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Japan Prepares to Welcome Cryptocurrency Theme Bar

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

A cryptocurrency-themed bar is set to open in the Japanese city of Osaka. The venue, which will also sell food, is the brainchild of Parunutun Pro, who says the bar will open on May 12 in Osaka’s trendy Namba district.

Source: @cafebar_coins
Work in progress. Source: @cafebar_coins

The bar, named Coins, will accept payment in 15 cryptocurrencies (as well as cash, credit and debit cards), and was partly crowdfunded by Japanese cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who donated hundreds of dollars in cryptocurrency.

Operators says its waiting staff will all be named after popular cryptocurrencies – in a move that will remind many of Japan’s cryptocurrency-themed girl group, the Virtual Currency Girls.

The store manager claims, per a statement on the bar’s website, “We will spread the wonder of blockchain technology from Japan to the rest of the world. People can come by the bar to have a drink and joyfully talk about the future of currency and state-of-the-art technology.”

The company has unveiled waiting staff’s cryptocurrency-themed uniforms, which feature the official logos of tokens such as Bitcoin, Monacoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Coffee will also be served in cryptocurrency-themed mugs.

The bar is not Parunutun Pro’s first novelty business idea. Last year, the company opened a rabbit-themed store, also in Osaka’s Namba district.