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The Dutch Remain Steadfast HODLers

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 1 min read

About 865,000 Dutch people – 1 in 20 – held some amount of crypto in February, and the number of investors has not changed in spite of the sharp fall in price since last December, according to the Dutch research bureau Multiscope.

The results are based on the survey of 5,000 respondents, older than 18 years.

Multiscope claims that the Dutch invest relatively low amounts in crypto long-term. Individually, they invest an average of around EUR 200 in digital coins. Also, more than 70% of crypto owners claim they have bought crypto in order to achieve long-term returns. The February market lows made them more pessimistic, however.

Halfway through January, investors could still gain eleven times more than they had invested, but by February, the gain shrunk to six times more – still remaining a considerable number, but a far cry from December’s peak.

The research also shows that, at the time of their first survey, done in the middle of January (more than 7,000 respondents), 75% of investors could still break even at the very least. In the same survey done in February, however, this went down to 51%. Furthermore, 60% of investors bought their share of crypto from their current account, as opposed to investing their savings; less than 1% had borrowed the money.

The Netherlands hold a very valuable lesson to anyone wanting to invest sensibly: do not invest more than you can afford to lose and do not panic. The price may fall – but it may also rise again, and the 5% (if the survey is right) of the general Dutch population may still see their e-wallets thicken.