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John McAfee Released from Detention

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 1 min read

Prominent crypto advocate and IT security entrepreneur, John McAfee is back after being detained by the authorities in the Dominican Republic.

Source: Twitter, @officialmcafee

According to the Associated Press, the officials said that the millionaire, his wife, and four other companions were suspected of traveling on a yacht carrying high-caliber weapons, ammunition, and military-style gear.

As reported yesterday, McAfee’s presidential campaign manager, Rob Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Loggia-Ramirez, took over McAfee’s Twitter account and sounded the alarm to the public that McAfee and his companions were detained at their latest port of call, demanding his immediate release, and saying that if McAfee is not released, the data he has hidden across the world will be.

Loggia-Ramirez then posted an update to the situation some thirteen hours ago, saying that McAfee, his wife, and the crew “are alive and in the process of being released from confinement”, and that he’s unable to share more details “for their continued safety”. Three hours later, the manager posted again, saying that he spoke with McAfee over the phone, confirming everybody’s “safe release”, as well as that they are going to a new location, even though they had to leave their boat for now, nicknamed “The Freedom Boat”.

Following this, about an hour later, MacAfee himself addressed the public in a tweet, saying that he is leaving detention, and that he was well treated by the “friendly and helpful” superiors.

There were people happy to hear the news:

And, of course, many jokesters as well:

McAfee has been on the run from the U.S. authorities since this January, saying that he is “being charged with using Crypto Cu[rr]encies in criminal acts against the U. S. Government”. Meanwhile, just last month, he launched a cryptocurrency trading platform.