Bitcoin Cash Now Comes With Its Own Soundtrack

Out of all the rappers named after cleaning products, Lil Windex is perhaps the most successful one. The inscrutable rapper is believed to hail from British Columbia, although very little is truly known about him, other than that he once said, “I idolize birds.” He is the one to thank for the Bitcoin Ca$h song that seems to have the makings of a viral hit, if only because of how strange it is.

Over three verses, Bitcoin Ca$h tells the story of a young Lil Windex, probably fictionalized, who goes from a dead-end job cleaning windows, to being hard-sold by a guy in a cafe who explains the details (and we mean absolute details!) of crypto mining, to obtaining ludicrous personal wealth. Since showing his crypto stash off would not look too great in a music video, he is throwing around fiat currency, we’re guessing after he cashed his BCH out.

His portfolio remains a mystery, but he does take a hard stance on Bitcoin core - the BCH community’s nickname for the original Bitcoin - saying that, “Hey f*ck Bitcoin core. You’re just a buncha names. We the BCH gang. We run this game.” The only thing that’s telling us is that he certainly doesn’t own any BTC.

If you’re wondering whether it’s a joke or serious, or was it sponsored by BCH supporters - we don’t know either. Nobody does, and we’re not even sure Lil Windex knows. Take it as you will - serious or not, you’ll probably find yourself humming it throughout the day. You wouldn’t be the only one.