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The 10 Best Poker Streamers to Watch in 2024

Nick Pappas
Nick Pappas | Verified by Mark Hoover
Last updated: | 13 min read

After researching and watching several online poker players we came up with a list of the top 10 poker streamers to watch in 2024. We found each of these poker streamers offered something unique, valuable, and overall, they were able to set themselves apart from other streamers in the industry. So, if you’re looking for online poker players to watch and follow – continue reading below.

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Top 10 Poker Streamers in 2024

After watching dozens of online poker streamers we narrowed down the list to the 10 best poker streamers. Learn more about them, below.

Also, it is worth nothing that many of the best poker streamers exclusively play at crypto poker sites such as CoinPoker and Bovada. Alternatively, you may see some streamers play live at retail casinos. Nonetheless, both environments were considered during our ranking process.

  1. scotfreeQQNo. 1 poker streamer in 2024 who partners with CoinPoker
  2. JNandezPoker – CoinPoker player who founded PLO Mastermind
  3. lexveldhuis – Successful Twitch TV poker player with Hall-of-Fame status
  4. kevinmartin – Pro player & Twitch poker player who’s dedicated to his craft
  5. arlieshaban – Online poker streamer who has the best overall work ethic
  6. spraggy – The most underrated poker player who competes professionally
  7. egption – Twitch poker player who’s part of the GGPoker Ontario team
  8. beriuzy – High-stakes poker player with over a decade of experience
  9. xflixx – German poker player who’s a veteran PokerStars ambassador
  10. easywithaces – Irish pro player who’s won high-stakes tournaments

Reviews of the 5 Best Poker Streamers for 2024 

In this section we aim to provide a in-depth overview for 5 poker streamers from our top 10 list. Continue reading below to learn more about each streamer, including where they play, how much they play, and more.

1. scotfreeQQ – No. 1 Poker streamer in 2024 Who Partners With CoinPoker

ScotfreeQQ is a newer online poker stream that is just getting started establishing his credentials within the online poker community. As such, during the time of this review we didn’t come across much of a backstory on him. That said, we did sample some of his Twitch TV streams and were thoroughly impressed. 


We believe scotfreeQQ is poised to be one of the top online poker streamers in the coming years. One big reason is because he opts to choose at some of the best online poker sites such as CoinPoker. Here, you can get a glimpse into how the top anonymous poker sites operate and what games are available. Furthermore, he is consistently establishing a schedule of streams on a weekly basis, which is always much appreciated. All-in-all, we recommend you add scotfreeQQ to your list of poker streamers to watch in 2024.

Streamer Stream Language Top Games Played Twitch Link Twitch Followers
scotfreeQQ English Tournaments, Cash Games Twitch TV Brand new (0)

Visit scotfreeQQ

2. JNandezPoker – CoinPoker Player Who Founded PLO Mastermind

Fernando Habegger, aka JNandezPoker, is a high-profile Twitch TV poker streamer. He’s been professional since 2010, having formerly played mid-stakes Texas Hold’em. Now, Habegger is primarily a PLO (Pot-Limit Omaha) player, having achieved a lot of success competitively. 

Habegger is part of GGPoker PLO Squad, and he’s coached plenty of players. Using his full knowledge of poker, Habegger also authored a book about modern PLO strategy. He’s also the founder of PLO Mastermind, which features exclusive poker content. 


Having played in the World Series of Poker, Habegger is a true high-stakes competitor. His best finish was second place in a bracelet event, which earned him over $330,000. 

Because of his commitment to content creation, Habegger has a strong online presence. He’s also created a community of PLO players who strive to improve their game. His main goal is to provide the best PLO training that can produce success in other people.

Streamer Stream Language Top Games Played Twitch Link Twitch Followers
JNandezPoker English Small Stakes Pot Limit Omaha Twitch TV 31,800+

Visit Jnandezpoker

3. lexveldhuis – Successful Twitch TV Poker Player With Hall-of-Fame Status

Lex Veldhuis is also among the most popular players who stream poker (online) via his own Twitch channel. He’s from the Netherlands, having made a name for himself as a PokerStars Ambassador. Since 2009, Veldhuis has competed in plenty of world-class poker tournaments.

Veldhuis has also appeared on several high-profile poker shows. In fact, he’s the first Dutchman to compete on High Stakes Poker and The Big Game. Like many players, Veldhuis spent years working his way up to high stakes poker games. 


With many appearances in world-class tournaments, Veldhuis is no stranger to competition. He’s finished in the money 13 times at the World Series of Poker, which is impressive. Veldhuis has also been inducted into the Dutch Poker Hall of Fame. 

In 2016, Veldhuis kicked off his career as a Twitch Streamer, and he hasn’t looked back. He became popular very quickly because he was already familiar with the world of streaming. Now, he streams every week, and his presence in the poker world is well established.

Streamer Stream Language Top Games Played Twitch Link Twitch Followers
lexveldhuis English Tournaments, Cash Games Twitch TV 320,000+

4. kevinmartin – Pro Player & Twitch Poker Player Who’s Dedicated To His Craft

Kevin Martin is another one of the most well-known online poker streamers who competes regularly. He’s played in the World Series of Poker main event, which is an accomplishment in itself. Martin also has a successful YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers. 

As an ambassador of GGPoker, Martin is constantly grinding it out on Twitch. He first began playing in 2014, having dedicated himself to learning poker strategies since then. Martin is also a reality TV star, having won Big Brother Canada in Season 5. 


Martin recently embarked on one of the most daring bankroll challenges ever. He set aside his entire bankroll, which is a lot of money, and started from scratch. He started his career playing micro cash games, and now he’s back where he started. 

Overall, Martin is known for putting his heart and soul into streaming poker games. Like every other player, he has ups and downs, but he’s always pushing forward. Also, as content creator, Martin is never afraid to try new things.

Streamer Stream Language Top Games Played Twitch Link Twitch Followers
kevinmartin English Tournaments, Cash Games Twitch TV 138,000+

5. arlieshaban – Online Poker streamer Who Has The Best Overall Work ethic

Born and raised in Canada, Arlie Shaban is a full-time poker player and Twitch partner with a top-tier Twitch channel. He’s also an ambassador of the PokerStars Pro Team, having competed in world-class tournaments. Shaban was also a contestant on Season 2 of Big Brother Canada. 

As a professional poker player, Shaban is undeniably talented. He often plays for high stakes in front of his dedicated fan base on Twitch. Shaban is known for conservative approach to poker — he’s often selective about when he gets aggressive. 


Like any other poker player, Shaban will tell you that luck plays a huge role in the game. You can’t win all the time, but things always will turn around at some point. 

Finally, Shaban is known for his tireless efforts as a poker streamer. He’s always competing on Twitch in front of his followers, having streamed once for 43 hours straight. There’s no question that Shaban is dedicated to his craft.

Streamer Stream Language Top Games Played Twitch Link Twitch Followers
arlieshaban English Texas Hold’Em Cash Games Twitch TV 56,000+

Overview of the 10 Best Poker Streamers

The table below provides a quick snapshot of the 10 best poker Twitch streamers. Here, you can quickly learn more about their preferred streaming site, language, and what poker games they are known to play.

Streamer Stream Language Top Games Played Twitch Link Twitch Followers 
scotfreeQQ English Tournaments, Cash Games Twitch TV Brand new (0)
JNandezPoker English Small Stakes Pot Limit Omaha Twitch TV 31,800+
lexveldhuis English Tournaments, Cash Games Twitch TV 320,000+
kevinmartin English Tournaments, Cash Games Twitch TV 138,000+
arlieshaban English Texas Hold’Em Cash Games Twitch TV 56,000+
spraggy English Texas Hold’Em Cash Games Twitch TV 166,000+
egption English High Stakes Tournaments Twitch TV 54,300+
beriuzy English High Stakes Cash Games Twitch TV 15,900+
xflixx German Tournaments, Cash Games Twitch TV 71,200
easywithaces English Tournaments, Cash Games Twitch TV 133,000

How We Ranked the Best Poker Streamers

Ranking the entertainment value of a poker stream is somewhat subjective. However, there are more objective ways to rank poker streams. Below are a few key factors we looked for when determining the list of the best poker streams in 2024. Our goal was to established a framework that incorporated more practical ways to measure how a poker stream is valuable versus just relying on their pure entertainment value.

Fan Engagement

First and foremost, we looked for poker streamers that consistently engaged with their fans and followers. This includes poker streamers who talk to fans during their streams, reply to comments, give back to their fans, and more. The very best poker Twitch streamers are known for having consistent fan engagement.

Game Variety Played

Another ranking factor we looked at is the over poker game variety featured during streams. In some cases, the best poker Twitch streamers limit their play to certain games, however, we do give preference to streamers that opt to play a variety of cash games as opposed to just one. This helps keep the streams fresh.

Unique Brand

Branding is another important aspect of poker streaming. Of course, a poker streamer’s brand isn’t going to be for everyone but if they attempt to establish a routine or brand it doesn’t go unnoticed. This can range from comedy to instruction and anything in between.

Bonuses & Partnerships 

The best poker streamers are known for partnering with poker sites, crypto poker sites, offshore online casinos, and/or brands. As a result, they typically have something to offer their following. For example, sign-up bonuses at the best offshore casinos or entries to tournaments – bonus offerings can vary.

Streaming Schedule

Lastly, poker streamers who opt to create a consistent stream of content are going to be considered some of the best streamers. The reason is, they have identified that fans enjoy their content and more importantly enjoy a consistent schedule of it. The more poker Twitch streamers opt to stream or post videos, the higher we tend to rank them.

How to Use Twitch TV Poker

Today, poker streamers have a handful of options in terms of the platforms they can use to stream their live poker play. The top two platforms are Twitch and YouTube. Twitch is the more popular option as it is exclusively an online streaming platform that features a lot of content creators in the gaming space. As such, many of the best poker streamers featured in our guide here broadcast their play on Twitch.

As a fan, here is how you can access and use Twitch TV to watch poker streamers.

  • Create a Twitch account: Create a free on the Twitch website or app. Here, you can begin to access dozens of Twitch TV poker streamers.
  • Explore the poker category: Once inside Twitch, go to browse. Here, you can search for poker-related streams and find Twitch TV poker streams.
  • Follow streamers: As an account-holder, you will have the option to subscribe to a poker stream if you want. This way you can get notified when they go live.
  • Build community: When you’re a follower, you will gain access to other fans and followers and get to interact with Twitch poker streamers. This is a great way to build a community online.

As you continue to dive into Twitch TV poker streamers and live poker events, you will notice how engaging the experience can be. You will have the opportunity to chat with other fans, interact with the streamer, and learn and observe.

Moreover, you can access previous streams if you cannot watch them live. The playback feature is great if you wanted to go back to re-watch certain hands, learn strategies, review how certain poker players play certain hands, etc. Overall, Twitch TV poker streams and YouTube poker streams are both excellent mediums to watch poker streamers in 2024 and both are viable options if you’re looking for platforms to access poker streams.

Twitch Poker Partnerships 

Both Twitch TV and streamers are eligible to form partnerships with online poker sites, casinos, and/or online gambling brands. For instance, some poker sites have their own Twitch TV account and produce in-house content. However, the more popular partnerships are from streamers.

In most cases, poker streamers will establish a partnership with a trusted poker site and opt to play at their site over other options. In return, the poker site might sponsor a buy-in and/or develop bonuses and promotions for the streamer’s fans. The benefits and partnerships vary. From the streamer’s perspective they get assurances their poker games (more specifically their cash games) are licensed and fair. Therefore, they have access to a viable site to stream poker online.

Twitch TV poker

Poker sites such as CoinPoker and Juicy Stakes are good examples of top poker sites that have partnered with poker streamers. Within these partnerships, the streamers leverage their existing Twitch following to stream poker online at these sites.

Furthermore, partnerships from sites such as CoinPoker not only benefit the streamers but they also contribute to the community growth and overall legitimacy of online poker as a whole. The exposure generated through Twitch TV poker streams can attract a wider audience and introduce the game and specific site features or tournaments to poker players from all over the world.

Conclusion: Is Following Poker Streamers Worth It? 

In short, yes, it is certainly worth you’re time to follow poker streamers. First and foremost, you can watch and learn from professional and semi-professional poker players. Moreover, you may receive added entertainment from their brand and streams. And lastly, you can access bonuses and promotions from relevant poker companies and poker sites such as CoinPoker.

All-in-all, if you follow the best poker streams, you have a better chance at enhancing your overall poker knowledge and receive greater access to bonuses and promotions relative to poker players who do not watch poker streamers.

Visit ScotfreeQQ


What poker sites do streamers use? 

Poker streamers play on top poker sites such as CoinPoker, Bovada, and BetOnline. Poker sites such as these are licensed and available worldwide. Additionally, they all feature several game types and have multiple tournaments running daily.

Is it legal to stream poker on Twitch? 

Yes, it is legal to stream poker on Twitch and other online platforms such as YouTube. If a poker streamer is playing online poker, they typically are playing at a trusted poker site such as CoinPoker, which is licensed and regulated in Curacao.

How do I stream poker on Twitch? 

To become an online poker streamer, you must first create an account a top poker site. Then, you will need to create a streamer account on Twitch and/or find alternative platforms such as YouTube. Once you have your accounts set up, you will need to start playing and broadcasting to build your following and develop your brand.

Do poker streamers make money?

Yes, poker streamers make money. Their earnings come in the form of actual real money poker wins online or in-person. Additionally, they are supported by their fans via tips and donations. And, they oftentimes receive a share of the revenue they generate on streaming platforms such as Twitch TV and YouTube.