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Celo Developer Sets Framework for Layer-2 Decision by January

Hongji Feng
Last updated: | 1 min read
Celo Ethereum L2
Source: Pixabay / jievani

Celo’s developer has proposed a comprehensive plan to guide the selection of a Layer-2 technology provider, with a plan to finalize their decision in January 2024.

cLabs, the primary developer behind Celo, published a “framework for selecting an L2 stack” on their discussion forum, seeking feedback from the users. The framework outlines the criteria for selecting a Layer-2 technology provider, a key part of Celo’s plan to integrate with Ethereum‘s network. cLabs’ initiative aims for community involvement in the decision, with the final choice expected by mid-January.

Key Features of Celo’s Proposed Layer-2 Framework

The framework detailed some of its core criteria and values, including Ethereum compatibility and increased security for technical considerations, simple migration with minimal downtime for migration feasibility, and independence within Ethereum for governance alignment.

“We would love your input, suggestions and feedback, to make this framework more reflective of all the priorities and concerns of Celo stakeholders,” said the post. “Right now, ‘we’ reflects cLabs’ views, but we hope as this doc evolves we can incorporate the general consensus of the whole community.”

cLabs also aim to adjust to the users’ suggestions if the team sees fit. “We’re running a little behind our own stated timeline for figuring this out, but hope we can get general consensus on the framework by mid Dec. Once we feel we’ve reached general consensus on this framework, cLabs will begin work on evaluating each L2 stack against this framework.”

On 13 Dec. 4pm (GMT), cLabs will hold an L2 discussion call regarding the framework. The announced framework was an extension from cLabs’ original proposal published in July. The L1 to L2 upgrade was initially brought out to “foster a financially inclusive community and build openly in the spirit of Web3, bringing real-world use cases to the Ethereum ecosystem.” In August, Celo announced that they are partnering with Google Cloud for the Ethereum L2 migration.