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The Road of the Bitcoin Family: ‘We’re Spending Bitcoin for 2.5 Years’

David Nathan
Last updated: | 4 min read

The Bitcoin Family of five (Didi and Romaine Taihuttu, and their children Joli, Juna and Jessa) are on the road again. But why and how it all started? What have they learned along the way?

The Bitcoin Family. Source: Instagram, thebitcoinfamily

This is what Didi told us. In February 2017, you sold everything you owned in order to buy bitcoin. Why?

Didi Taihuttu: It’s a very long story. After my father died in January 2016, I realized that life could go very fast and that I had been running the hamster wheel to just accumulate wealth. I was running two businesses, but for what? I got a burnout and started to travel with the family to reset. During the travels, my friend who helped me with mining bitcoins in 2013 called me to ask if I still had some dogecoins and bitcoins because we sold many during the 2014 crash.

When I checked, the price was going up and there was more chatter on forums, so I realized the revolution of the monetary system was really starting. That’s when I came with the plan and asked my wife if she would agree with going all in. We were very happy as a traveling family and wanted to show kids that happiness is not dependent on wealth. That is why my wife agreed and we decided to fly home, sell the house and go all in.

We needed to change life because we had been spoiling our kids and educating them the wrong way. I always thought that becoming rich is the goal of life and so we had been teaching our kids this same stupid lessons. We wanted that to change.

What is your role today? Are you an ambassador of Bitcoin?

I am just Didi, but if you want to put me in a box it can be: Dad, writer, advisor, speaker, blogger, vlogger, inspirator, Bitcoin evangelist etc. (laughs)

Source: The Bitcoin Family

What does it imply?

We, as the Bitcoin family, try to educate and prepare as much as possible people about this evolution of technology that will revolutionize the worldwide monetary system!

You recently started a new trip. What is the purpose of it?

The goal of the trip is to educate those people that really need to be educated in the true fundamentals of Blockchain and Bitcoin. We want to help “the poor, unbanked” and charities to understand how they can be included into the monetary system without the need of a bank account. This is huge! My nephew, who is a fisherman in the Maluku Islands [an east Indonesian archipelago], is not allowed to have a bank account. Thanks to Bitcoin he can now use services he normally would use a bank account for.

When a journalist asked you about a crypto market crash, you answered “We still have the same amount of bitcoin”. Do people really understand the importance of Bitcoin?

Because of the huge profits people have been making, the mentality of the revolution has changed to “mooning” and “lambo”. Don’t get me wrong, I am really happy for those that made huge profits and think it’s possible to make some more huge profits in the future, but I just hope that people keep in mind what the true fundamentals are and that Bitcoin is here to include the excluded. We need to start sharing a bit more with the people that really need it, and by giving instead of just accumulating you will also understand the true meaning of life.

You said “My goal was not to become a millionaire but to change my life”. Your life has radically changed. Have you set a new goal?

We now try to live day by day and really enjoy the moment and time we spend as a family. Staying healthy and traveling the world to show my kids all different cultures is what we like at the moment. A goal is to educate as many people as possible about the opportunities that Blockchain and Bitcoin can give us and how people can use these tools to change the world.

How do you keep your crypto funds secure?

70% of my funds I keep on hardware wallets that we don’t have with us. They are safe in a safe somewhere in the Netherlands. We are now looking into the new possibilities of shared private keys etc. The rest I have is on trading accounts, cards, mobile wallets etc., but that’s not worthwhile for people to come after (laughs). We already gave a lot to charity and we use bitcoin to live, so we are spending it already for almost 2.5 years. In a few years time hodling 1 to 5 bitcoins will be enough in my opinion as a backup if we might want to change life again (laughs).

Source: The Bitcoin Family

Since you started you “Bitcoin life,” a lot of things have changed. Are you even more confident in the “crypto-future”?

Yes, I have never doubted since the beginning of our adventure and, if you keep track of everything that is happening at the moment, you can only conclude that Bitcoin and Blockchain are already changing the world!

What will you do when everybody will be using Bitcoin on a daily basis?

I will enjoy a nice Bacardi coke somewhere on a beach with my family and some other decentralized Bitcoin families and look back on an amazing adventure we had because of Bitcoin, and probably realizing even more that following our guts was the right thing to do. It all opened our eyes to follow our hearts and passion instead of wealth!