How to Buy Love Hate Inu Token in 2024 – Beginner’s Guide

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
how to buy love hate inu token

The crypto market has bounced back exceptionally in 2023, setting the stage for many new and exciting projects to launch. One project that has already caught investors’ attention is Love Hate Inu – a brand-new vote-to-earn meme coin with valuable use cases that enable holders to generate recurring income over the long term. With that in mind, this guide discusses how to buy Love Hate Inu tokens today at a massive discount through the presale. We’ll also present an in-depth overview of the project and touch on why investors are clamoring to buy LHINU while they can.

What is Love Hate Inu?

Love Hate Inu

is a brand-new meme coin project that allows users to vote on polls and earn rewards. Through its disruptive ‘Vote-to-Earn’ (V2E) mechanic, users can generate recurring revenue – simply by giving their opinion on hot-button topics. These topics could be anything, ranging from ‘What do you think about TateInu?’ to ‘Do you agree with ElonInu’s vision?’ The Love Hate Inu platform is built on the Ethereum network, meaning all poll entries are recorded on the blockchain. This is one of Love Hate Inu’s key selling points, as it improves transparency and security, leading to more reliable poll results.

Love Hate Inu voting
As noted in the Love Hate Inu whitepaper, the online software survey market is expected to value at $5.69bn by 2027. This provides a massive opportunity for Love Hate Inu to solidify itself as a key player in this market, all in a user-friendly and rewarding way. This new cryptocurrency has countless applications for both users and businesses. For example, companies could conduct polls on Love Hate Inu to gauge the community’s sentiment toward a new product launch. In the future, Love Hate Inu’s team aims to develop brand deals with leading companies to incentivize users to vote even more!
Love Hate Trump voting
We’ll dive into the intricacies of the Love Hate Inu project later in this guide, but for now, it’s important to note that the project is still in the presale phase. Crypto presales are an excellent way for projects to raise capital and build momentum before an eventual token launch on centralized exchanges (CEXs) – and this is precisely what Love Hate Inu’s team intends to do. The Love Hate Inu presale launched on March 7, 2023, and has already generated more than $3.5 million in funding at the time of writing – this highlights the hype surrounding the project, which is being helped by the hugely-discounted price offered through the presale. Those looking to learn more about this presale and participate in the Love Hate Inu community can join the official LHINU Telegram channel.

How to Buy Love Hate Inu – Full Tutorial

As mentioned above, Love Hate Inu is currently in its fifth presale phase and, at the time of writing, one LHINU costs just $0.000115. Interestingly, this is 26% lower than the developers’ intended listing price of $0.000145, meaning early investors can get involved at a steep discount. However, this price is only available during Stage 5 – the price will increase incrementally between stages, with each stage lasting 7.5 days. This provides a clear incentive for investors to buy Love Hate Inu tokens as early as possible to obtain the lowest entry point. With that in mind, detailed below are the five quick steps investors need to take to buy LHINU today:

Step 1 – Set Up a Crypto Wallet

The first thing investors need to do is set up a crypto wallet. Crypto wallets are designed to store cryptocurrency safely, so a wallet is required to hold LHINU post-purchase. Numerous wallet providers are out there, but Love Hate Inu’s team recommends either MetaMask (desktop users) or Trust Wallet (mobile users) since these both support ERC-20 tokens.

MetaMask crypto wallet
For example, those who wish to use MetaMask can head to the official website and click ‘Download’. Choose which operating system will be used, then follow the instructions to create a password and set up the wallet. 

Step 2 – Obtain ETH or USDT

Love Hate Inu’s presale platform supports purchases made in either Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Both of these cryptos are readily obtainable from leading exchanges. Once some tokens have been purchased, transfer them to the crypto wallet created in Step 1. Alternatively, Love Hate Inu’s team has a handy widget built into the presale platform that allows users to buy LHINU tokens using their credit/debit card. However, this does come with additional fees since the widget is powered by the Wert digital payment solution.

Step 3 – Link Wallet to Presale Platform

Navigate to Love Hate Inu’s website and click ‘Buy Now’. In the pop-up box, choose the relevant wallet provider and follow the on-screen instructions to link the crypto wallet to the presale platform.

Crypto wallet choice

Step 4 – Buy LHINU Tokens

An order box will then appear on-screen, allowing investors to decide which digital currency they’d like to use (ETH or USDT) and how many LHINU tokens they’d like to buy. The minimum purchase amount is 10 LHINU.

Step 5 – Claim LHINU Tokens

Once the Love Hate Inu presale has concluded, investors can claim their purchased LHINU tokens from the official website. There is no vesting period, so all tokens will become immediately available.

A Closer Look at Love Hate Inu

Now that we’ve discussed how to buy Love Hate Inu tokens, let’s take a more in-depth look at what the project is all about. As one of the cryptos with the most potential, Love Hate Inu has already attracted significant attention from the masses, despite only launching in March. As its name suggests, Love Hate Inu leverages the prior success of ‘meme coins’ like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. However, as many investors know, these coins have suffered due to a lack of real-world utility. This is a problem that Love Hate Inu’s team aims to solve.

Love Hate Inu voting
Love Hate Inu’s utility revolves around its unique voting mechanism housed on an Ethereum-based platform. Using this platform, users can display whether they ‘Love’ or ‘Hate’ a specific event or person. By taking this approach, Love Hate Inu aims to create a safe and non-judgmental environment that promotes healthy discussion. Since the voting process is hosted on the blockchain, all responses will be anonymous and immutable. This is an important characteristic, as it helps ensure that poll results are accurate and cannot be influenced by bad actors. In turn, Love Hate Inu is in a prime position to partner with high-profile brands to run sponsored polls – with additional reward opportunities for voters. As per the Love Hate Inu roadmap, the development team has exciting plans to boost functionality in the future. These plans include partnership agreements, exchange listings, user-created polls, sponsored rewards, and even metaverse integration! 
Presale Start Date March 7, 2023
Accepted Payment Methods ETH, USDT, Credit/Debit Card
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment 10 LHINU
Maximum Investment N/A

LHINU Tokens – The Fuel of the Love Hate Inu Platform

At the heart of the Love Hate Inu ecosystem is LHINU – the project’s native ERC-20 token. Many believe LHINU could be one of the best crypto bull run coins given that it is fundamental to Love Hate Inu’s ‘Vote-to-Earn’ (V2E) mechanism. This mechanism is one of the project’s key selling points since it enables users to earn free LHINU tokens simply for participating in polls. The way this works is as follows:

  • Users purchase LHINU tokens
  • Users stake their LHINU tokens on the platform for at least 30 days
  • Once the 30 days are up, users can then vote on Love Hate Inu’s polls
  • Users will then earn additional LHINU tokens as a reward for voting

The number of tokens users can earn is influenced by several factors, such as how many polls they participate in, which type of polls they get involved in, and the duration they have staked their LHINU tokens. Alongside LHINU, the development team also intends to offer additional rewards for brand-sponsored polls, such as NFTs, NFT discounts, or merchandise.

Love Hate Inu tokenomics
Presale Stage Token Price Amount of Tokens Token Percent Total Price Stage End Date
1 $0.000085 11,250,000,000 12.5% $956,250 (Soft launch) + 7.5 days
2 $0.000090 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,012,500 7.5 days
3 $0.000095 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,068,750 7.5 days
4 $0.000105 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,181,250 7.5 days
5 $0.000115 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,293,750 7.5 days
6 $0.000125 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,406,250 7.5 days
7 $0.000135 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,518,750 7.5 days
8 $0.000145 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,631,250 7.5 days
Total 90,000,000,000 100% $10,068,750
The total supply of LHINU tokens will be 100 billion. Of these tokens, 90% (90 billion) will be allocated to the presale phase, while 10% (10 billion) will be used for liquidity, exchange listings, and community rewards. Importantly, there is no vesting period with LHINU, meaning tokens are unlocked right away, and no restrictions are placed on selling. This is a crucial reason why LHINU could be the next cryptocurrency to explode since the development team already plans to list the token on CEXs and DEXs. As such, if the token price increases upon listing, investors will be free to do as they please with their LHINU holdings.

Is Love Hate Inu a Good Investment? Key Takeaways

Love Hate Inu is already attracting significant attention from all corners of the crypto market – but why is this? Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why Love Hate Inu could be a good investment below:

Potential for Recurring Income

As mentioned above, Love Hate Inu’s main attraction is the Vote-to-Earn (V2E) mechanic. This mechanic provides limitless possibilities for income generation since there are no restrictions on how many polls a user can participate in. Moreover, the longer a user stakes, the greater their income potential. Love Hate Inu’s approach provides an exciting alternative to other income generation services, such as yield farming. These services have come under fire recently following the collapse of Celsius and FTX – yet this isn’t a concern with Love Hate Inu. 

Scope for Explosive Price Growth

Adding to the previous point, users can also benefit from potentially explosive price growth. Once LHINU is listed on exchanges, it will be easily accessible to all crypto investors. As such, the attention LHINU receives could be huge – leading more people to invest. Naturally, the more people buying LHINU, the higher the price will go, following the laws of supply and demand. The benefits here are enormous since Love Hate Inu users who earn tokens through the voting process will also see the value of these tokens rise further over time!

Love Hate Inu roadmap

Unique Way to Gauge Sentiment Towards Trending Topics

Many believe Love Hate Inu could be one of the best altcoins to buy due to the unique way it gauges the community’s sentiment toward specific topics. Since users are required to stake their LHINU holdings before voting, this removes the chance that bots and scam accounts could influence results. In turn, this makes results more accurate and verifiable. What’s more, there will always be polls to vote on, created by the development team or Love Hate Inu’s users themselves. As such, users will always have opportunities to earn through the V2E mechanic.

Incentivizes Debate and Health Discussion

Finally, Love Hate Inu’s approach provides a solid foundation for debate and discussion. Platforms like Twitter and Reddit have come under fire for many reasons, mainly concerning the over-promotion of certain political biases. This isn’t a worry with Love Hate Inu, as everyone is considered an equal on the platform. As such, users can participate in polls and join discussions related to the focus of these polls – making healthy debate a natural by-product.

Love Hate Inu Price Action – What to Know

As mentioned earlier, Love Hate Inu is still in its presale phase, meaning tokens are not publicly listed. These tokens can only be purchased through the Love Hate Inu website using ETH, USDT, or a credit/debit card. At the time of writing, Stage 5 of the presale has just started, meaning investors can buy Love Hate Inu tokens for just $0.000115. This is the lowest price that tokens will be available since the development team is using an eight-stage presale setup that sees the price increase at each stage.

Love Hate Inu CR7
This essentially means that the token price will increase when each stage ends. Each stage has 11.25 billion LHINU tokens allocated and lasts 7.5 days. Once these are claimed, the presale will move to Stage 6, which sees the token price rise to $0.0000125 – an 8.7% increase. Stage 8 will be the final stage, which will see LHINU tokens priced at $0.000145. This is a 26% increase from Stage 5 and highlights why investors are clamoring to get involved as early as possible. Like many new crypto launches, Love Hate Inu’s presale will have a hard cap, which is the maximum amount of money that can be raised. This hard cap is set at just over $10m, providing the capital needed to make Love Hate Inu a success.

Love Hate Inu Price Forecast

Since Love Hate Inu is likely one of the best crypto ICOs of the year, many investors are eager to learn about the token’s price prospects. However, making an accurate Love Hate Inu price prediction is challenging since the project is still in its presale phase. However, we can look to similar projects to provide insight into how LHINU’s price may react once listed on exchanges. Tamadoge is an excellent example, as this project also started through a presale phase. Tamadoge’s presale sold out early, leading the developers to launch TAMA on several crypto exchanges. The TAMA price rocketed immediately upon launching, providing triple-digit returns to presale investors. This huge price increase was driven by high liquidity levels and easier access for retail investors. Ultimately, LHINU investors will be hoping a similar situation occurs once the presale has ended and tokens are listed on CEXs/DEXs. Although there’s no way of telling which price LHINU could hit, early investors will be in a prime position to benefit from potential value increases due to the low purchase price currently offered through the presale.

The Verdict?

In summary, this guide has discussed everything there is to know about how to buy Love Hate Inu tokens before diving into what the project is all about and why it’s so highly regarded within the investment community. Love Hate Inu’s presale is ongoing, meaning early investors can buy LHINU tokens at a considerable discount. Tokens are available for just $0.000115 during Stage 5 – the lowest price they’ll be made available – and more than $3.5 million has been invested in a month since the presale went live. Once the Stage 5 allocation has been claimed, the price will increase in Stage 6. Given the tremendous hype already being generated around Love Hate Inu, investors have a clear incentive to get involved as early as possible to maximize potential gains in the future!


How do I buy Love Hate Inu tokens?

Love Hate Inu is in its presale phase, meaning tokens can only be bought through the official website. This involves setting up a crypto wallet, purchasing ETH or USDT, then using the digital currency to buy LHINU.

What is the price of Love Hate Inu?

The price of Love Hate Inu at the time of writing is $0.000115 (Stage 5). However, this token price will increase incrementally between stages, with eight planned stages in total.

Is Love Hate Inu a good investment?

Many investors believe Love Hate Inu is a good investment due to the project’s disruptive ‘Vote-to-Earn’ (V2E) mechanism. This mechanism allows investors to receive free tokens simply for participating in polls – providing a clear route to a recurring income stream.

What is the total supply of Love Hate Inu tokens?

The total supply of Love Hate Inu tokens is 100 billion. The developers have earmarked 90% of these tokens (90 billion LHINU) for the presale phase. The remaining 10% (10 billion LHINU) will be used to provide liquidity, fund exchange listings, and provide community rewards.

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