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Best Crypto to Buy Now November 16 – Kaspa, Render, Avalanche

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 12 min read
Best Crypto to Buy Now November 16 – Kaspa, Render, Avalanche
KAS, RNDR, and AVAX are hitting new highs making their case as the best crypto to buy now. Also, keep an eye on BTCMTX and TGC. Image by

With the KAS price hitting new highs, Kaspa is making a case for itself as the best crypto to buy now.

Render and Avalanche are also attracting attention through major exchange listings and institutional adoption.

Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino are simultaneously attracting attention as standout crypto presales to watch.

Best Crypto to Buy Now in the News

Kaspa (KAS) has seen increased interest from cryptocurrency investors recently.

KAS is currently trading at around $0.130381, representing a 11.51% gain so far today.

With a market capitalization now exceeding $2.77 billion, Kaspa currently stands as number 28 in the largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The project has demonstrated substantial growth year-to-date, with KAS up approximately 2,300% since January.

Kaspa hit a new all-time high of $0.148300 earlier today, but the broader cryptocurrency selloff has since brought the price down to current levels.

Render Token (RNDR) has also broken out this week after a prolonged period of consolidation.

RNDR reached $3.051, notching gains of 7.17% so far today.

Render’s upcoming Binance Japan listing is largely responsible for the price surge, propelling the cryptocurrency above its formidable resistance of $3.

Investors are turning bullish on Render, evidenced by its formation of a cup and handle pattern signaling upward momentum.

Meanwhile, its daily active address count has jumped 56% in a week, exceeding 1,000. This rising user activity hints at potential major price movements ahead.

Lastly, Avalanche (AVAX) has rebounded nearly 150% from its recent low, lifting the asset to highs not seen since August 2022.

Driving this resurgence is growing activity around key Avalanche ecosystem participants like Trader Joe, BENQI, and Pangolin.

Meanwhile, AVAX’s high-profile partnership with JPMorgan has highlighted its capabilities.

By leveraging LayerZero to bridge an Avalanche subnet with JPMorgan’s Onyx platform, this collaboration underscores Avalanche’s appeal for institutional use cases.

AVAX is registering an upswing of 5.60% so far today, breaking above the $20 psychological level.

Additionally, new perpetual futures contracts for AVAX and SOL introduced by Coinbase on November 14 present another potential source of momentum.

In addition to these surging cryptocurrencies, investors may want to keep an eye on crypto presales like Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino.

As nascent blockchain initiatives, these could represent interesting long-term investments alongside established altcoins like Kaspa, Render, and Avalanche.

Kaspa KAS Price Prediction: Will the Retracement Signal a Buying Opportunity?

tradingview chart for the kas price
Source: TradingView / KASUSDT

The KASPA coin (KAS) has been trading at overextended levels for the past few days, signaling the need for a healthy retracement. The bearish divergence in the RSI supports this forecast.

Despite hitting a new all-time high of $0.148300 earlier today, the wider cryptocurrency market selloff has dragged the KAS price down to its current level of $0.130381, still posting a respectable 11.51% gain so far today.

The key question for traders now is whether KAS will continue its retracement in the next few days, or ignore the bearish RSI divergence.

The 20-day EMA for the KAS price currently stands at $0.080535, significantly above both the 50-day EMA of $0.063900 and the 100-day EMA of $0.053228.

Generally, when the short-term EMA is higher than the long-term EMA, it is a bullish sign.

However, the rapid upward price movement suggests traders should proceed with caution.

The RSI has risen to 85.51 from yesterday’s level of 82.76. This places the KAS price firmly in overbought territory, which generally suggests an impending price correction.

The MACD histogram has increased to 0.005174 from yesterday’s 0.003766, indicating that bullish momentum is building.

This could further influence the KAS price, particularly if it continues to rise.

The KAS price is currently facing immediate resistance at the Fib 0.786 level of $0.133288.

Breaking through this resistance could potentially signal a continuation of the upward trend.

On the other hand, an immediate support zone is situated at the Fib 0.618 level of $0.121503.

If this support level fails to hold, it could potentially trigger a further decline in the KAS price.

The KAS price appears to be at a crossroads. While the high RSI suggests a potential retracement, the increasing MACD indicates growing bullish momentum.

Traders should keenly observe these indicators and the market trends before making any decisive moves.

Though the KAS price has been bullish, potential investors should tread carefully due to the possible retracement indicated by the overextended RSI.

Trading within defined risk limits while awaiting a decisive catalyst may be prudent.

A breach of the $0.121503 support or breakout past the $0.133288 resistance could set the next trend for the KAS price.

In conclusion, while the KAS price has shown impressive gains, caution is advised due to potential retracement.

The technical indicators suggest a mix of bullish momentum and overbought conditions, making it crucial for traders to monitor the situation closely and prepare for various scenarios in the immediate future.

Render RNDR Price Prediction: Strong Uptrend Signals Promising Momentum

tradingview chart for the rndr price
Source: TradingView / RNDRUSDT

The RNDR price is continuing its recent uptrend, showing strong signs of bullish momentum.

After yesterday’s impressive 26.20% climb, RNDR looks to add another 7.17% gains so far today, at $3.051.

This follows RNDR setting a new YTD high earlier today at $3.339, which was subsequently met with a broader cryptocurrency market selloff.

The technical indicators for RNDR paint a compelling picture. The 20-day EMA sits at $2.413, a substantial distance from the current RNDR price.

This suggests a robust upward momentum, backed by both the 50-day EMA at $2.153 and the 100-day EMA at $1.973.

These figures further underline the bullish trend that RNDR has been experiencing.

The RSI is currently at 73.14, up from yesterday’s 69.47. This indicates that RNDR is in an overbought condition, which is typically a sign of strong buying interest.

However, traders should exercise caution as an RSI above 70 could also signify an impending price correction if buying pressure subsides.

Additionally, the MACD histogram is at 0.035, a significant increase from yesterday’s 0.003.

This growing positive value highlights the bullish sentiment that is gaining momentum, potentially providing further support to the RNDR price.

RNDR is currently attempting a breakout from its immediate resistance level, ranging from $2.727 to $2.953.

If successful, this zone could potentially act as a support in the next few days.

Traders and investors could look for a sustained close above this level as a sign of continued upside.

On the flip side, immediate support lies between $2.388 and $2.598.

This level is in confluence with the Fib 0.236 level of $2.468 and the 20-day EMA of $2.413.

Should the RNDR price retrace, this area could provide a solid foundation for the next leg up.

The RNDR price is showing strong bullish signs, as evidenced by its current performance and supporting technical indicators.

Traders are advised to keep an eye on the mentioned resistance and support levels and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Avalanche AVAX Price Prediction: Anticipation Builds for Binance Japan Listing

tradingview chart for the AVAX price
Source: TradingView / AVAXUSDT

The AVAX price has also been on a notable run for the past few days with the cryptocurrency once again setting a YTD high earlier today.

This surge is largely attributed to the anticipation surrounding the imminent listing of Avalanche (AVAX) on Binance Japan, which has helped propel the cryptocurrency to a 21.41% jump yesterday.

However, despite the bullish sentiment, technical indicators suggest a potential retracement and subsequent consolidation may be on the horizon.

The 20-day EMA for the AVAX price currently stands at $15.09, comfortably above the 50-day EMA of $12.63 and the 100-day EMA of $11.91. This generally suggests a bullish trend.

However, the upward price movement needs to be viewed with some caution, given the overbought RSI.

The RSI now stands at 79.15, up from yesterday’s 77.30. An RSI above 70 typically indicates an overbought market condition, suggesting that AVAX could be due for a pullback.

This is further corroborated by a potential bearish divergence signaled by the RSI, which often precedes a price retracement.

The MACD histogram currently stands at 0.80, up from yesterday’s 0.65. This upward shift in the MACD histogram indicates a strengthening bullish momentum.

However, traders should remain cautious, as the overbought RSI may lead to a temporary dip in the AVAX price.

The AVAX price, currently at $21.86, is attempting to break out from its immediate resistance level of $21.36 to $22.82. This resistance zone also aligns with the extended Fib 1.236 level of $22.33.

If AVAX can sustain its current momentum and break through this resistance, it could test the next resistance level—the extended Fib 1.382 level of $23.94—which was retested earlier today when AVAX set a new YTD high of $24.07.

Simultaneously, AVAX has immediate support around the previous swing high of $19.72, which is also close to the psychological level of $20. Should the AVAX price retrace, this support could provide a floor from which it may bounce back.

With the AVAX price hitting new highs and the upcoming Binance Japan listing, the near-term outlook for AVAX appears bullish. However, traders should stay vigilant due to the potential bearish divergence signaled by the RSI.

A prudent strategy would be to watch how AVAX interacts with key resistance and support levels in the coming days.

A breakthrough of the resistance at $22.82 could set the stage for further gains, while a retreat to the support at $19.72 might indicate a temporary consolidation phase.

As KAS, RNDR and AVAX continue climbing to new highs on the back of technical breakthroughs and market milestones, cryptocurrency analysts are also on the lookout for the next big crypto projects.

Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino could potentially follow in the footsteps of success stories like these if their presales are any indication of future potential.

Uncovering Upcoming Bitcoin Alternatives Before Exchange Listings

Bitcoin dominated the crypto market in the early days. But with the industry’s growth, investors are shifting focus to uncover the next big cryptocurrency before it gains widespread popularity.

Investors are exploring overlooked corners of the market, searching for new cryptocurrencies with surge potential.

The goal is to find these hidden gems before they hit major exchanges and capture broader investor attention.

One way to get early access is through crypto presales – a form of early fundraising that allows projects to raise capital while letting investors buy tokens at a discount compared to the eventual listing price.

Presales provide a chance to get in on the ground floor with new and promising crypto assets before exchange listings spark a price surge.

Platforms like Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino are two presale opportunities seeking to become relevant Bitcoin alternatives down the road.

While risky, investing in presales gives you exposure to cryptocurrencies before the mainstream market catches on.

The key is identifying quality projects with long-term upside that go beyond initial hype.

With thorough research, presales allow you to uncover the next big cryptocurrencies before they hit the mass market.

Earn Passive Bitcoin Income With Bitcoin Minetrix’s Stake-To-Mine System, the Best Crypto to Buy Now

Bitcoin Minetrix, a pioneering cryptocurrency project seeking to decentralize Bitcoin mining, has crossed $4 million in presale funding.

With just one day remaining at the current presale stage, investors are rushing to take advantage of discounted $BTCMTX token prices.

The project will utilize a unique stake-to-mine system that will allow users to passively earn Bitcoin simply by staking their BTCMTX tokens.

This removes the need for expensive mining equipment, electricity costs, and maintenance associated with traditional mining.

BTCMTX holders can stake their tokens to earn mining credits, which are subsequently burned to gain access to Bitcoin mining power on the decentralized Bitcoin Minetrix mining network.

Not only does staking provide mining rewards, but stakers will also earn up to 146% APY on their BTCMTX holdings.

The massive influx of funding indicates investors are highly optimistic about Bitcoin Minetrix’s potential to disrupt the cloud mining sector, currently dominated by centralized platforms.

These platforms are notorious for locking users into rigid contracts and failing to deliver expected earnings.

In contrast, Bitcoin Minetrix operates on audited smart contracts, giving users full control over staked funds. Earnings are automatically allocated transparently.

The project’s timing also appears advantageous, with the next Bitcoin halving set for 2024. As mining rewards are slashed in half, mining profitability declines.

Bitcoin Minetrix offers a way for investors to benefit from rising Bitcoin prices without expensive, specialized equipment.

The ability to earn two revenue streams – from staking rewards and mining proceeds – is proving enticing for investors.

Staking shrinks circulating supply as tokens are locked up, while mining generates ongoing Bitcoin revenue.

The influx of presale activity has sparked predictions of a price surge when BTCMTX launches on exchanges.

With the current presale price at $0.0116, a 17x gain is expected at the targeted launch price of $0.02.

Analysts caution that new buyers may struggle to accumulate tokens post-launch as supply constricts. The staking lockups intensify this scarcity.

With the current presale stage nearing conclusion, interested participants are advised to act quickly to capitalize on early-bird pricing.

As Bitcoin Minetrix continues gaining momentum, this could be one of the last opportunities to acquire tokens before the anticipated price appreciation upon exchange listings.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Now

TG Casino’s $TGC Token Presale Surges Past $2.15 Million as Investors Flock to One of the Best Crypto to Buy Now

TG Casino’s $TGC token presale has impressively racked up over $2.15 million so far as investors seek exposure to this one-of-a-kind crypto-gambling opportunity.

The Telegram-based crypto project has strongly resonated ahead of its exchange debut and planned price increase.

The presale has attracted over 6,000 active members to TG Casino’s Telegram channel.

A key reason for $TGC’s popularity is the tokenomics model. $TGC holders receive 25% cashback on losing bets placed on TG Casino when using the token.

This provides a level of protection for players while incentivizing the use of $TGC on the platform.

Additionally, $TGC offers staking rewards up to 253% APY. Over three-quarters of the circulating supply is currently staked, enabling token holders to earn a share of the platform’s revenues.

TG Casino is also implementing a buyback-and-burn model, with 40% of repurchased tokens burnt and the remainder distributed to stakers.

The success of other crypto gambling projects has also stoked interest in $TGC. Major competitors like Rollbit (RLB) have seen triple-digit returns this year.

The broader excitement around the sector has lifted projects like FUNToken by 27% in the past month.

Influencers believe $TGC could follow suit with potential returns when it lists on major exchanges this year.

The project’s positioning as the top licensed Telegram casino, along with the token’s compelling utility and staking rewards, provide a strong foundation.

Rumors are also circulating regarding a potential TG Casino airdrop for active $TGC players.

This echoes the recent 200% rise in Celestia following its airdrop, adding to the community’s enthusiasm.

As the presale price increase approaches, investors are wise to research $TGC and TG Casino before the opportunity passes.

The project shows promise as the best crypto to buy now in the developing crypto-gambling space.

Visit TG.Casino Now

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital