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BlockDAG’s 4-Month Vesting Period Supported By $100M Liquidity: Discussion Arises on Ethereum ETF Approval and Dogecoin Price Forecast

Michael Graw
Last updated: | 2 min read

The cryptocurrency market is dynamic, with Ethereum ETF approval and Dogecoin’s price forecast generating significant interest. Ethereum faces hurdles in obtaining ETF approval due to network complexity. Dogecoin’s evolution from a meme to a serious asset is reflected in its optimistic price forecast. Apart from these two, BlockDAG‘s strategic growth is notable, reaching a $0.006 coin price in its 10th batch upgrade, which is a 500% increase from its initial coin price. Its recent implementation of a vesting period for presale coin holders, ensuring gradual coin release and safeguarding value, highlights a commitment to stability and growth, backed by $100 million in liquidity.

Ethereum ETF On an Uphill Battle

Speculation surrounding an Ethereum ETF approval has garnered attention, particularly due to its potential impact on institutional investment. However, securing approval for an Ethereum ETF appears challenging. Analysts view the odds of approval as slim, citing concerns over Ethereum’s network complexity and regulatory issues. Despite this, some analysts argue that the strength of Ethereum’s ecosystem is being underestimated. Ethereum’s recent upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 aims to enhance scalability and energy efficiency, highlighting ongoing efforts to improve the network.

Dogecoin Gives a Pragmatic Outlook?

Dogecoin has evolved into a notable player in the market. Recent price fluctuations have sparked curiosity about its future trajectory. Dogecoin’s price forecast is cautiously optimistic, suggesting a potential bullish trend. This projection considers factors such as strong community backing, increased adoption and positive market sentiment. However, cryptocurrency prices are volatile and subject to various influences. While some analysts predict bullish milestones, others advise caution. 

BlockDAG’s Strategic Growth: $600M Roadmap

BlockDAG has seen a significant surge in its pricing, particularly in its 10th batch upgrade, where it increased by $0.001 to reach a price of $0.006 per coin. This upgrade represents a notable jump from its previous pattern of increasing by $0.0005 per batch. The upcoming 11th batch is set to push the coin price to $0.007, further highlighting BlockDAG’s impactful journey within the crypto community.

The pricing strategy of BlockDAG reflects its value proposition and growth trajectory, with a projected 30,000X return on investment (ROI). This growth is evident in its roadmap, which outlines a $600 million plan unveiled in the original keynote displayed at the Shibuya Crossing. The keynote released at this event has garnered significant attention, marking a milestone in BlockDAG’s development and highlighting its success in the cryptocurrency world.

To maintain stability and prevent market volatility, BlockDAG has implemented a vesting period for presale coin holders, ensuring a gradual release of coins over a specified period. This mechanism promotes long-term commitment among investors, aligning their interests with the project’s goals. The vesting period safeguards coin value and demonstrates BlockDAG’s commitment to responsible coin distribution, building trust and confidence in the project’s future. Alongside providing $100 million in liquidity, this measure further emphasizes BlockDAG’s dedication to stability and long-term growth. The vesting period further elevates BlockDAG’s presence among the crypto community, in addition to the DAGpaper release and the impactful keynote teaser.


BlockDAG’s strategic growth and innovative approach position it favorably in the crypto market, claiming the spot of best crypto of 2024. The project’s presale success, reaching the 10th batch with a coin price of $0.006, highlights its appeal to investors. The implementation of a vesting period ensures responsible coin distribution and promises $100 million in liquidity, enhancing stability and investor confidence. In a landscape marked by uncertainty, BlockDAG’s forward-thinking strategies and milestones stand out, especially amidst discussions on Ethereum ETF approval and Dogecoin’s price forecast.

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