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Exclusive: Wael Makarem’s Expert Opinion on Crypto Market Trends Following Binance CEO’s Resignation

Arslan Butt
Last updated: | 4 min read

In an exclusive insight, Wael Makarem, Financial Markets Strategist Lead at Exness, offers his expert opinion on the evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency market, particularly in the wake of Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao’s recent resignation.

This significant development in the crypto world has prompted a reevaluation of market dynamics, investor behavior, and future trends.

Makarem delves into the complexities of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s price movements, institutional influences, and the regulatory shifts shaping the industry.

Exclusive Insights from Wael Makarem

In an exclusive interview, Wael Makarem, the Lead Financial Markets Strategist at Exness, provided CryptoNews with detailed insights, illuminating the current trends in the cryptocurrency market in the wake of the resignation of Binance CEO.

Here are the salient points from their interaction:

1. Influencing Factors in Crypto Price Movements

Wael Makarem, the Financial Markets Strategist Lead at Exness, offers a comprehensive analysis of the diverse factors impacting the price movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum. He explains that these leading cryptocurrencies respond to a myriad of influences both within and outside the crypto market.

This includes the growing demand from various investor groups and the fluctuating risk sentiment and monetary policies, underscoring the inherently risky and sensitive nature of these digital assets.

A significant driver for both Bitcoin and Ethereum is the increasing involvement of institutional investors. Major financial institutions are actively engaging with Bitcoin through ETFs and custody services, lending greater legitimacy to the entire cryptocurrency market.

Regulatory decisions also play a crucial role, as evidenced by Grayscale’s legal victories against the SEC over its crypto ETF applications, which have markedly bolstered market confidence.

Looking ahead, the anticipated 2024 halving event for Bitcoin, set to slash the production of new coins by 50%, is expected to lend substantial support to its value.

Moreover, a shift in risk sentiment, fueled by the expectation that the Federal Reserve may have reached the end of its interest rate hikes, and the potential for reduced borrowing costs next year, could further bolster the appeal of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and similar risk-prone assets.

Makarem’s insights highlight the intricate web of factors that investors must navigate in the dynamic and complex world of cryptocurrency trading.

2. Outlook on Cryptocurrencies

Wael Makarem provides an insightful outlook on the cryptocurrency market, noting its significant rally in recent weeks. This surge has seen a broad increase in prices across various cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin continuing to lead as the dominant force. Its market capitalization, exceeding an impressive 730 billion dollars, underscores its substantial influence in the crypto sphere.

Makarem points out that while current trends indicate a positive outlook, buoyed by a risk-on sentiment among investors, potential challenges lie ahead. He emphasizes that the cryptocurrency market could face risks stemming from regulatory and economic changes.

Notably, shifts in monetary policy and projections for economic growth are critical factors that could alter the market’s risk appetite. These aspects are poised to have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market, reflecting the interconnectedness of global financial policies and digital asset valuations.

3. Reflections on Binance’s Recent Developments

In his analysis of the latest developments with Binance, Wael Makarem, underscores the complexities and risks inherent in the cryptocurrency market, particularly in terms of regulation and operations. The recent settlement between Binance and U.S. authorities has thrown a spotlight on these challenges, demonstrating the precarious nature of the regulatory landscape in the crypto industry.

Makarem points out that the ever-evolving regulatory environment poses significant risks not only for companies operating within the crypto sphere but also for investors whose assets might be impacted by legal actions.

This scenario is further complicated by the presence of illegal activities and operations within some of the largest market players, potentially leading to disruptions and uncertainties for investors.

However, Makarem also suggests a silver lining in this situation. The increased oversight and regulatory actions, while initially posing challenges, could eventually lead to a safer trading environment.

As more companies in the crypto industry begin to comply with rules and regulations, the overall market stability and investor confidence could improve. This shift towards a regulated environment, according to Makarem, might be essential for the long-term health and legitimacy of the cryptocurrency market.

4. Market Dynamics and Investor Behavior

Wael Makarem discusses how current market dynamics are influencing investor behavior and decision-making in the cryptocurrency market. He observes that recent legal and regulatory developments are prompting caution among investors, significantly affecting the market’s trajectory.

This cautious approach is further compounded by global economic conditions, including high inflation, stringent monetary policies, and slowing economic growth in major economies.

Despite the general risk-on sentiment that has benefitted cryptocurrencies, Makarem warns that the market might continue to experience risks and volatility.

5. Investment Advice and Risk Management

Regarding advice for investors and traders, Makarem emphasizes the importance of risk management in the current cryptocurrency market.

He advises investors to prioritize diversification as a strategy to spread and mitigate risk, focusing on long-term potential rather than short-term gains. Keeping abreast of market trends and regulatory changes is crucial in this rapidly evolving sector.

Makarem also stresses the importance of assessing personal risk tolerance and investing within those limits. Active risk and loss management are key to navigating the cryptocurrency market successfully.

He particularly cautions against leveraged trading, highlighting its potential to amplify losses. His advice underscores the need for a measured and well-informed approach to investing in cryptocurrencies, balancing the prospects of high returns with the inherent risks of this volatile market.


In conclusion, Wael Makarem’s analysis provides a multi-dimensional view of the cryptocurrency market, emphasizing the influence of institutional interests, regulatory changes, and macroeconomic factors.

His insights into Binance’s recent developments highlight the complex interplay between regulatory risks and market stability.

Makarem advises investors to focus on risk management and informed decision-making in this dynamic financial landscape. His expert perspective not only captures the current state of cryptocurrencies but also offers a roadmap for navigating future market trends.