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Bitcoin Hits ATH Against Euro and British Pound Following Latest Uptick; Bitcoin Cash Mirrors Overall Market Rally; InQubeta Jumps Past $11 M in Presale

Matt Williams
Last updated: | 3 min read


Bitcoin (BTC), the flagship crypto, has been dunking on popular fiat currencies, hitting an all-time high (ATH) against the Euro (EUR) and the British pound (GBP) earlier this week. Just a breath away from performing a similar feat against the US dollar after briefly soaring past $68,000, the coming days promise to be exciting.

At the same time, mirroring the overall market rally is Bitcoin Cash (BCH), sending ripples of excitement within the community. Not to be left out of the fun, InQubeta (QUBE), an emerging AI altcoin buzzing with potential, blasted past $11 million in its ongoing presale, preparing to explode after its market debut.

InQubeta (QUBE): Significant Uptick in Presale

InQubeta’s (QUBE) bullish course continues, showing no signs of slowing down. Following its astounding surge in the ICO world—a hair’s breadth from $11.5 million—it has left most of the new ICOs in the dust.

The presale, while still ongoing, is nearing its launch, which analysts predict will be explosive. In stage eight, a token costs only $0.0245, with analysts forecasting a 6,000% rally after its debut—a recommended presale.

Aside from the emerging crypto’s staggering upside potential—one of its biggest appeals—it further stands out thanks to its solid fundamentals. It is positioned at the intersection of AI and blockchain, aiming to transform the AI fundraising landscape by building the first-ever crypto-based crowdfunding platform for startups.

Poised for massive adoption and mind-blowing growth, it is arguably the best new crypto to invest in. If you wish to become an early adopter of this promising altcoin, participate in the presale now.

Bitcoin (BTC): Hitting ATH Against EUR and GBP

Bitcoin (BTC), the industry’s poster boy, continues to bask in the spotlight, like it usually does. Following the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the US SEC in January, BTC was integrated into everyday finance, becoming the newest kid on Wall Street. It has been upward since then for the largest digital asset, soaring past $68,000 earlier this week, before dropping and consolidating.

In an exciting development, stirring up quite a buzz, Bitcoin hit a new all-time high against EUR and GBP. Its latest jump saw it achieve this remarkable feat, with USDT seemingly the next, considering current market conditions.

With further upsides anticipated, especially with the Bitcoin halving around the corner—less than two months away—BTC is among the best coins to invest in. To better position yourself for significant gains, we suggest adding BTC to your portfolio.

Bitcoin Cash (BTC): Rallying Alongside the General Crypto Market

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hard fork of Bitcoin. As a competitive product, its value proposition revolves around a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, offering fast payments, micro fees, and privacy. This makes it a compelling alternative to the first and most valuable cryptocurrency, positioning it as a good crypto to buy.

Despite the buzz around GoDaddy’s integration with ENS and the Starknet and DYM airdrops—the biggest in 2024 yet—Bitcoin Cash has managed to maintain market hype. Investors have been doubling down, aiming to ride the bullish wave.

It has been charting a bullish course after the rise in investor sentiment post-BTC ETF. Trading in tandem with the overall crypto market, Bitcoin Cash soared from $260 at the start of the year to blast past $400. With further upsides anticipated, considering 2024 is a potential bull market, it is among the best cryptos to buy now.


Bitcoin has been on a roll, recently hitting a new ATH against EUR and GBP. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s Cash bull run continues, with InQubeta racing past $11 million in presale. On the cusp of skyrocketing, you can ape into the QUBE project ahead of its launch through the link below.

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