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Chainlink, Tradecurve Markets, Hedera Announce New Developments, Which Crypto Could See A 5x?

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Chainlink (LINK) recently announced the SmartCon Virtual Experience. Moreover, the Hedera (HBAR) Foundation announced that major new players joined its ecosystem. This expansion could contribute towards much higher network usage. In addition, Tradecurve Markets (TCRV) launched a demo platform, and over 18,000 users signed up. Today, we explore each altcoin to see how far they can climb.


  • Chainlink can climb as high as $9.12 by the end of Q4
  • Hedera to surge in value to $0.065 by the end of the year
  • Tradecurve Markets projected to spike 50x at launch

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Chainlink (LINK) to Host a SmartCon Virtual Experience

Chainlink (LINK) is getting hyped on top of social media networks right now. Community members are anticipating the SmartCon Virtual Experience. Anyone can get their pass to hear Anurag Soin. He is the Director of Digital Asset Services at ANZ. More businesses than before have implemented Chainlink’s technology.

The Chainlink crypto traded between $6.73 and $7.97 during the past week. In the last 30 days, Chainlink is up 26.9% in terms of its value. At this rate, analysts have a Chainlink price prediction, where they project growth to $9.12 by the end of Q4.

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Hedera (HBAR) Ecosystem Greatly Expands

Hedera (HBAR) has grown significantly in terms of ecosystem size. They welcomed Hyundai Motor Group alongside Kia. Mastercard also became a part of it, alongside FSCO – Fresh Supply Co and Shinhan Bank. Moreover, Cathy Bank, Calaxy, Validation Cloud, and Staking Rewards all joined Hedera.

As for the recent price performance behind the Hedera crypto, it hovered between $0.04887822 and $0.051906. While it’s in the red zone and decreased by 9.3% in the past month, analysts project massive gains for Hedera moving forward. According to the Hedera price prediction, it can surge to $0.065 by the end of 2023.

Tradecurve Markets (TCRV) Launches the Beta App, and 18,000 Users Sign Up Copy

Tradecurve Markets is an upcoming hybrid exchange that can appeal on a global scale. It will make crypto and derivatives trading accessible to anyone. The global forex market was valued at $753.2 billion in 2022. Moreover, the OTC derivatives market grew to $632 trillion. However, getting into these markets was historically difficult.

Investors faced difficulties, from mandatory KYC checks to geographical restrictions. Tradecurve Markets will change all of this through the introduction of a self-custodial platform. Users simply deposit crypto and use it as collateral when trading. They can access multiple markets. These include forex, indices, commodities, CFDs, options, ETFs, and Bonds

The Tradecurve Markets exchange will feature a VIP account system. Moreover, it will integrate negative balance protection. Anyone can also subscribe to the copy trader feature and access AI-driven trading bots.

In addition, TCRV holds a major part in the ecosystem. It can be used for discounts, staking, and rewards. Currently, the project is at Stage 6 of the presale. The team launched a demo platform, and over 18,000 users signed up

While it’s now trading at $0.03, in the next stage it will increase to $0.0378. At launch, analysts project a climb of 50x as well. The team will also work on a Beta Trading App for iOS and Android that can drive further demand.

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