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Bitgert Coin: Crypto Experts Forecast a Potential +500% Price Surge

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


Experts in the crypto market  predicted that after the bearish correction arrived in the market, a bull would follow. Now market correction top asset Bitcoin is now above $63,000  and other coins are picking up their momentum.

One coin that has been building and withstanding the bear phases is the Bitgert exchange. This layer 1 technology has taken the crypto market by the storm. Due to consistent dedication and growth in the crypto sector, Bitgert has risen to success, and more investors have adopted the Bitgert coin.

This article would talk about what’s making Bitgert potential price surge increase.

Bitgert:The Fastest Layer 1 Chain Project

Bitgert is a Layer 1 chain crypto project  with one of the fastest speed transactions and cheapest gas fee structure. This has given it an edge over top cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Tron, Cardano, objective and many more. It is called an L1 chain mainly because of its incorporation of the Proof of Authority Model (POA). This allows for seamless user experience, scalability and security on the  blockchain.

Bitgert is built on a dual network where the space has its own capabilities, projects and products. Some of which are a Bitgert exchange, trading fee CEX, a payment gateway, p2p exchange and startup studio. The studio is an initiative where Bitgert aids new startups and raises funds through a public and private sale. Bitgert has also integrated with the Ethereum virtual machine, where developers can host projects,  build dApps and many more.

With an impressive number of over 600,00 members carrying the bitgert mantle, this has allowed for more various adoption and collaborations across social media platforms. Bitgert has been able to market itself in the crypto market through promotions and engagement. This has enabled the project to thrive even during bearish periods.

The Scarcity Effect: How BRISE Coin Creates is Changing The Ecosystem 

The BRISE coin, a native token of Bitgert, has performed well since its launch. The coin came out on top of other coins giving investors over 40,000% of returns. The BRISE coin is able to have long proof of value by incorporating a burning model. This occurs when 12% of each transaction is burnt. This completely reduces scarcity and increases demand for a growing ecosystem.

The Bitgert coin technical indicators are looking green to go and with its RSI and moving convergence, experts and analysts have predicted a coin projection increase of over 5000% in the price of the coin. This would be a game changer as it presents more opportunities for new investors, entrepreneurs and traders.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.