Best Crypto to Buy Now December 21 – Near Protocol, PancakeSwap, NEO

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Best Crypto to Buy Now December 21 – Near Protocol, PancakeSwap, NEO
Best Crypto to Buy Now December 21 – Near Protocol, PancakeSwap, NEO
The best crypto to buy now may include major players like Near Protocol and NEO as well as newer presale tokens Bitcoin Minetrix and Meme Kombat. Image by

NEAR’s price has climbed rapidly today while PancakeSwap and NEO are seeing major positive market movements as well, positioning them among the best cryptos to buy now.

Amidst these developments, crypto presales like Bitcoin Minetrix and Meme Kombat are also attracting interest from those looking at early-stage crypto investment opportunities.

Best Crypto to Buy Now in the News

The NEAR token of Near Protocol reached its highest price point so far this year earlier today, attaining $3.520.

The NEAR price is currently trading at $3.461, registering a surge of over 20% so far today.

The 47.10% gain over the past week has propelled NEAR’s market capitalization to about $3.5 billion.

This upward trajectory, coupled with bullish technical indicators like the bullish MACD crossover, signals growing confidence among investors.

The network is also experiencing a surge in activity, with daily active addresses soaring from 86,480 to over 1.43 million as of writing since the beginning of December.

This has contributed to a near 65% increase in NEAR’s DeFi total value locked, achieving a nine-month high of $83.22 million.

Meanwhile, LiNEAR Protocol’s recent launch of its governance token $LNR is working as designed to optimize staking liquidity and yield for NEAR token holders.

This allows participants to influence staking strategy and staking pool rates, enhancing the token’s utility and potential for network growth.

In other news, PancakeSwap’s CAKE token has undergone a burn of over 9 million tokens, worth over $19 million, intended to decrease the token’s circulating supply.

This move is part of a broader plan to reduce CAKE’s total supply from 750 million to 450 million.

Following these announcements, CAKE’s price has seen a near 15% gain for the past two days, setting a 4-week high of around $2.7.

Despite a year-over-year decline in price of over 28%, these strategic changes have been well-received by the market, with ongoing community discussions about the supply reduction proposal.

Another token to watch right now is NEO, with NEO’s price jumping by over 7% yesterday to touch the $14 psychological level for the first time since mid-November.

Building on this momentum, NEO is currently trading well above $14 after setting a December high of $14.90 earlier today.

Currently trading at $14.26 up by 6.26% so far today, NEO has continued its upward trajectory.

With analysts watching for a significant break above $16 as a potential indicator of a bull run and $30 as a longer-term target, NEO’s market status is being carefully monitored given its potential for volatility and growth.

While established cryptocurrencies like Near Protocol, PancakeSwap, and NEO are making notable strides, Bitcoin Minetrix and Meme Kombat are presenting themselves as promising Bitcoin alternatives in the crypto presales space.

These projects may offer a diverse range of possibilities for those considering different avenues within the cryptocurrency market and are part of the conversation when discussing the best crypto to buy now.

NEAR Protocol’s Bullish Streak Continues: Fourth Day of Gains Sets New YTD Highs

near price chart in tradingview
Source: TradingView / NEARUSDT

Recent momentum in the NEAR price has caught the attention of traders as Near Protocol extends its winning streak to a potentially fourth consecutive day, bolstering its bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market.

The NEAR price has not only bounced off the 20-day EMA but has also set a new year-to-date (YTD) high of $2.318, indicating a strong upward trajectory.

NEAR’s technical indicators paint a picture of robust bullish momentum.

The 20-day EMA currently stands at $3.392, which is higher than both the 50-day EMA at $2.034 and the 100-day EMA at $1.754.

This arrangement of moving averages typically signifies a solid uptrend, with the NEAR price well-positioned above these key indicators.

The widening gap between the short and long-term EMAs further underscores the strength of the rally.

The RSI for NEAR has surged further into the overbought territory at 80.41, up from yesterday’s 72.15.

Traditionally, an RSI above 70 suggests that a cryptocurrency might be overbought, which could lead to a potential pullback or consolidation phase as traders take profits.

However, in the context of a strong bull run, an elevated RSI can also indicate strong buying pressure that could sustain the upward movement for some time.

The MACD histogram provides additional insight, with its value increasing to 0.072, up from yesterday’s 0.014.

This positive momentum on the MACD histogram further confirms the bullish trend, indicating that buyers are in control and that the NEAR price could continue its ascent.

At the current price of $3.461, up 21.65% so far today, NEAR is actively testing its immediate resistance zone between $3.334 and $3.480.

This resistance band is close to the $3.50 psychological level, which could act as a pivot point for NEAR’s price action going forward.

A decisive break above this area could invite more buyers into the market, potentially propelling NEAR to even higher levels.

The immediate support for NEAR is found at the previous swing high resistance levels of $2.705 to $2.827, which were surpassed yesterday.

This zone now serves as an important support level, and its strength will be put to the test if the NEAR price retracts.

Should this support hold, it would confirm the breakout and fortify the bullish case.

Investors and traders should now monitor the NEAR price closely.

While the strong bullish indicators suggest the current trend could persist, the overbought RSI warrants caution against potential volatility or retracement.

Market participants may consider waiting for either a consolidation above the immediate resistance or a retest of the newfound support before making further commitments.

A strategic approach would be to set clear risk parameters, considering the possibility of a sharp move in either direction given the heightened levels of volatility associated with such pronounced rallies.

CAKE Price Prediction: Bullish Sentiment Grows for Pancakeswap as MACD and RSI Align

cake price chart in tradingview
Source: TradingView / CAKEUSDT

The recent price action of PancakeSwap’s native token, CAKE, has provided investors and traders with much to consider.

After a pronounced bounce from its immediate support range, the CAKE price was caught in a bullish upswing and hit a December high of $2.746 earlier today.

Despite this surge, CAKE is experiencing resistance, hovering just below the immediate threshold that traders are watching closely.

Technical indicators for CAKE suggest a potential shift in market sentiment.

The 20-day EMA, currently at $2.341, exceeds both the 50-day EMA of $2.191 and the 100-day EMA of $1.958, indicating a bullish phase with the short-term momentum outpacing the long-term trend.

The alignment of these EMAs typically provides a backdrop for continued upward movement, as the Cake price remains above these critical moving averages.

A more nuanced picture is painted by the RSI, which, while having advanced to 57.86 from yesterday’s 46.35, does not yet signal an overbought market (an RSI above 70).

Instead, it suggests a growing bullish momentum without the immediate threat of a pullback due to overbuying.

This RSI reading may embolden traders looking for confirmation that the recent Cake price increase has solid backing.

The MACD histogram furthers this bullish narrative, improving to -0.022 from -0.043 the day prior.

This increment in the MACD histogram, moving closer to the baseline, indicates that downward momentum is losing steam and a bullish crossover could be imminent.

This shift could signal increasing buying pressure, a positive sign for those betting on an extension of the current Cake price rally.

At $2.502, up by 11.70% so far today, CAKE’s current price reflects the market’s response to this optimistic sentiment.

However, CAKE’s immediate resistance level, between $2.507 and $2.611, is proving to be a battleground for bulls and bears alike.

A convincing push above this range could clear the path towards the overhead resistance zone, spanning $2.755 to $2.908.

Notably, the upper echelon of this resistance aligns with the extended Fib -0.236 level of $2.851, which could serve as a formidable barrier to further advances.

On the downside, CAKE’s immediate support between $2.077 and $2.199 remains crucial.

This support zone is bolstered by the confluence of the Fib 0.236 level of $2.163 and the proximity of the 50-day EMA.

The strength of this support is pivotal; holding above it may reaffirm the bullish stance, while a break below could trigger a reassessment of the near-term outlook for the Cake price.

Investors and traders would be wise to monitor these technical levels closely.

The Cake price trajectory in the immediate future will likely hinge on its ability to sustain above the immediate support or breach the immediate resistance.

With the current bullish indicators, there is a window of opportunity for further gains, but the resistance levels ahead pose a challenge that should not be underestimated.

Trading discipline, including the use of stop-loss orders and taking profits at strategic points, remains essential in navigating the volatility of CAKE’s price.

NEO Price Climbs Higher Amidst Bullish Momentum, Technicals Point to Positive Outlook

neo price chart in tradingview
Source: TradingView / NEOUSDT

As the NEO price continues its upward trajectory, the market is closely watching for signs of sustainability in its recent rally.

Technical indicators currently suggest a bullish sentiment, but traders remain vigilant as the cryptocurrency approaches key resistance levels.

The 20-day EMA for the NEO price, now at $12.61, has been serving as a dynamic support level, fostering confidence among buyers.

This is bolstered by the 50-day and 100-day EMAs, positioned at $11.62 and $10.53 respectively, which underline a healthy uptrend as the shorter-term EMA maintains its position above the longer-term averages.

This alignment typically instills a positive outlook for the momentum, indicating that the NEO price may have the strength to continue its climb.

However, the RSI approaching 68.39, up from yesterday’s 62.75, signals that NEO price is edging closer to the overbought territory.

An RSI above 70 might prompt traders to anticipate a potential pullback, or at least some consolidation, as the market reassesses the sustainability of the current buying pressure.

The MACD histogram, with a current value of 0.08, up from yesterday’s 0.01, reflects growing bullish momentum.

A positive histogram indicates that the NEO price could be on the cusp of a more pronounced upward movement, provided the bulls maintain control.

At the current price of $14.26, representing a 6.26% increase today, NEO is testing a crucial resistance zone between $13.36 and $14.20.

A decisive break above this range could see NEO price retesting its range high of $15.48, set earlier in November.

Traders should watch for a sustained closure above this resistance to confirm further upside potential.

Supporting the NEO price, immediate support is found at the 20-day EMA of $12.61.

Should this level hold, it may reinforce the uptrend and provide a springboard for NEO to attack higher price levels.

However, should the NEO price falter, a more established support zone lies between $11.63 and $12.05, which aligns with the Fib 0.382 level, offering a confluence of technical support that could prevent significant downside.

While the NEO showcases robust bullish signals, traders must remain cautious as the price of NEO is nearing overbought conditions.

The immediate future suggests that maintaining positions with tight stop losses near the immediate support levels may be wise to protect against potential volatility.

A break above the current resistance could pave the way for further gains, yet one should be prepared for a retrace if the RSI indicates an overextension of the current trend.

While Near Protocol, PancakeSwap, and NEO exhibit optimism, crypto presales like Bitcoin Minetrix and Meme Kombat are pursuing ambitious goals as lesser-known Bitcoin alternatives.

As the crypto market expands, these developing projects may achieve similar success as today’s leading coins once did in their early stages.

Uncovering the Potential of Lesser-Known Bitcoin Alternatives

Bitcoin’s established position in the cryptocurrency market is well-recognized. However, investors are now showing interest in newer, lesser-known blockchain projects.

These early-stage ventures offer different avenues for investment, contrasting with the usual focus on cryptocurrencies with high market valuation.

Projects like Bitcoin Minetrix and Meme Kombat are drawing attention for their potential growth.

Engaging with these projects early, particularly through presale investments, presents an opportunity for potential returns, albeit with the usual risks associated with early-stage ventures.

Investors seeking to broaden their cryptocurrency portfolios may find it beneficial to explore these Bitcoin alternatives.

Identifying and understanding these opportunities early is key to assessing their potential influence in the cryptocurrency market.

As the cryptocurrency sector continues to attract diverse interest, it’s apparent that returns could come from investing in these lesser-known projects.

The best crypto to buy now might not be widely recognized; often, the less visible disruptors present substantial growth opportunities.

Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Builds Momentum With Over $5.66 Million Raised So Far – Is It the Best Crypto to Buy Now?

The ongoing token presale for Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), a platform for earning passive Bitcoin mining rewards through staking, has attracted over $5.66 million from eager participants so far.

With the presale filling up fast according to the project’s website, the closing stages promise more potential upside.

Bitcoin Minetrix seeks to democratize Bitcoin mining by enabling users to gain “mining credits” and access cloud mining power simply by staking BTCMTX tokens.

This approach opens up Bitcoin mining to more people without needing expensive hardware or high energy costs.

In addition to mining rewards, BTCMTX stakers can earn yield staking rewards of up to 108% APY.

With two income streams from Bitcoin mining and staking rewards, Bitcoin Minetrix provides promising earning potential.

Several prominent crypto influencers have taken notice of Bitcoin Minetrix’s impressive early progress and ambition.

Popular YouTubers highlighted BTCMTX as having the potential for growth if the momentum continues.

This has further fueled hype surrounding BTCMTX as a promising new crypto project.

The Bitcoin Minetrix roadmap outlines exchange listings to boost liquidity, expanded mining capacity via partnerships, and mobile apps post-presale. This demonstrates a long-term vision for advancing the protocol.

BTCMTX may be the best crypto to buy now while it’s still early, as the ongoing presale stage draws to a close in less than 24 hours.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Now

Meme Coins Remain Some of the Best Crypto to Buy Now as Meme Kombat Presale Tops $4 Million

The ongoing craze surrounding meme-themed cryptocurrencies continues unabated, with the latest project Meme Kombat generating substantial presale interest for its unique spin on real-time battles between viral internet memes.

Meme Kombat’s presale has already raised over $4 million so far.

The native token for the project, MK, can be purchased during the presale with ETH or USDT.

Half of the total token supply is reserved for presale participants. Another 30% of the allocation goes towards staking rewards and prizes for users competing in meme battles on the platform.

Meanwhile, the remaining 20% is allotted for DEX liquidity and community rewards.

In the first battle season, 11 memes will compete for top honors and token prizes.

Meme Kombat’s project roadmap states that future seasons will introduce fresh features and earning opportunities to maintain user engagement.

Meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu surged wildly in popularity in recent years, gaining billions in market capitalization.

By utilizing the viral nature of internet memes, Meme Kombat is primed to benefit from this hype.

The unique meme-battling concept has resonated with crypto investors, as evidenced by the impressive presale numbers so far.

Meme Kombat could gain further traction in crypto gaming and the meme coin space as it establishes itself.

By seamlessly integrating real-time PvP meme battles and crypto reward mechanisms, Meme Kombat has hit the right notes with investors.

The project appears well-positioned to capitalize on the surging appetite for meme coins.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.