Autoglyphs NFT Set Smashes Records With $14.5 Million Sale + More NFT News

Sead Fadilpašić
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Autoglyphs NFT Set Smashes Records With $14.5 Million Sale + More NFT News

Top NFT news today, February 20, 2024:

  • A full set of ten Autoglyphs sells for 5,000 ETH
  • eBay may be exiting NFTs
  • Fischer reveals 100th anniversary NFT ski bundle.

NFT Market Data

The non-fungible token (NFT) sales volume is largely unchanged today.

Over the past 24 hours, it decreased 0.5% to $43,401,772, according to CryptoSlam.

Meanwhile, buyers, sellers, and transactions are all up today. While the number of sellers increased by 2%, both buyers and sellers are up nearly 9%.

The ERC404-based Pandora maintains the first spot with a sales volume of $5.3 million. Notably, however, five other collections have sales volume above $1 million – meaning that the majority of the top ten collections does.

This includes CryptoPunks, Mad Lads, Transdimensional Fox Federation, Uncategorized Ordinals, and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

The best performer among the top 10 is Sappy Seals with an increase of 241% to $853,816. BAYC lost the most (43%), recording $1.032 million over the past day.

Autoglyphs NFT Set Sells for $14.5 Million

A full set of ten Autoglyphs was recently sold for a whopping 5,000 ETH ($14,544,550).

The buyer remained anonymous, only described as “a Distinguished Private Collector.”

Fountain, which facilitated the purchase, said that this is one of the top NFT sales ever recorded onchain.

“The team at Fountain is proud to have played a role in this historic acquisition,” it said.

Larva Labs, the famous creators of the popular CryptoPunks collection, revealed the generative art project Autoglyphs in 2019. It comprises 512 items.

The set is one of the three “developer sets” in existance. “Securing a full set of Autoglyphs — hands down, the most important early collection of generative art on Ethereum — is nothing short of a legendary achievement,” Noah Davis, Senior Specialist at Fountain, told nft now.

According to OpenSea, Autoglyphs are the first “on-chain” generative art on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is a completely self-contained mechanism for the creation and ownership of an artwork.

Its current total volume is 22,677 ETH, and the floor price is 230 ETH. There are 162 unique owners.

Meanwhile, another collector also acquired a couple of Autoglyphs via Fountain in January.

Fountain is a brokerage for art on the blockchain, incubated by FLAMINGODAO. The team stated that Fountain is a purely peer-to-peer OTC desk. “Bespoke, white-glove, and high-touch.”

Among other pieces, it said, it has helped a number of collectors acquire CryptoPunks.

Is eBay Exiting NFTs?

E-commerce giant eBay reportedly fired over 30% of its Web3 team.

This may indicate its intention to shutter its NFT business, Binance News reported, citing PANews.

The information was first reported by NFTgators, citing a source claiming that many of those involved with Web3 operations have recently left the organization.

The source also said that the business and strategy officer of the division, Stefanie Jay, left the company. Meanwhile, David Moore, one of the founders of the NFT marketplace KnownOrigin, has “been made redundant.”

Jay is still listed among the company executives.

eBay acquired KnownOrigin in June 2022. The news reports allege that the giant has since pivoted and changed its Web3 strategy.

The company has suspended all digital art projects. It has also seen increasing internal criticism of the leadership and strategy teams.

Notably, there has so far been no official information provided by the company or the mentioned individuals, so the situation is still unclear, the details unverified, and the future of eBay’s NFT business unknown.

Fischer Reveals 100-Year Anniversary NFT Ski Bundle

In other NFT news, Fischer Sports, an Austrian winter sports equipment manufacturing company, has revealed its “Fischer 100 Years Anniversary NFT-Bundle.” It described it as a fusion of cutting-edge technology and alpine heritage.

According to the website, the bundle features the Fischer NFT and a uniquely designed RC4 ski.

The NFT is a strictly limited and unique art piece available on the Solana blockchain. Depending on the future development of Web3, the company may add functionalities and benefits (e.g. airdrops or whitelisting) to existing Fischer Sports NFTs, it said.

The buyers will receive the physical, specially crafted, “100 Year” ski at their home address in fall 2024. This special ski is made of ash tree wood, the material with which ski construction began 100 years ago.

The company will generate a maximum of 100 NFTs and 100 physical skis.

The Fischer NFT bundle started selling on February 14 and is available until March 24.

Per the FAQ, the NFT costs €1,924 ($2,079).

The company said that, “as the first ski company to pioneer the NFT frontier, we’re revolutionizing the way you experience winter sports.”

Source: fischerski / Instagram