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3 Reasons Mollars (MOLLARS) Is Better Than Bitcoin (BTC) for Crypto


The Mollars (MOLLARS) initial coin offering has just reached an impressive milestone, surpassing 1.3-Million tokens sold.    Cryptocurrency investors are excited about the new store-of-value token’s potential for up to +4,400% ROI yields.  However, even those gains are only a pence of the new crypto’s profit potential if it can become a popular store-of-value option.   And here’s 3 reasons why the Mollars (MOLLARS) token could replace Bitcoin (BTC) for 250-million wallets, using the blockchain.

Lower Buy-Sell Transaction Fees

The first reason the $MOLLARS token could trump Bitcoin is simple — saving traders money.

Bitcoin blockchain is the most costly of all blockchains to use.  The average buy or sell action cost traders $39 last year.      This is more expensive than sending money via bank wire, which is contrary to the entire purpose of cryptocurrency and decentralization.   The Bitcoin-blockchain is antiquated and lacks true scalability and even BTC-Maximalists know this.

Mollars offers a solution to these high trading fees.

Initially to be based on the Ethereum-blockchain, last year’s averages indicate using $MOLLARS as a store-of-value token instead of Bitcoin would save traders 80% on buy-sell transaction fees.  Instead of $39, Mollars will average $8 per trade.

This means a cross-border transfer of $MOLLARS would also cost less than an international bank-wire; this new token adheres to the core principles of crypto.

More Scarce; Better Protection Against Inflation

And beyond that, cryptocurrency was also promoted initially as an answer to the effects of global inflation.    A ‘store of value’ token ensures investors do not lose money when their local fiat currency plunges in value, typically against the dollar.

However, in today’s age, even the US Dollar is a failing physical currency.   Americans have felt the brunt of retail prices rising much faster than income minimums.

Simply put, Bitcoin was created with a small total token supply of 21-million coins, to fight inflations.  As more people purchase tokens, less pieces of the supply are available, and therefore the price of the $BTC cryptocurrency goes up in value due to demand.

Those who have stored their money in $BTC since its inception in 2011 have seen their investments increase in value while the value of world currencies fall.     And not just by a small amount;   Bitcoin was worth less than $0.01 [cent] initially but now is valued at over $40,000 [dollars].

Blockchain Fees Delete Part of $BTC Profit Yield Potential

With the current issue of rising transaction fees however, some of those gains are being eaten and fed to miners, and possibly Bitcoin’s founder himself,  Satoshi Nakamoto.

Regardless, the new Ethereum-Blockchain based rival Mollars ($MOLLARS) plans to improve on both issues.   The ERC-20 store-of-value will  be more scarce than Bitcoin.  The total token supply of $MOLLARS tokens to be minted [all-time] is 10,000,000.    This is under half that of Bitcoin.

Mollars Founder Recognized A Source For Demand

While many questioned initially if Mollars could find a demand to sell that supply and more, it’s now been proven that the project’s founder knew how to generate it.    Over 1.3-million tokens have already been purchased by crypto traders in the current token presale; this is under 2 months time.

Best Time To Invest Is Presale Stage

With the $MOLLARS token having a lower finite supply than Bitcoin, if its current upward trajectory in demand meets a cross-point of 10,000% ROI yields or more, an ‘explosion’ could happen.  That ‘explosion’ would likely draw massive media attention and investors would see even more extraordinary gains, possibly into the +100,000% range.   At that point, a parabolic leap in token value would completely cement the Mollars cryptocurrency future as a premier “Store of value” digital asset.      And notably, many presale investors from today would become millionaires.

That phase of Bitcoin has already passed.  Its value is not likely to see another parabolic increase.    Therefore, for investors, it makes the $MOLLARS token more attractive.

Scarcity is a key when looking to hedge against economic inflation.    The reason fiat currencies are losing their value is because they are not scarce and nothing physical is behind paper money anymore.     Governments are producing billions of dollars worth of new bills each year, across the world.  Eventually, even the US Dollar and Chinese Yen, will too fall to inflation, just like Venezuela, Argentina, and Zimbabwe.

True Decentralization for Crypto Is Without Ownership & Here’s Why

That centralized control of governments is also a problem. There are no controlled presets in terms of money being produced.

In cryptocurrency, ‘decentralization’ is the key.  A crypto should have no ownership and run autonomously.    This is one of the biggest overlooked factors on why Mollars can out perform Bitcoin in the long run.

Reality is — Bitcoin has a founder named Satoshi Nakamoto.  This iconic figure has statues of his image built around the world.  However, did the people making this status realize that Satoshi allegedly kept 1-million of the total token supply’s 21-million for himself?

Nakamoto is one of the richest people in the world today, with this 1M tokens having a value of nearly $40-billion-dollars today.    He has a bigger supply of $BTC than the US & Chinese governments together.    Satoshi’s self-awarded 1-million tokens is also enough to manipulate the price of Bitcoin at any time, as he wants.     That makes him the ‘centralization’ of the cryptocurrency.  He has control of many factors of the store of value token, even today, though no one has properly identified who he is.

Is Satoshi Nakamoto’s bloodline going to become a global royal family?

Even the exorbitant Bitcoin-blockchain fees are questionable.   Though most reports allude to the idea that Bitcoin miners are taking the profits from buy-sell transactions, there is no true  proof.    No one knows who owns the wallets the fees goes to and anyone smart enough to create Bitcoin and have the greed to keep 1-million tokens for themselves, could also have invented a ‘fee system’ that benefits themself & their family for generations to come. A  new royal hierarchy perhaps.

Though all of this is only a possibility, based on the core principles of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin should never have had these variable factors.

Mollars Will Have No Owner; All Tokens Minted To Be Sold

Mollars creator on the other hand is sticking to the core rules. The modern store-of-value token’s founder refuses to take the name ‘owner’ and is putting 100% of the total token supply on the market.    This means any $MOLLARS crypto ever made will have to be purchased, even if it’s in the founder who wants it.

This gives Mollars a slight edge on Bitcoin again.  Market manipulation won’t be done as easily as no single Mollars holder will own 5% of the total token supply.   Not unless they buy it, which would likely increase immediate token value and token sales by investors seeking profits. In turn, that  big bag holder has to HODL their $MOLLARS to see gains on their investment.  And this process would be much healthier than a single whale who has a huge bag of free, self awarded coins [like $BTC].

In layman’s terms, an organic store-of-value token like Mollars is cleaner for all investors than Bitcoin.

Crypto Traders Believe in Mollars

These 3 reasons are reasons Mollars ($MOLLARS) could potentially overtake Bitcoin ($BTC) in terms of profit yields and overall preference in the future.  Though it may seem like a battle of David vs Goliath, when most investors can save money by choosing a rival or alternative financial option, they move to it.

Currently, Mollars  is in the initial coin offering stage with 1.3-million tokens presold.  The growing total of tokens already claimed proves that crypto investors see the new Bitcoin-rival’s potential.      Nearly 34% of the total ICO supply was acquired in the last 8 weeks with demand expected to increase after it’s listed on a public crypto exchange.

As momentum continues to build in the favor of the ERC-20 token, one can only wonder where its price will rise to and how much profits will be yielded in comparison to Bitcoin.


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