InsanityBets ($IBET) Price Prediction – 2024 – 2030

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InsanityBets ($IBET) is a CasinoFi platform that brings the casino experience straight to the blockchain. This innovative project allows users to become the house, earn high yields, and secure discounts on casino fees and early access to gaming opportunities. 

Our InsanityBets price prediction guide analyzes the $IBET price forecast for 2024 – 2030. We also cover potential features that can influence the token price, and break down $IBET’s tokenomics. 

InsanityBets Price Prediction Summary

Before we carry out our in-depth analysis of the $IBET price, let’s take a quick look at the InsanityBets price prediction for the rest of the decade: 

  • End of 2024 – By 2024, the $IBET token can reach a high of $0.03. Currently, the token has witnessed a strong start to the presale. Future exchange listings can help push the token price by the end of the year. 
  • End of 2025 – In the coming years, InsanityBets will launch its first few casino games. This will help build demand and attract new investors to the project. The token price could reach the $0.1 mark by 2025. 
  • End of 2030 – Due to $IBET’s utility, staking yields, and deflationary tokenomics, it could be a top long-term buy. The token supply will reduce over time, and investors can earn huge yields by staking and burning $IBET. We predict a $1 price by the end of the decade. 

InsanityBets: Price History

One of the main components of InsanityBets is $IBET, the native cryptocurrency. This token will be used within the casino platform, for a multitude of features and use cases. 

For instance, this new cryptocurrency can be held to get high yields, discounts on trading fees, and priority access to various PvP games. $IBET has a total token supply of 5 billion. In April 2024, InsanityBets launched the $IBET token presale, the first time the token is being distributed to the public. 

InsanityBets presale

To ensure that a high number of investors get early access to $IBET, 2.5 billion tokens are being allocated for the presale. Getting involved in a project during its early stages gives one an opportunity to capitalize on potential gainsAt the time of writing, $IBET is priced at $0.0015 per token during the second presale round.

By the third presale round, the price will increase to $0.002 per token. The exchange listing price is set at $0.0180 per token, equating to a price jump of 1,100%. Thus, early investors could secure potential gains before the token lists on cryptocurrency exchanges. 5% of the 5 billion token supply has been set aside for future exchange listings. 

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InsanityBets Price Prediction 2024

The $IBET token price for the remainder of 2024 will depend on the presale performance and the future exchange listings. Since $IBET is a new token, it could attract high levels of volatility during its early stages. 

One of InsanityBets’s main focuses will be conducting one of the best crypto ICOs in 2024. By offering $IBET at an affordable price, InsanityBets is attracting a large number of initial adopters. Should the token raise substantial funds through the initial coin offering, it can secure tier-one exchange listings as well.

InsanityBets image

Post the exchange listing, $IBET could become the next crypto to explodeWith the token price already set to jump by 1,100% from the current presale stages to the exchange listing, early investors may secure a good return on investment. By the end of the year, we expect $IBET to reach a high of $0.03 per token. 

However, many cryptocurrencies experience a price decline after listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. This could be due to the dying down of hype and speculation or because the crypto becomes overvalued as soon as it launches. Therefore, we have set a conservative price estimate of $0.01 for the end of 2024. 

InsanityBets Price Prediction 2025: A Look Ahead

In the medium term, InsanityBets will launch several innovative features that can help inflate the token price. According to the roadmap, the third phase will focus on the launch of new crypto casino games. 

Notably, InsanityBets will feature all provably fair games using Chainlink VRF RNG. Some of the upcoming games include Rock Paper Scissors, Coin Flip, Plinko, and Blast Off. We can expect the development and launch of the first five games within the coming years.

InsanityBets casino games

Since $IBET can be used to get early access to games, adoption for the token could increase once the games are launched. With the goal of becoming one of the best gaming cryptos, InsanityBets also wants to offer something for developers. Therefore, InsanityBets supports plug-and-play options for developers, who can create their own modes using CasinoFi smart contracts.

InsanityBets will also support multi and side bets on the casino platform. All these features will promote the token’s adoption among cryptocurrency gamers. Furthermore, the InsanityBets whitepaper states that another 5% of the token supply will be offered through airdrop rewards.

Therefore, platform users can keep earning more $IBET for the time spent on the ecosystem. This is why we are bullish on the $IBET token price for 2025. We expect $IBET to reach a high of $0.1 by 2025, with a minimum price estimate of $0.06. 

InsanityBets Price Prediction 2030: Long-Term Forecast

InsanityBets’ strong tokenomics and yield-earning opportunities make it a good long-term investment. Firstly, the token boasts a limited supply of only 5 billion. 

Furthermore, $IBET is also one of the best deflationary cryptos to hold in 2024. It implements a burning mechanism, which will reduce the token supply in the long run. InsanityBets will give back 50% of the casino fees collected through private pools to incentivize token burning. 

InsanityBets stake and burn

The deflationary tokenomics helps keep the demand steady by removing tokens. Thus, it helps drive value for the token, allowing existing $IBET holders to witness potential gains. Secondly, $IBET could witness even more scarcity due to the number of tokens locked through the staking mechanism. 35% of all fees generated on InsanityBets are offered through staking pools to staked token holders.

The need for staking grows exponentially since InsanityBets offers several fee discounts and early access to casino games. By making $IBET a multi-utility token, InsanityBets ensures that the token stays relevant as the demand for its cryptocurrency casino rises.

In the coming years, new game launches, contract development, and global expansion could help $IBET become one of the best cryptocurrency investments. By the end of the decade, we predict a maximum price of $1 for native token. Our conservative price estimate is $0.5. To keep yourselves updated with this crypto project, join the InsanityBets Telegram channel

Potential Highs and Lows of InsanityBets 

Now that we have covered the $IBET token price forecast, let’s summarize the price highs and lows for 2024 – 2030: 

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.01 $0.02 $0.03
2025 $0.06 $0.08 $0.1
2030 $0.5 $0.75 $1

What is InsanityBets?

InsanityBets is a decentralized CasinoFi crypto platform where every bet is an investment. By leveraging blockchain technology, InsanityBets offers crypto gamers the opportunity to amplify their returns with the $IBET token. InsanityBets introduces a staking tool where $IBET can be locked to secure high yields.

Furthermore, staking $IBET also allows crypto gamers to access exclusive games and get priority access to the casino. This is also the first CasinoFi platform where users can become the house. You can deposit different tokens, such as USDT, ETH, and BTC, to mint $ILP, an innovative mechanism.

Insanity Bets presale

The $ILP token is used as the house fund and controls 90% of all wins and losses generated on InsanityBets. Therefore, InsanityBets is perfect for gamers looking for a decentralized experience and the opportunity to earn high yields. Furthermore, InsanityBets provides additional incentives through its VIP program. InsanityBets charges a 1% $ILP deposit, withdrawal, and winning fee.

The fee reduces depending on the number of $IBET tokens you stake. For instance, the top VIP tier (Humpback) gives the highest discounts to those who have staked over 20 million $IBET tokens. Members of this tier pay just a 0.1% withdrawal fee and a 0.5% winnings fee. 

In 2022, the online gambling market size was valued at USD 63.53 billion. This number is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 11.7% until 2030. Should InsanityBets even take up a fraction of the market, it could secure huge returns for investors. 

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What Influences the Price of InsanityBets

Now that we know more about the $IBET token and price forecast let’s determine the factors that influence the token price: 

  • Presale and Exchange Listing – In the short term, the presale performance could influence the $IBET price. As it prepares for its exchange listing, $IBET could soar in demand if it conducts a successful presale. This new token could also experience a rapid increase in demand, as more exchanges list the token. 
  • Casino adoption – The success of $IBET is directly linked to the InsanityBets casino. Gamers will be able to use $IBET to get access to exclusive gaming content, and discounts on trading fees. With the roadmap stating that games have begun development, the $IBET demand could increase in the medium term.
  • Staking Benefits – As mentioned above, $IBET can be staked to earn high yields from a staking pool. InsanityBets also introduces escrow staking – an innovative stakings derivative. This feature automatically stakes your staked funds, allowing you to earn compounded returns. Thus, the promise of earning even higher yields could build the token demand. 
  • Deflationary Tokenomics – The limited 5 billion token supply will reduce over time. Thus, the burning mechanism will maintain the scarcity of $IBET, allowing the demand to increase as the supply decreases. The burning rewards are another incentive to promote token burning. 


This InsanityBets price prediction guide has forecasted the $IBET token price for 2024 – 2030. $IBET, the native token, offers multiple use cases – ranging from staking yields, in-game benefits, and discounts on fees. 

The burning mechanism and high staking returns can help push the price, as the demand jumps in the long term. By the end of 2030, we expect $IBET to reach the $1 mark. Currently, the token is priced at $0.0015 during its presale stage. 

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What is InsanityBets? 

InsanityBets is a CasinoFi and GameFi crypto platform. Users can become the house and control 90% of wins and losses. You can use $IBET, the native token, to get early access to games, staking benefits, and high annual yields. 

What is the InsanityBets price prediction for 2024? 

By 2024, the token price could reach $0.03. The price performance depends on the $IBET presale. Post exchange listings, the token could witness an increase in demand. 

What is the InsanityBets price forecast for 2030? 

Due to $IBET’s deflationary tokenomics, staking yields, and in-game utility, it could be a good long-term investment. We expect $IBET to reach the $1 mark by 2030.