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5 Best New Cryptocurrency Canada to Buy 2022

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Canadian crypto investors are growing in number rapidly, meaning it’s ever more important to know which project is the best crypto Canada. 

Throughout this article, we’ll be discussing exactly that and also providing a guide covering how to buy crypto in Canada. Let’s begin.

5 Best New Cryptocurrency Canada to Buy – Our Picks

In order to provide investors with a quick glimpse into the best cryptocurrencies to buy. In-depth reviews can also be found slightly further down the page.

Tamadoge – Overall Best New Cryptocurrency Canada 

Battle Infinity – P2E Gaming Ecosystem with Huge Upside Potential

Lucky Block – Fair and Efficient NFT Competitions Platform

Solana – Major Ethereum Competitor  

StepN – Popular Move-to-Earn Project

A Closer Look at the 6 Best Cryptocurrencies Canada

Each of the new cryptocurrency projects we’ll be discussing offers ample upside potential, strong fundamentals, and the potential for long-term growth. 

Tamadoge – Overall Best New Cryptocurrency Canada

Currently, meme coins lack much in the way of utility. However, Tamadoge (TAMA) is set to change that by creating a new token centered around an engaging play-to-earn game designed to appeal to crypto enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. 

The project centers around Tamadoge pets, NFT-based digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded with ease. Each 3D-animated pet can be upgraded using toys, cosmetics, and food, all of which are available from the Tamadoge store. Revenue from the store is subject to a 5% burn, bolstering the value of TAMA over the long term.

As a player levels up their pet, they earn Dogepoints and work their way up the in-game leaderboard. As the highest ranked players are entitled to the greatest share of the rewards pool, users are incentivized to purchase upgrades for their pets, helping to create a strong in-game economy.

While most P2E games reward players for finding efficient ways to earn (which leads to repetitive gameplay loops and bored players), Tamadoge focuses on creating an engaging experience that rewards people for actually playing. This is likely to attract a lot of attention from casual gamers and could result in Tamadoge becoming the largest P2E game on the market. 

Investors looking for the best crypto Canada need to check out Tamadoge. In order to provide early investors value, TAMA will incrementally increase in price as the presale progresses. Therefore, there’s no better time to check out the project. Join the Tamadoge Telegram to keep up with the latest Tamadoge developments. 

Buy TAMA Now

Battle Infinity – P2E Gaming Ecosystem with Huge Upside Potential

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a new project creating a P2E gaming ecosystem with DeFi features. Battle Infinity is packed with utility and could be a great pick for investors on the hunt for the best crypto Canada. 

As one of the hottest cryptocurrency projects on the market, it’s no surprise that Battle Infinity has been popular with investors. The project sold out its presale weeks before the deadline raising 16,500 BNB. However, the IBAT token will soon be listed on PancakeSwap (17th August) so investors that missed out on the first round will soon have a second chance to snag the best crypto to buy.

As Battle Infinity offers such a wide range of features, the ecosystem is split into six platforms each boasting a unique set of features. There is the IBAT Premier League (fantasy sports, IBAT Battle Stake (staking), IBAT Battle Market (NFT marketplace), IBAT Battle Games (collection of P2E games), IBAT Battle Swap (decentralized exchange), and IBAT Battle Arena (Metaverse world). 

Every transaction within the Battle Infinity ecosystem takes place using the BEP-20-based IBAT token. Using the BEP standard, the IBAT token benefits from low fees and quick settlement. The token can be used for staking, in-game competitions, and buying items from the IBAT marketplace. 

All in all, Battle Infinity there’s a reason why Battle Infinity is considered to be one of the hottest cryptocurrencies on the market. Investors are already loving the project and once features begin to release it’s likely that IBAT will absolutely explode. 

In order to stay updated with developments and exchange listings from the best crypto Canada, Join the Battle Infinity Telegram

Check Out Battle Infinity

Lucky Block – Fair and Efficient NFT Competitions Platform

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is reshaping the competition sector through the use of blockchain technology. The platform features a provably fair drawing system and highly efficient rewards distribution.

Competitions on the Lucky Block platform feature exciting prizes (USD 1 million in BTC, property, etc) and can be entered by purchasing an NFT from well-known marketplace NFT Launchpad. As each NFT acts as an entry ticket, they vary in price based on the potential jackpot. 

Lucky Block follows an everyone’s a winner mentality. As such, even after a competition has concluded the NFT still gives the holder the right to claim a portion of the rewards pool each day. This gives each NFT both immediate and long-term value.

In late July, an ERC-20 version of the LBLOCK token became available. This ERC-based LBLOCK token has been used to facilitate listings on popular centralized exchanges (CEX) including LBank and MEXC and even the world-famous Uniswap DEX. The effects from these listings can still be seen today, with LBLOCK jumping in value significantly. 

Lucky Block is the best crypto to buy for fans of competitions. The project has already been performing well and with further exchange listings planned, it’s likely that LBLOCK could go parabolic in the near future. Join the Lucky Block Discord to hear about the next listing before anyone else. 

Visit Lucky Block Now

Solana – Major Ethereum Competitor  

Solana (SOL) is an Ethereum competitor that rose to prominence in 2021 as a faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient alternative to Ethereum.

Although Ethereum is an incredibly popular network for web3 applications, it is plagued with congestion issues when a lot of transactions occur. Solana aims to solve this problem by providing developers with a smart-contract enabled blockchain with far higher throughput, achieved through the implementation of the proof-of-history consensus mechanism. 

With Solana being one of the most popular blockchains on the market right now, it could well become the best crypto Canada once the market picks back up. The SOL token increased by hundreds of percent during 2021 so it’ll be interesting to see what occurs next bull run. 

StepN – Popular Move-to-Earn Project

StepN (GMT) is a crypto project that rewards users for getting up and moving. It was initially released on the Binance Launchpad but was soon picked up by investors, quickly finding its way to mainstream exchanges.

StepN was the first move-to-earn project designed to motivate people to be healthier by rewarding them with crypto for partaking in walks and runs. It has done incredibly well over the past few months, branching out from just the Binance Smart Chain to the Ethereum network. 

In the earlier half of 2022, StepN was likely the best crypto Canada. Now that the hype surrounding this StepN has died down a bit, it has become a cheap cryptocurrency with a solid concept that is worthy of consideration for fans of the move-to-earn sector. 

How to Invest in the Best New Cryptocurrency Canada

In order to make sure that nobody has an issue participating in the Tamadoge presale, we’ve covered the best ways to buy crypto in Canada. 

Step 1: Register with an Exchange

In order to buy TAMA, Ethereum is required. It can be purchased from a reputable exchange like eToro or directly from the Tamadoge website using a credit/debit card.

Visit eToro Now

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection 

Step 2: Deposit and Buy ETH

Afterward, press ‘Deposit Funds’, decide how much to invest, and press ‘Deposit’. Then, search for ‘ETH’, press ‘Trade’, enter the desired amount of Ether, and press ‘Open Trade’.

Step 3: Create Crypto Wallet & Withdraw ETH

Next, create a wallet by downloading the MetaMask browser extension or mobile app and following the on-screen instructions. Then, set it to the Ethereum network and withdraw the ETH from eToro to MetaMask using the eToro Money Wallet.

Step 4: Connect Wallet & Buy TAMA

Navigate to the Tamadoge presale website, hit ‘Connect Wallet’, choose ‘MetaMask’, and confirm the connection. Next, press ‘Buy Tamadoge’, select how many tokens to buy (1000 minimum), and press ‘Convert ETH’. The tokens will be available after the presale has finished.

Visit Tamadoge Presale Now