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As Bitcoin Price Recovers, Bitcoin BSC Passes $3.4m And Could Sell Out Soft Cap Within 24 Hours

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 8 min read
Source / Bitcoin BSC

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 – The Bitcoin price is recovering as summer ends, traders return to their desks, and new cryptocurrency Bitcoin BSC passes the $3.4 million mark in its quest to create ‘Bitcoin on the BNB Smart Chain’.

There are likely less than 24 hours left before the Bitcoin BSC presale hits its soft cap target of $3,960,000. Already more than $300,000 has been raised in the past 10 hours and the pace of the contributions is surging as FOMO kicks in.

Buyers of the $BTCBSC coin expect to realize a sizeable profit when it lists, but its staking properties mean it is also attracting long-term investors who want to earn passive income. 

Now with the original Bitcoin’s price starting to move higher, so-called clone derivative coins like Bitcoin BSC are catching the spotlight.

With the coins selling at a quickening clip, prospective buyers need to do their research and then make their move, as there is no time to lose before the soft cap is hit. 

Also, interested parties must keep an eye on the project’s website to see how much has been raised. The hard cap target is $6,125,000, with the soft cap accounting for 65% of the presale token allocation. But it could be only a matter of days before the hard cap is reached and an opportunity for 10x or 100x gains missed.

To keep up with the latest developments and price milestones, prospective buyers should check in regularly on the website as well as follow Bitcoin BSC’s X (formerly Twitter) account and join the Telegram group.

Source / Bitcoin BSC

The Fed pausing interest rate hikes will power stake-to-earn Bitcoin BSC higher

Bitcoin trading volumes were at multi-year lows as the summer doldrums combined with a persistent crypto winter to act as a drag on crypto prices, but the US Fed’s likely pause to rate rises on Wednesday is helping to bring back buyers. 

If the end of the hiking cycle on interest rates is upon us, then risk assets like Bitcoin will be buoyed, and so too will new coins like Bitcoin BSC that offers far better potential than Bitcoin at this point in their respective life cycles.

There are literally hundreds of coins with the word ‘bitcoin’ in their title, but most are pure junk or dead coins. Not so with Bitcoin BSC, built as it is on firm staking foundations that rewards token holders for depositing their $BTCBSC in the staking pool smart contract.

Contributors to the presale can buy $BTCBSC for $0.99, which is the price of Bitcoin back in 2011. That’s got investors wondering if they could be on the cusp of realizing gains that could turn an outlay of a few hundred dollars into a cool million.

Source / Bitcoin BSC

Bitcoin BSC risk-reward profile – the possible profit against the possible losses – is far superior to Bitcoin’s. Bitcoin BSC staking mitigates the downside risk because of the large proportion of current buyers who have committed to the future of the project by staking.

At the same time the potential upside could be enormous. For instance, if $BTCBSC attains but a fraction of the current Bitcoin price by, say, appreciating to $100, it would still represent a gain of 100x for buyers at today’s price. 

Bitcoin alternative Bitcoin BSC pays out block rewards and has a total supply of only 21 million tokens 

Bitcoin is still the yardstick by which all other crypto assets are measured. This is why it makes so much sense to clone the original, especially if the newer version does something Bitcoin doesn’t.

First up, unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin BSC runs on a proof-of-stake network, the BNB Smart Chain, which does not require the computational hard labor involving massive energy consumption needed for Bitcoin.  Not only is BNB Smart Chain, therefore, a green blockchain, but it is also much cheaper to transact on, and its throughput is much faster. 

However, its killer app is its staking functionality, which today means you can earn an annual percentage yield (APY) of 151%. Not surprisingly, with that level of income on the table, 1,743,091 $BTCBSC tokens have been staked.

Doing the math, it means half of the total number of sold $BTCBSC is staked. The beauty of that is when the coin lists, new and existing token owners have the comfort blanket of knowing that any selling pressure that might emerge will be limited by the proportion of staked coins. 

Source / Bitcoin BSC

There is no impenetrable algorithm to worry about like in the failed Terra Luna ecosystem. With Bitcoin BSC the source of the yield is the number of coins set aside to payout rewards, which amounts to 69% of the total token supply. 

You can keep tabs on how many token holders are staking by visiting the real-time Bitcoin BSC staking dashboard

What’s more, the project’s smart contracts are audited, and a guarantee of locked liquidity in its DEX trading pair has been provided by the team.

The pre-mined $BTCBSC tokens are released at a rate of 0.25 $BTCBSC per block in an emission schedule that copies Bitcoin by rolling time back to 2011. 

As for the rewards, $BTCBSC is paid out every 10 minutes in a similar fashion to the Bitcoin blockchain, but at the rate of 0.25 per Bitcoin BSC block. 

Bitcoin BSC is in the vanguard of a new staking trend for derivative coins

Bitcoin BSC is part of a new trend in which derivative clone coins leverage the version 2.0 theme and the utility of staking. 

Because BTCBSC runs on the  BNB Smart Chain, if you wish to initiate staking while the presale is still in progress, then you must purchase with BNB or USDT BEP-20.

Staked $BTCBSC have a seven-day withdrawal lock, after which tokens can be withdrawn at any time. Those who start staking after $BTCBSC is listed on decentralized exchanges will be able to stake their tokens regardless of whether they have bought with BNB or ETH. 

Source / Bitcoin BSC

Bitcoin BSC is better than Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin BSV

Bitcoin BSC stands out in the crowded ‘version 2’ space, where meme coin version 2 clones such as Pepe 2.0, Dogecoin 2.0, Shiba Inu 2.0, or even the likes of Bitcoin 2.0, all lack utility value. 

HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (HPOS10I) has been one of the more recent successes among the Bitcoin variant coins, although it is only its ticker that bears any resemblance to Bitcoin.  

Still, the HPOS10I ‘Bitcoin’ meme coin has achieved viral escape velocity, helped, of course, by its ‘Bitcoin’ name recognition. HPOS10I gained 660x at its high. 

Bitcoin BSC is likely to have much better staying power than HPOS10I or the other 2.0 coins because of its staking utility. It also has an advantage over the forks from Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

Forks from the Bitcoin blockchain have to maintain a protocol with all the attendant costs and risks associated with that. Bitcoin BSC has no such problems – it is built on the BNB Smart Chain, which has proven stability and the backing of the world’s largest centralized exchange, Binance.

Bitcoin halving rally may have just begun – and Bitcoin BSC is in the pump slipstream 

A modest allocation to Bitcoin BSC could turn into 5x or even 100x gains as we go into the halving cycle, putting life-changing profits in play. 

US-based crypto-focused hedge fund Pantera Capital forecasts the next cycle could send Bitcoin to $147,000.

Bitcoin’s halving of block rewards comes around every four years and has always heralded a bullish uptrend for the leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin derivatives coins like Bitcoin BSC are sure to catch a bid as a result.

Source / Bitcoin BSC

Joe Parys Crypto YouTube channel, with 300k-plus subscribers, is tipping $BTCBSC as one of five Bitcoin alternatives to see a price explosion.

Another crypto YouTube analyst has invested $840 into BTCBSC, attracted by the APY as well as the token price appreciation potential.

For No Bs Crypto with 33k subscribers, Bitcoin BSC is a “must-buy altcoin” because it could be the next Bitcoin.

Positive commentary on top crypto sites has been widespread, including, among others Yahoo Finance, Cointelegraph, Bitcoinist, CryptoPotato, The Coin Republic and FXStreet

Get ahead of the curve – buy $BTCBSC before the mainstream media catches on

As news of more financial institutions getting involved in crypto spreads – with Deutsche Bank and Citibank two of the most recent to make blockchain-related announcements – crypto is very much here to stay. 

The prospect of spot Bitcoin ETFs launching, possibly as early as next year, is further juicing the appetites of crypto watchers.

Now, before the mainstream media wakes up to the coming of the next crypto bull run, is a great time to start making investment allocations in digital assets. 

Savvy investors need to know where to take the least risk for the most reward, which is why they are making a B-line for Bitcoin BSC. 

Connect your wallet at the website to buy $BTCBSC with BNB, ETH or USDT. The minimum purchase amount is $10.

And remember, buy with BNB or USDT BEP-20 if you want to start staking and earning straightaway before the presale ends. 

Buy Bitcoin BSC Here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.