AISora Pumps Up 71,110% as New Meme Coin Hits a New High – 100x Potential in 30 Days?

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AI Narrative News: In latest crypto pump triggered by Sam Altman's OpenAI, AISora token, a play on Sora AI video generator, is up +71,110%

As AI narrative fuels major pumps, a new coin called AISora, playing on Sam Altman and OpenAI’s new Sora AI video generation, has exploded +71,110%.

This article will provide an analysis of AISORA’s current price trends and look to see whether a new meme coin making highs, SMOG, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time than the AI narrative.

The excitement behind this pump stems from OpenAI and Sam Altman’s reveal of SoraAI video generation, which shocked the world in a move that is reinvigorating interest in the AI market and OpenAI as a company.

AISora Price Analysis: AI Narrative Pump Hammers Heights – But Always Beware The Classic Dump

As the dust settles following AISora’s violent undoing, AISORA is currently trading at a market price of $0.0000084 (representing a 24-hour change of -99.85%).

This comes after a sensational launch saw AISora take off from a launch price down at $0.00000092 around 3AM UTC on March 6, in an initial +20,000% candle that send ripples across DEX markets.

AI Narrative News: In latest crypto pump triggered by Sam Altman's OpenAI, AISora token, a play on Sora AI video generator, is up +71,110%

Enamored by the huge Sam Altman-inspired candle, eagle-eyed DEX traders raced to take a position in the unfolding AISORA pump, and this drove price up a further +120% to hit an all-time high around $0.0066.

But all appeared too good to be true, as a -5% localized retracement spooked the shady developer behind the project, triggering a sudden dump move (viewable in the order book on Gecko Terminal).

The cheeky OpenAI-themed pump-and-dump play saw AISora’s mischievous creator take $84k profit in Ethereum, and this just goes to highlight the risks of betting on tokens with poor tokenomics of uncertain origin.

But while, AISora’s dump has left 295 dejected holders sat underwater despite the AI narrative, a new Solana airdrop campaign is surging into price exploration.

SMOG Token Hammers New All-Time Highs: A Revolutionary Solana Meme Coin Airdrop Adventure

Amidst the whirlwind of Solana’s meme coin frenzy, with a battle cry that no meme coin can withstand its intensity, SMOG is not just another token—it’s a ticket to the elite ‘The Dragon’s Court,’ a realm where virality is the currency of power.

SMOG Token is setting the stage for an unprecedented viral airdrop campaign in the meme coin world.

Through a series of engaging, interactive, and continuous airdrop campaigns, SMOG invites you to a playful yet lucrative engagement within the crypto realm.

Holding SMOG is your gateway to earning airdrop points, with the allure of mystery shrouding the upcoming rewards and campaign specifics, stirring a wave of anticipation.

$SMOG Price Analysis: How High Can $SMOG Token Rally In Price Exploration – Outperform AISora?

As the dragon-themed coin picks up traction in Asia in this, the year of the dragon, the significance of recent price moves becomes clear. $SMOG has confirmed a breakaway into the upside of the trading channel and a dramatic rally to an impressive near $150M market cap.At the time of writing, $SMOG was trading at a market price of $0.166 (representing a +42% 24-hour change).Amid a seismic +62% daily candle, upside exploration is dominating $SMOG’s trajectory as price action continues to mount sequential all-time highs (the latest standing at $0.19).However, despite major upside, $SMOG’s trading channel still has the capacity for as much as a +90% move before reaching upper trendline resistance.

Buy pressure remains in control of price action, with buys representing 53% of transactions over the past 6-hours.$SMOG bulls are now targeting a leg-up to a new all-time high above the psychologicaly important level of $0.20.

Encouragingly, the downside risk is minimized here by lower support between $0.12 and $0.13.

PEPE Price Analysis: As leading meme coin Pepecoin takes tumble after monster pump, is PEPE about to crash? And could SMOG airdrop outperform?

Like being an early backer at OpenAI, by becoming a holder of SMOG, you’re not just investing; you’re becoming part of a community set to redefine virality and airdrop engagement.

With 50% of the token supply dedicated to marketing and 35% allocated for future airdrop rewards, SMOG is poised for an explosive entry into the market, aiming to outshine its predecessors with a robust start and a promise of substantial community bounties.

The journey with SMOG is fraught with milestones and achievements waiting to be unlocked – the introduction of a staking feature, the buzz around potential burn mechanisms, and the planning of multiple airdrop events sketch a future rich with opportunity.

AI Narrative News: In latest crypto pump triggered by Sam Altman's OpenAI, AISora token, a play on Sora AI video generator, is up +71,110%

Moreover, the quest to amass over 10,000 ‘Loyal Chosen‘ members offers an exclusive chance to deepen your engagement with SMOG, earning enhanced rewards and solidifying your status within this dynamic community.

Your Gateway to the SMOG Realm: How To Get Involved With The SMOG Airdrop?

Ready to dive into the SMOG adventure? Arm yourself with a Solana-compatible wallet like Phantom and exchange your SOL, USDT, or BONK tokens for SMOG through platforms like Jupiter DEX aggregator or Birdeye.

Elevate your experience by engaging with the community on Zealy, completing tasks that enhance your chances of becoming one of the ‘Loyal Chosen’ and maximizing your airdrop benefits.

Join the vibrant SMOG community on X (Twitter)Discord, and Telegram to keep abreast of the latest developments, updates, and strategies.

Delve into the Lite Paper for a deeper understanding of SMOG’s vision and roadmap, and prepare to be part of a movement set to ignite the crypto world.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.