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Bitcoin Code Review – Scam or Legitimate Trading Software

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 11 min read
Bitcoin Code Review

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

Bitcoin Code is advertised as a new type of crypto trading software that claims to use social media indicators to find the best crypto deals and help traders make market-beating returns. It claims a success rate of 99.4% and apparently provides its services free of cost. 

That means at no fees, users can trade leading crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more. And these facilities are underpinned by a machine-learning-enabled technique that does the trade on the user’s behalf. 

Platforms like Bitcoin Code may be a dream come true for many novice traders who want to jump into crypto trading but don’t know where to start. But is Bitcoin Code legit? This Bitcoin Code review scrutinizes every claim that it makes to see if it has everything a modern trader needs to make it big in a volatile space. 

Bitcoin Code Summary

Bitcoin Code says that it is a semi-autonomous crypto trading robot, meaning that it can be calibrated to trade on an investor’s behalf. As soon as the trader creates an account and deposits the initial amount, the platform’s in-built tools start scanning the market to find the best deals and execute them in a way that the Bitcoin Code says is the most profitable for all types of trades. 

The Bitcoin Code site claims that traders don’t need to have the technical know-how to use successful trades using the tools it provides. Before we go into the truth of these claims, here are Bitcoin Code’s key elements to know.

Trading Type Crypto
Success Rate  99.4% claimed (unverified)
Cryptocurrencies Available  Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Ethereum Classic, etc.
Available on Mobile  Mobile application is not available 
Customer support  Email or phone – but only accessible to those who create an account and deposit the required amount
Withdrawal Speed 24 hours
Minimum Deposit  $250

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Bitcoin Code? 

Some reviews and testimonials describe Bitcoin Code as a profitable AI trading bot that allows users to enjoy hands-free trading. That said, there is not much info about whether there have been third-party tests done for this tool. 

Bitcoin Code logo

The platform claims to help users buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more on the trader’s behalf and provide them profits in return by predicting the price movements and executing trades quickly. All profits are supposedly automatically returned to the trading account – allowing users to compound their gains over time. 

The AI-driven mechanic that allows Bitcoin Code to accomplish it apparently has a win rate of 99.4%, meaning that more than 99 of your 100 trades may give a positive ROI. Bitcoin Code claims that the trading mechanic it leverages is fast enough to predict the price movement in the next 0.01 seconds. 

Our reviewers couldn’t verify these claims thanks to the limited information available on the platform. So, investors are advised to exercise caution when trading, as hands-free trading might also lead to losses. 

All the features available on Bitcoin code are apparently free to use. The platform states that it doesn’t even ask for a commission. Starting to trade on Bitcoin Code, however, requires an initial deposit of $250. Depositing the requirement apparently opens all the features – including a demo account that allows users to test the platform before investing real money. 

Withdrawal and deposit times are quick, with withdrawals that might not take more than a day. Most forms of fiat payments are supported, and from what we can see, the UI is user-friendly. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Bitcoin Code Pros and Cons

Here are the lists of perks and disadvantages of this crypto trading platform. 


  • It supports 8 cryptocurrencies. 
  • It Claims to have a 99.4% win rate. 
  • Instant withdrawals are apparently available
  • Users may use a demo account after signing up to get the lay of the land
  • Claims that users don’t need any trading experience before starting


  • The success rate is not verified
  • A minimum deposit of $250

How does Bitcoin Code Work?

Bitcoin Code claims that it uses advanced trading techniques to conduct trades quickly and without the intervention of trades. The website says that it has trained for years observing the market’s day trading data and, thus, can recognize the price patterns to predict upcoming bearish and bullish price movements – allowing it to execute trades the instant it recognizes these price movements. 

Once the user deposits the required amount, Bitcoin Code says that it starts to scan the market and look for whether a token has reached the bottom of the day, it then sells the asset when a predetermined profit level is reached or the crypto price reaches a point from which it might start retracing soon. 

Bitcoin Code claims that it monitors the market to predict the price of eight cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and EOS. These tokens have historically shown immense volatility, and Bitcoin Code seems to be leveraging them to generate profits during intra-day trading sessions. 

Bitcoin Code Key Features

This section takes a closer look at the different features of Bitcoin Code. 

Fast Trading

The crypto market changes tune fast, and the price movements can change directions quickly. Bitcoin Code has been compared to a robo advisor that makes it possible for traders to react quickly to market changes and trade instantly to get the maximum benefit. The platform works 24/7 and claims that it can react 0.01 seconds faster than human traders. 

These claims couldn’t be verified by our reviewers. But if true, it would allow Bitcoin Code to quickly identify the trading patterns and react quickly to market changes when trading. 

Claims a High Success Rate

Bitcoin Code claims that it has a win rate of 99.4%, which, according to many of our reviewers, doesn’t seem sustainable. It is likely that this number has been added only for marketing purposes. Investors are thus recommended to trade on their own risks. Don’t get swayed by this success rate a bit too much, and take needless risks when trading. The crypto space is still volatile, and the same win rate might not be sustainable for the long term. 

Support for Multiple Cryptos

Bitcoin Code says that it allows trading of wight cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, and EOS. While this number might be a bit lower than other similar crypto trading platforms, all the crypto listed is leading altcoins and crypto assets that have historically proven to be profitable for traders. 

Demo Trading

Demo trading or paper trading feature is common in most crypto trading platforms.  It allows users to test the platform before trading with real money, and the simulated market conditions it delivers are considered great training wheels for beginners. Seemingly, Bitcoin Code also offers this facility. However, as far as we can tell, this feature has been locked behind the deposit requirement. 

Instant Deposits and Payouts

Bitcoin Code seemingly accepts all types of payment options, from bank transfers to credit cards to debit cards. While the deposit process is instant, the fee-free withdrawals can take up to 24 hours to show up in your account. 

Bitcoin Code Account Fees

Bitcoin Code claims that all the features accessible on it are without any charges. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees, and the platform has also not implemented any commission requirements. That said, brokers may charge you on the basis of spreads for crypto trades – even if Bitcoin Code doesn’t.

Minimum Deposit on Bitcoin Code

To start trading on Bitcoin Code, users need to deposit $250. The deposit of this minimum amount will open all the features necessary to start crypto trading. 

Bitcoin Code Compatible Devices

While Bitcoin Code is only available through a web application, our reviewers found that the site runs great even on the following devices. 

  • Laptops
  • Android Phones
  • Apple Phones
  • Tablets

Is Bitcoin Code a Scam or Legit?

After checking out the different features of this website, let us answer the final question – is Bitcoin Code a scam?

Bitcoin Code claims to make things easier for crypto traders by providing them with advanced trading tools that make trading hands-free. It claims to have a 99.4% win rate – which is in line with other crypto trading platforms of the same nature. However, our reviewers weren’t able to verify these claims since the information provided on the official website is little. 

The site also claims that it offers fee-free trading and doesn’t even charge commissions. The platform also claims to provide a demo account that allows users to test the site under simulated market conditions before putting in any real money. However, many of these features are locked behind the $250 deposit requirement – something that can be considered too much for some traders. 

With these factors in mind, we conclude that there is not much information to help us make assumptions about the veracity of this platform. That said, all the links available on the site appear to work, and the official sign-up page did connect us to the representative. 

Bitcoin Code Customer Support

Bitcoin Code says that the customer support team can be contacted throughout the day. But it wasn’t another aspect that we were not able to verify. It is likely that customer support becomes available only after depositing the required $250. 

How to Begin Trading with Bitcoin Code

Here are the steps to start trading on Bitcoin Code:

Step 1: Visit the Bitcoin Code Website

Head to the official website of Bitcoin Code and click on the sign-in button. Enter the name and phone number before clicking the registering now button. Don’t forget to click the terms and conditions button before proceeding. 

Bitcoin Code account creation tab

Step 2: Deposit the Minimum Amount

The customer representative will reach out to you and set up your account. Part of that process is to deposit the initial amount – $250. Bitcoin Code supports a variety of payment methods, from debit/credit cards to bank transfers. Deposit the amount to start trading. 

Step 3 – Start Trading on Bitcoin Code

Once your account is funded, make adjustments to the trading system before it starts the trading process. The trading process begins instantly, and any profit you make may be reflected in your account the next day. However, recommend giving the site a trial run first using the demo trading account. 

How to Delete a Bitcoin Code Account?

There is nowhere on the official website that it states the process of terminating the account. Some third-party reviews say that closing the account involves logging in, going to the settings page, and clicking the “terminate account” button. 

But remember to withdraw your money first because account deletion will also delete any savings you might have locked inside Bitcoin Code. 

Does Jeff Bezos use Bitcoin Code?

Jeff Bezos is a Billionaire known for Amazon. There are many who believe that the secret to his wealth is trading tools that allow users to trade quickly without any manual input. However, we didn’t find any evidence to suggest that Jeff Bezos uses or endorses Bitcoin code.  

Does Elon Musk use Bitcoin Code?

Elon Musk has gained renown as one of the leading men in the cryptocurrency market. His words hold weight when it comes to moving the price of certain assets – especially memecoin. So naturally, people thought that Elon Musk might be using something like Bitcoin Code. But no evidence exists to support this rumor. 

Does Martin Lewis use Bitcoin Code?

Martin Lewis, the popular financial journalist, has often been attached to many crypto trading platforms – and wrongfully so. Bitcoin Code also has no association with Martin Lewis – as far as the preliminary reports are concerned. 

Who Created Bitcoin Code?

Our reviewers couldn’t find any information related to who made the platform. Bitcoin Code also doesn’t have any presence on social media platforms that could have led us to its founders. Furthermore, the platform is also light on information – much of the details are options, and the About Us page is limited. 

Bitcoin Code Payment Methods

Listed below are the payment methods supported on Bitcoin Code:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • E-wallets

The Verdict

As we went deep into reviewing Bitcoin Code, we found the available information to be lacking in many aspects. There is no info available about the founders, and details about how the platform actually works are not available on the website. Our main sources of info were third–party sites and customer reviews, and even those gave a mixed reaction to this platform. 

Bitcoin Code claims a 99.4% success rate. While it is not uncommon for trading platforms to showcase that, there is not much or any information to support this win rate claim. Therefore, investors are recommended to only use this platform if it meets their precise trading requirements. And for any other information, click the link below to learn more about Bitcoin Code. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Bitcoin Code FAQs

What is Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is a crypto trading platform that claims to make trading easier for traders through its unique approach that involves hands-free trading. It claims to be using advanced tools to facilitate that and doesn’t charge any fees.

Does Elon Musk Endorse Bitcoin Code?

Elon Musk might be a great name in the cryptocurrency space, but there are no pieces of evidence to suggest that he uses the Bitcoin Code. 

Who is the founder of Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code has not revealed the name of its founders. The official website is low on information, and a social media presence is absent – which makes finding the founders difficult. That said, it is not unlike for a crypto trading platform to have anonymous founders since it is common within the crypto space.