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Someone Spends Millions on Coins.com and Looks for a Major Partner

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The domain Coins.com has been sold for an “undisclosed seven figure amount” and the buyer is “seeking to position Coins.com in a joint venture capacity with a major group”, according to the blog DomainInvesting.com.

Source: iStock/Massonstock

The domain is currently registered to IP attorney Stevan Lieberman, while the new registrant of the domain is Adam Perzow, who was previously associated with Investing.com, and is one of two co-founders of MD Insider, Inc., a machine learning data company in the healthcare sector.

In an interview with the blog, run by Elliot Silver, an Internet entrepreneur engaged in the domain business, Perzow confirmed the transaction.

Perzow told the blog owner that since acquiring Coins.com, he has been contacted by quite a few of the larger crypto companies and exchanges who have either tried to buy Coins.com or have proposed other types of deals. He has also received offers of “almost USD 10 million from existing crypto players.”

However, the buyer is “seeking to position Coins.com in a joint venture capacity with a major group (i.e. top digital asset exchange or platform in the cryptocurrency space, or traditional stock exchange or IBANK like Nasdaq, Deutsche Boerse or Goldman Sachs).” They have also started inviting visitors of the page to “get involved in building the Coins.com network.”

The domain name had previously been registered to Stacks Bowers, a company that conducts auctions of rare coins and currency.

As one user in the comment section of the blog puts it, “The domain world is definitely mooning again!”

As reported on Monday, the domain Crypto.com, whose owner Matt Blaze has held out for a long time refusing to sell it to cryptocurrency companies, is now owned by exactly that.