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Sorare logo Sorare Review (2024) - A Beginner's Guide to Sorare Fantasy Football

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9 /10.0
Nick Pappas
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If you like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and football manager games, Sorare should be the right choice for you. As NFTs are making their way into the mainstream with OpenSea skyrocketing in popularity in 2021 and even legacy names like Gamestop announcing its own NFT marketplace, the stage is set for NFTs to continue capturing the attention of the mainstream. Sorare might become a go-to choice for NFT fantasy football managers as it offers a fun and innovative fusion of blockchain and fantasy sports.

What Is Sorare?

Sorare is an NFT-based fantasy football manager game where you can play, acquire, buy, and sell player cards as an immersive worldwide gaming experience. Here, you can build and manage your dream team and even sell your top players for money – just like in real football. However, it’s not only NFTs that make Sorare a special player-to-earn game.

In other words, Sorare cards aren’t just NFT collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. Yes, these are cards that have been tokenized and can be traded on Ethereum, but these collectible cards are also used to play Sorare fantasy football. One of the main gripes that people have about NFTs is that many of them have no functionality outside of art or symbolic representation. Those who are more knowledgeable about NFTs know that the technology behind NFTs gives far more weight than mere JPEG pictures.

How To Play Sorare

Sorare in-game mechanics resemble those of other fantasy sports games. However, Sorare takes this tried and true formula and revitalizes it with innovative blockchain technology, thus adding real-world value aspect to the game.

Signing up on Sorare is easy. All you have to do is enter your email, username and password or use Gmail or Facebook to log in. After that, Sorare gives you lots of free collectible cards every step of the way and lets you construct a team with them.

First, you have to construct a team made up of 5 players, consisting of a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, a forward and another player of your choice: be it a defender, midfielder, or forward. After constructing your team, you choose a captain from your group who might score extra points in every match.

Next, you can use your blockchain-based team to compete in competitions, which can be leagues in Europe, Asia, etc. By selecting a competition you deem worthy of competing you can win prizes, which come in the form of collectible cards and cryptocurrency. 

Your score can potentially reach a maximum of 100 and is based on the player’s real-life performance. Points will be granted from goals, assists, passes, interceptions, and other stats, according to actual football statistics.

Purchased Sorare cards are NFTs that come in different rarities, differing from the white common cards that are readily available. These purchasable NFT rarities come in the form of limited, rare, super rare, and unique. Limited edition cards only come at 1000 per season, rare cards are only minted at 100 per season, super rare cards at 10 per season, and unique cards only 1 per season. Usually, the rarer the card is, the more powerful it makes your fantasy football team.

Cards also have their own XP, which increases the power of your cards through tournament play, and encourages you to use them in order to increase their value. 

This way, the game ensures that you’re not doomed if you only have common cards. While it is easier to win with rarer cards, the right strategy can offset some specific disadvantages. Add this to the fact that Sorare gives you many free common cards to plug into your team if you’re missing a spot and the game becomes fun and accessible to many – unlike regular pay-to-win games. 

Besides, there are special competitions based on your team’s rarity. You need at least 3 limited cards to unlock the higher tier of competition, then 3 rare cards to unlock the next tier, and so on. As such, could choose to match up with players who have comparable rarity to you.

Being on the Ethereum blockchain can be expensive to most users, too, which is why Sorare distributing free cards is a great idea. It gets the ball rolling for players who are just starting out, giving them an opportunity to learn the in-game mechanics before investing money.

Once players are ready to purchase cards, there is a whole marketplace in which you can buy and sell cards on the platform, along with bundles and individual sales. This makes Sorare one of the most intriguing NFT games to date.


Sorare is one of the projects to watch out for at the dawn of the NFT revolution. With NFTs having already penetrated mainstream consciousness, widespread acceptance could be fast approaching. Sorare is ahead of the fantasy sports curve due to its innovative use of NFTs, and it has the potential of becoming an active collectible-based sports game similar to NBA Top Shots.  As such, Sorare is an exciting project that has already taken the crypto world by storm and still has massive potential to grow.

Disclosure: 18+ Rules regarding online gambling vary from country to country, please ensure you are following them and gamble responsibly. The content on this website is provided for entertainment purposes only. We may utilise affiliate links within our content, and receive commission.
Nick Pappas
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