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Craig DeWitt, Co-Founder at Supermojo, on Creating New Payment Networks, Ripple, and more


Craig DeWitt co-founded Supermojo, an NFT payment solution, and leads all Product and Engineering efforts. Prior to Supermojo, Craig was Product Director at Ripple, where he started the RippleNet payments business in 2015 and grew that product into the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency payment network for financial institutions. Craig has built wallet and custody experiences, enterprise payment protocols, and established rulesets powering billions of dollars in annual volume. While at Ripple, Craig was the Vice Chair on the Faster Payment Council, where he worked on faster payment steering, creating new payment networks separate from ACH from scratch.  Before Ripple, Craig earned an MBA from Stanford and worked on financial technology at Bloomberg.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Creating new payment networks separate from ACH
- Vitalik interning at Ripple
- The future of alternative payment methods
- ChatGPT iphone app
- FedNow Instant Payments
- Ongoing USD debt ceiling
- The end of the USD?
- Automatically creating wallets and self-custody options
- NFTs and Superfans
- SEC vs. Ripple