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B2Core V4 Update Introduces a Redesigned CRM Interface: What’s New?

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

When it comes to digital platforms, it’s the first experience that often decides whether users stick around or not. For a platform like B2Core, which serves up CRM and back-office solutions for financial firms, having a front end that’s both easy to navigate and engaging is absolutely important. It’s all about creating an experience that feels smooth and intuitive and keeps users coming back for more.

With this in mind, B2Core’s latest update, version 4, is a game-changer. It revamps the entire front end, offering a sleeker user interface, better, more customisable trading tools, and a more efficient wallet management system. Let’s explore what these updates bring to the table.

Customisable Dashboard

The B2Core Dashboard acts as a personalised control hub for its users. With the new left bar introduced in B2Core v4, users now have more control over how their dashboard looks. They can customise it with widgets for quick access links, trading account details, relevant banners, and various layout options.

This turns the Dashboard into a dynamic, interactive area, perfect for keeping an eye on financial activities and moving around the platform effortlessly.

Component-Based Back-End

Version 4 of B2Core introduces a component-based architecture for its front end. This update simplifies the development workflow by consolidating a collection of interface components. These elements, fundamental to the user interface, undergo independent testing and verification.

By reusing these components, the interface can be updated and enhanced more swiftly while upholding quality standards. This approach reduces the need for constant code reviews. For B2Core CRM users, this means they get to experience a more efficient, dependable platform that’s better equipped to adapt and improve.

Wallet and Fund Features

A new right bar on the wallet dashboard is now used to retrieve transaction records. Interacting with this bar completely alters how users see and manage their trading activities and transaction history.

The transaction module, which has undergone extensive alterations as well, has numerous essential components, including exchange choices, transfers, deposits, and internal and external withdrawals.

Lastly, the users’ transaction records now include more details and options for categorisation. Navigating through the various transaction types and obtaining the necessary information is now easier than before.

New Trading Tools and Options

The upcoming B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP), set to launch soon, will provide an advanced and user-friendly trading experience within B2Core.

Additionally, B2Core has acquired cutting-edge payment solutions for the crypto and fiat sectors thanks to the B2BinPay integration. Moreover, this robust bundle is strengthened by B2Broker’s liquidity choices, which provide over 1000 trading methods. Everything about trading is easy thanks to the comprehensive support, from setting up an account to making complex risk management decisions.

Central Profile Control

B2Core v4 has also updated its Profile area. Now conveniently placed in the header for easy access, it combines user settings, a strong security module, and efficient verification processes. The Presets page, where users save their withdrawal details, has been redesigned for simpler navigation. Additionally, the Sign-in and Sign-up processes have been enhanced, prioritising security and ease of use to ensure a smoother and more intuitive entry into the platform.

Extra Features and Upgrades

Apart from the previously analysed improvements, users may anticipate a few more surprises with the v4 update: 

  • Introducing Brokers (IBs) Panel – Customers have unparalleled choice and control with the IB Dashboard and Reports section’s enhanced filters, Banners, and Promo sections. 
  • Full-Stop Support – The redesigned help portal makes it simple for consumers to schedule visual support calls, handle their problems, and get in touch with experts. 
  • Integration and Onboarding Assistance – Users can now link their mobile devices by scanning a simple QR code. Furthermore, by expediting each stage of the account creation process, the onboarding tool assists clients in getting the most out of the B2Core platform. 
  • Bonus Management Features – B2Core has divided the bonus page into bonus programmes and active subscriptions to enhance clarity and navigation. 
  • Best of Both Worlds – Thanks to the B2Core platform, clients who prefer a conventional B2Core experience may return to it with only a button click! 

Final Takeaways

B2Core’s v4 update, released soon after the platform’s iOS app integrated cTrader, is another step in the direction of delivering a flawless user experience. The v4 significantly improves the platform’s user navigation, functionality, and usefulness.Discover B2Core v4, the team is eager to hear your feedback for future considerations!

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.