through an ICO in 2014 at a price of $0.30, its value had skyrocketed to over $4,800 by 2021.

That’s a staggering 16,000-fold increase, turning a $1,000 investment into $16 million!

Ethereum Today:
Price: €1,409.41
Market Cap: €170.81B
Supply: 121.19M (100% of total)

TradingView / ETH USDT

If you think these success stories belong solely to crypto’s early days, consider the recent PEPE’s performance.

This year, a trader who bought PEPE for 2.1 ETH made a profit of $1.7 million from an approximate $4,000 investment.

These aren’t tales from yesteryears; even today, crypto investments can outshine other asset classes by a significant margin.

Will Bitcoin BSC Witness a Similar Surge?

Source / BTCBSC

Many yearn to turn back time, investing early in Bitcoin – enter Bitcoin BSC, evoking the aura of Bitcoin circa 2011.

Its pre-sale price is pegged at $0.99, with about 6 million tokens on offer.

Mimicking the original, there will be 21 million $BTCBSC tokens in total, with the last one set to be released in 120 years.

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However, as its name suggests, Bitcoin BSC operates on the BNB Smart Chain, offering several advantages over the original Bitcoin.

Known for its fast transaction times and low fees, the BNB Smart Chain allows Bitcoin BSC to be staked instead of being mined through the energy-intensive Proof of Work mechanism.

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Bitcoin BSC’s Staking Protocol

Source / BTCBSC

Similar to the original Bitcoin, the staking protocol of Bitcoin BSC rewards stakers every time a new block is confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain – approximately every 10 minutes.

These rewards are periodically halved, ensuring the final token will be released in 120 years.

Already, more than half of the early investors have opted to stake their tokens, with the current annual return (APY) standing at a lucrative 692%.

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Rising Demand for “Bitcoin on BSC”

Source / BTCBSC

The notion of a Bitcoin token on the Binance Smart Chain has arrived amidst the growing excitement around “2.0 coins”.

The market’s appetite is evident, with the project already nearing a $700,000 valuation within days.

With Bitcoin’s fame, similar ventures like BTC20 and BTC2.0 have seen their values explode in a short time.

For context, while “Bitcoin on Ethereum” (BTC20) saw a 600% increase soon after its launch, BTC2.0 experienced a monumental 500-fold surge. This trajectory turned a $1,000 investment into half a million dollars!

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The Future of Bitcoin BSC

The potential of Bitcoin BSC remains to be seen, but early indicators are promising.

With the pre-sale just five days old and already nearing $700,000 – of which $300,000 was achieved in the last 24 hours alone – it seems primed for significant growth upon listing.

With the pre-sale price locked at $0.99, volatility is expected once it’s listed on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, where prices might quickly soar to $10 or more.

Even if it doesn’t transform $1,000 into a million overnight, the initial capital might multiply in no time.

Given the current momentum, the pre-sale might wrap up this September, paving the way for a potential price explosion.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.