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Bitcoin Rallies Above USD 60,000 on ETF Hopes

Linas Kmieliauskas
Last updated: | 4 min read
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The most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), rallied and hit the USD 60,000 mark for the first time since April 2021, as Bloomberg reported that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is poised to allow the first US BTC futures exchange-traded fund to begin trading.

On a volatile Friday morning (UTC time), BTC moved from USD 57,300 to above USD 60,000 in a matter of hours, before correcting lower. However, in the last minutes of Friday (UTC time), BTC was already above USD 62,000. On Saturday, 06:25 UTC, BTC was trading at USD  62,334 and was up by almost 5% in a day and 16% in a week. The price jumped by 30% in a month and is now less than 4% from its all-time high of USD 64,805 (per Coingecko), reached in April this year.

BTC price chart:


The regulator isn’t likely to block the products from starting to trade next week, the report said, citing people, who asked not to be named while discussing the decision. Four futures-backed Bitcoin ETFs could begin trading on US exchanges this month, with deadlines for applications from VanEck and Valkyrie also approaching, it added.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, urged investors to make sure they “carefully weigh the potential risks and benefits” “before investing in a fund that holds Bitcoin futures contracts.”

This month, the SEC already approved an ETF, brought to the market by ETF issuer Volt Equity, that aims to track companies that either have a majority of their assets in bitcoin, or derive a majority of their revenue from related activities, including Bitcoin mining, mining hardware manufacturing, or lending services.

As reported, a futures-backed ETF – known as  “paper bitcoin”– would be very unlikely to have much impact in terms of the available supply of actual bitcoins. However, such an ETF could still be useful, especially because it simplifies a lot of things for institutional investors from a regulatory standpoint and it also makes buying bitcoin as part of an existing investment portfolio “totally straightforward.”

However, some analysts warn the crypto community that it may be overestimating how much demand there is for such an ETF. For example, Bloomberg expects only about USD 4bn of demand in the first 12 months for the exchange-traded fund. The figure represents just around 1% of bitcoin’s market capitalization and around 3% of all bitcoin futures traded.

“All-time highs of nearly USD 65,000 will be the next resistance level before a potential price discovery phase. While the BTC price has fiercely rallied over the past few weeks, bitcoin balance on exchanges remains at the lowest levels in nine months, indicating investors are holding bitcoin in wallets rather than readying themselves to sell,” Will Morris, Sales Trader at the UK based digital asset broker GlobalBlock, said in an emailed comment.

However, as reported, in a recent letter to investors, Dan Morehead, CEO of crypto investment firm Pantera Capital, reminded readers about the old Wall Street saying of “buy the rumor, sell the fact.”

“Will someone please remind the day before the bitcoin ETF officially launches? I might want to take some chips off the table,” the CEO said. 

Meanwhile, Dmitry Mishunin, Founder and CEO of HashEX, a smart contract audit company, stressed that Bitcoin on-chain data shows that in September the average BTC transaction value was on the rise.

7-day moving average. Source:

“We do not need more proof to see the growing interest in Bitcoin from institutional and high-net-worth individual investors. This sole piece of on-chain data shows great prospects for bitcoin’s continued price growth as these amounts of liquidity clearly are not aimed at the short term,” Mishunin said.



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