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. 1 min read

Crypto Security: Passwords and Authentication

Looking for an entertaining, trustworthy, unbiased opinion on crypto security? This is it. In this video, Bitcoin educator and entrepreneur Andreas M. Antonopoulos answers viewers' questions about passwords and authentication, two basic but incredibly important and misunderstood topics.

Video timestamps:

0:00 Waiting for Crypto Security: Passwords and Authentication - Livestream to start
3:17 Introduction
4:30 How do passwords and multi-factor authentication relate to bitcoin and open blockchains?
6:30 Security is all about balance and simplicity
10:08 What's the best way to manage many unique, strong passwords if I'm dyslexic and not great at remembering long passwords?
19:41 How do I trust password managers?
23:20 Is there a minimum viable security standard for passwords and/or passphrases? When I'm using a strong password generator, it doesn't work for many things.
27:12 Isn't the password manager located in the cloud and could therefore be a target for hackers easily?
33:02 Thank you Patrons!
35:01 Thoughts on using strong passwords as wallet passphrases?
49:55 How do I create a passphrase?
57:59 What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?
1:04:37 What if I lose my yubikey/security key?
1:09:49 Why is a text message weak 2FA? Is it better than nothing?
1:17:56 How does Google/Microsoft authenticator work? Is there a decentralized system which can replace them?
1:28:56 Thank you Patrons!
1:32:00 Can any phone number be ported to a non-person customer service?
1:33:10 How to know that your app isn't leaking the secret key?
1:36:15 Is there a way I can convert those stupid bank text messages to Authy or something similar?
1:37:50 Livestream recap
1:40:00 Could you share any concerns or suggestions about password managers? For someone who hasn't yet got around to comparing them closely or trying any.
1:43:25 Is Google Authenticator's initial setup an implementation of a symmetric key unlike bitcoin which uses asymmetric?
1:45:40 When will we use bitcoin signatures for authentication?
1:49:22 What about passwords you need to manually input with your remote on a TV or similar (amazon, netflix, etc). How long and "hard" should it be?
1:54:10 How secure is using just a four-digit PIN? Such as what is used by all bank cards for example.
1:56:15 Conclusion and upcoming event announcements

The live stream took place on December 5, 2020.