Artist Jeff Koons’ Sculpture Becomes First ‘Authorized’ to Land on the Moon, Launches Matching NFTs

Julia Smith
Last updated: | 2 min read
Jeff Koons, NFTs
Courtesy: @JeffKoons on X

The world’s most expensive living artist, Jeff Koons, made history following the landing of the Odysseus spacecraft Thursday, becoming the first artist to officially have a piece displayed on the Moon while simultaneously offering matching NFTs of the artwork.

“Cultivating Connections Between the Digital and Physical Worlds”

Powered by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, space exploration company Intuitive Machines, and NASA, spacecraft Odysseus’ successful Thursday landing marks the first mission to touch down on the Moon in over half a century. To commemorate the launch, Koons designed a multi-component sculpture focusing on “the Moon as a symbol of human curiosity and the desire to achieve,” a statement on the project’s website reads.

Entitled Jeff Koons: Moon Phases, the artist’s latest work is comprised of three parts: 125 miniature moon sculptures “installed on the Moon in perpetuity,” 125 larger mirror-reflective stainless steel sculptures of the Moon to remain on Earth, as well as corresponding NFTs encapsulating both components.

“Each unique NFT is paired with a sculpture that will reside on the Moon within the cube and a sculpture that will reside on the Earth, cultivating connections between the digital and physical worlds,” the project’s website reads. “The NFT itself will include an image of the sculptures installed on the Moon’s surface, as well as other images. Along with the other two components of Moon Phases, the NFT will feature Jeff Koons’s iconic signature.”

Inspiring Future Generations Through Past Achievements

Partnering with female-owned space company 4Space, each component is named after “people who have made accomplishments in human history,” including Albert Einstein, Susan B. Anthony, Michelangelo, and more.

“These and other names will be individually displayed in front of the Moon Phases, memorializing the figures on the occasion of the Moon mission,” the project’s website states. “In this way, Koons honors some of the greatest achievements of the past to inspire future generations.”

An Out Of This World Art Piece

Koons’ NFTs, released through Pace Gallery’s virtual art platform, Pace Verso, will allow art lovers, space enthusiasts, and NFT collectors alike to own a piece of history.

“The sculptures remaining on the Earth will feature a precious stone, either a white diamond, yellow diamond, blue sapphire, green emerald, or red ruby,” the project website reads. “The stone’s position on the sculptures will indicate the location of the landing site on the Moon, which will become a Lunar Heritage Site where the related Moon sculptures will be installed permanently.”

The world of high art often has ties with Web3 – just this week, auction house Sotheby’s made headlines for its sale of Ether Rock, “an early NFT collectible.”

Moon Phases, however, appears to be Koons’ first foray into the NFT space.

“I am so honored to have “Moon Phases” be the first authorized artwork to be placed on the Moon,” a recent Instagram caption by the renowned artist reads.

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