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Fujitsu and Japanese Police Team up for Crypto and Blockchain Training

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 1 min read

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has been helping train regional police forces in the Chiba Prefecture in blockchain and cryptocurrency-related matters.

Source: Alex Martinez/Unsplash

Per Nikkei, Fujitsu held a series of joint, “knowledge-sharing” workshops, co-hosted with cyber police officials, briefing some 50 police officers and Fujitsu employees about the latest developments in cryptocurrency-related crime, blockchain security measures and means of investigating potential fraud cases related to cryptocurrencies.

Nikkei quotes a Chiba-based Fujitsu spokesperson as saying, “We want to lead crime deterrence and blockchain technology development.”

The same media outlet also quotes a senior police officer in Chiba’s cybercrime division as saying, “We must develop a robust system that can help us cope with cryptocurrency-related crime. We will continue to deepen our collaboration with companies like Fujitsu to prevent the abuse of cryptocurrencies.”

Fujitsu signed a “cybersecurity partnership” agreement with the Chiba police in July last year, and the company is actively pursuing a range of blockchain-related developments both in Japan and abroad.

Chiba police, meanwhile, have been cracking down on web developers running cryptocurrency mining apps – such as Coinhive software – on their websites. Local Japanese police forces have termed extensions of this sort “viruses,” and have hit developers with hundreds of dollars’ worth of fines.