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How to Buy Hypeloot & Hypeloot Crypto Presale Review

Viraj Randev
Last updated: | 10 min read
Hypeloot ecosystem

Hypeloot ($HPLT) is the first-ever AI-powered cryptocurrency gaming casino. This new casino offers a number of provably fair games and introduces brand-new gaming modes.

With $HPLT, investors can earn staking yields, purchase NFTs, and earn daily rewards. This how to buy Hypeloot guide will show investors how to join the $HPLT token presale and give a detailed analysis of the project’s tokenomics and features.

What is Hypeloot?

Hypeloot is the world’s first cryptocurrency casino powered by artificial intelligence. This new crypto gaming casino thrives on creativity – introducing brand-new gaming modes. Hypeloot offers 100% provably fair games, increased multiplier benefits, and mystery box prizes to reward customers. Cryptocurrency in the online gambling world has seen an enormous boon in recent times.

Launched in 2022, Hypeloot benefits from the bullishness of the crypto gambling space. In 2023, this new cryptocurrency casino generated more than $1 million in profits. So far, over 56 million bets have been placed by more than 160,000 customers on Hypeloot. In total, Hypeloot offers a wide range of game modes and more than 200 betting options. This is also one of the only crypto casinos that supports a fiat payments gateway. However, by depositing funds in cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) – you can receive up to a 15% bonus.

Hypeloot casino

At the center of this crypto casino is $HPLT – the native token of Hypeloot. Currently on presale, this is one of the best gaming cryptos – offering high staking yields, access to purchasing NFTs, and free casino credits. Hypeloot is audited by the industry-leading security company – Certik. Furthermore, the team is KYC verified by Assure DeFi, the KYC Gold Standard.

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Key Components of Hypeloot

Let’s take a detailed look at some of the main components of the Hypeloot ecosystem:

Provably Fair and Innovative Casino Games

One of the main components of Hypeloot is the innovative casino gaming environment. Customers can access Hypeloot Originals – custom games available only on this platform. Notably, all the available games are provably fair and verifiable.

In fact, Hypeloot uses the EOS and Chainlink blockchain to ensure complete randomness within the casino games. It also uses Random.Org APIs (Application Performance Interface) – which is useful for applications that require high-quality randomness. On Hypeloot, players can open mystery boxes packed with fashion accessories, shoes, and electronics.

Hypeloot ecosystem

Your winnings can be withdrawn into various crypto tokens – or shipped directly to your address. Hypeloot delivers to more than 50 countries. This platform also delivers unique gaming opportunities on popular casino games such as Plinko. One of the best Plinko gambling sites, Hypeloot is the first platform to offer a 100.000x Plinko multiplier game.

Within the game, you can choose a level, place a bet, and win the multiplier on which your ball lands. Hypeloot also offers other games such as Crash, Free Loot, and Dice. You can play Crazy Wheel – and access up to 100x multipliers.

Hypes NFTs

Another key feature of Hypeloot is the ‘Hypes NFT’ collection. The soon-to-launch NFT range is Hypeloot’s way of providing additional utility to casino players and $HPLT token holders. As it stands now, Hypes NFTs will only be accessible to presale investors. Once the initial exchange offering occurs, NFT token holders can buy, sell, and trade their holdings on

Hypes NFT

As of now, the Hypes NFT range consists of three different NFT types – each offering a different value. For instance, the ‘Croupier’ NFT will give users access to an exclusive staking pool. While $HPLT token holders can stake their holdings and generate passive income, the NFT staking pool will offer higher rewards.

You can also get high rakebacks by holding this NFT. There are only 100 Croupier NFT pieces available. The most premium NFT is the ‘Gamble’ – with a mere 10 pieces available. Along with staking pools and high rakebacks, this collection lets you get free bets on the casino and gives access to the Hypeloot VIP club. Therefore, you can extract multiple use cases with these exclusive NFTs by joining the presale.

Hypeloot Buy Backs and Burning Mechanism 

The next important component of Hypeloot is its buy back and burning mechanism. Since the casino is already profitable, it will use a portion of its casino and sports betting revenues to buy back $HPLT tokens. The tokens will be bought back through smart contracts by connecting to public exchanges. Notably, 50% of the token supply will automatically be burned on the ecosystem. The belief is that a maximum cap guarantees value gains.

Hypeloot buyback mechanism

In this case, Hypeloot will ensure that the supply continues to decrease – making the token more profitable in the long term. The other 50% will be distributed to existing token holders through the $HPLT staking pool. This will be offered in the form of daily staking rewards. The more tokens one holds, the more they earn through the staking mechanism. This feature can help $HPLT become one of the best long term crypto projects.

Should you Invest in Hypeloot? 

Now that we have covered some of the key features of Hypeloot, let’s look at whether this cryptocurrency is a worthwhile investment:

Early Entry Opportunity

Investors may consider $HPLT an attractive investment due to the early entry point. Currently, the token is still available to purchase during its presale round. $HPLT is priced at just $0.07875 during the second presale stage. The listing price is set at $0.15 per token – a staggering price increase of 90%.

Hypeloot presale

In some instances, tokens may be available at a 30% – 50% lower price during the presale rounds. While there is no guarantee that $HPLT will offer soaring returns, investors can diversify their portfolio by purchasing a small amount of the tokens on presale.

Generate Passive Income

Another reason to invest in Hypeloot is the passive income. As mentioned above, Hypeloot will buy back tokens and offer 50% of the tokens through the staking pool. Hypeloot will offer daily staking rewards through the staking mechanism, which can help build investor confidence. Furthermore, exclusive staking yields will be provided to NFT token holders – another reason to hold this token.

Casino Benefits and Rewards

With the launch of $HPLT, Hypeloot aims to offer a plethora of use cases to token holders. Along with the staking benefits, token holders can also get up to 50% free credits on their deposits. Occasionally, Hypeloot will also offer free casino bets to token holders on the ecosystem.

Benefits of Hypeloot presale

Finally, you can access VIP tiers and higher rakeback rewards by using $HPLT to purchase NFTs. Therefore, the crypto gambling customers will automatically be attracted to holding this new token.

Why Does Hypeloot Stand Out?

Here are a few reasons why Hypeloot stands out compared to other crypto gambling casinos:

  • Innovative gaming opportunities – Hypeloot creates its own gaming modes, such as the mystery box prizes. Furthermore, it offers 100% provably fair games, which are verifiable. Players can also access high multipliers on games such as Plinko and Crazy Wheel, and win big on Hypeloot.
  • Uses AI Technology – As mentioned above, Hypeloot is the first crypto casino that uses artificial intelligence. Hypeloot ensures customers receive the best user experience while gaming on its platform.
  • Additional Income – Apart from crypto gaming on the casino, Hypeloot members can earn staking yields and trade NFTs with the native token. The burning mechanism also ensures that the token supply will gradually reduce in the long-term.
  • Crypto and Fiat Deposits – Hypeloot is one of the first crypto casino gaming platforms to offer fiat gateways. Payments can be made via Mastercard, VISA, Skrill, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Crypto deposits in BTC and USDT are also supported.

Hypeloot Tokenomics & Roadmap

Hypeloot ($HPLT) has a total token supply of only 100 million. The limited supply has been distributed to ensure platform liquidity, offer early entry opportunities to presale investors, and fund the various marketing campaigns. 40 million tokens (40%) have been set aside for the ongoing presale. In no time, the presale has raised more than $250K. This means that over 84% of the platform’s minimum goal of $300K has been collected.

Hypeloot tokenomics

The presale’s success is on the backdrop of Hypeloot’s successful roadmap phase 1 completion – with the release of the worldwide mystery box shipping and the launch of 200+ betting options. The next phase of the roadmap focuses on the upcoming token listing on centralized exchanges and the release of different trading pairs. To maintain liquidity after it has listed on exchanges, a further 17.5 million tokens (17.5%) have been set aside. Hypeloot will also conduct its first buy back event and integrate the staking mechanism by phase two.

Another 12.5 million tokens (12.5%) will be given as staking rewards. The third and fourth roadmap phases will focus on the casino’s growth and expansion. Major influencer and streamer marketing campaigns will begin, and Hypeloot will partner with world-renowned athletes. 10% of the token supply will be distributed for marketing campaigns and the ecosystem fund. The remaining tokens will be given to token holders as rewards and competition funds. For more information about the project, go through the Hypeloot whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

How to Buy Hypeloot ($HPLT) Token – Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Now, let’s look at how to buy Hypeloot on presale. This detailed guide shows investors how to purchase $HPLT in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Get a Cryptocurrency Wallet

To get started, investors need to download a crypto wallet. The Hypeloot presale can be accessed using a range of popular wallet options – including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, Browser Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. Download your preferred wallet by adding the extension to your laptop/desktop. Alternatively, you can download the wallet app via iOS or Android.

MetaMask home

Step 2: Buy Compatible Tokens

The $HPLT token can be swapped with other compatible cryptos, including Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC). You can also purchase $HPLT with BNB tokens. Buy one of these cryptos from a suitable crypto exchange, and transfer your holdings to the crypto wallet.

Step 3: Connect the Wallet to the Presale Website 

Visit the Hypeloot presale website and select ‘Connect Wallet.’ Choose your preferred wallet option, and follow the instructions on-screen to connect the wallet to the presale.

Step 4: Buy Hypeloot Tokens

Once the wallet is connected, you can fill out the order box. Choose the ERC-20 compatible tokens you wish to swap for $HPLT – with ETH, USDC, or USDT. You can switch to the Binance Smart Chain and purchase $HPLT with BNB as well. On the order box, enter the number of tokens you want to receive. Click ‘Buy Now’ to confirm your transaction. Once the presale ends, you can access the website and claim your tokens.

Hypeloot buy tokens


Hypeloot is a provably fair casino that offers innovative gaming options, high multipliers, and physical rewards. Using $HPLT, the native token, Hypeloot offers free casino gaming credits, token staking mechanisms, and tradable NFTs.

In this how to buy Hypeloot guide, we have shown readers how to buy $HPLT through the ongoing presale. The token is currently priced at just $0.07875 – and will increase by 90% upon its token listing.

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What is Hypeloot? 

Hypeloot is a new AI-based crypto casino that collected $1 million in profits in 2023. Users can access provably fair games, mystery boxes, and high multipliers on popular casino games such as Plinko. $HPLT, the native token – can be used to earn staking yields, casino credits, and trade NFTs.

What is the Hypeloot presale price? 

At the time of writing, Hypeloot ($HPLT) is priced at only $0.07875 per token during the second round. The presale has already raised more than $250K.

How do you purchase Hypeloot? 

Start with getting a crypto wallet compatible with the Hypeloot presale. Fund the wallet with either ETH, USDT, USDC, or BNB – and then connect to the Hypeloot presale website. Enter the amount of tokens you want to buy, and confirm the transaction.


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