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zkSync Era Resolves Network Glitch Triggered by Automated Safety Check

Hongji Feng
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source: zkSync

The zkSync development team recently addressed and resolved a network glitch in the zkSync Era platform with “no funds at risk,” according to a post by zkSync Development.

The network glitch in the zkSync Era platform occurred on Dec. 25 at 05:50 UTC, as reported by the development team. The protocol ceased working for a couple of hours following the incident.

The development team stated that the issue was a result of an automated safety mechanism, integral to the network’s security protocols, being unexpectedly triggered.

Network Glitch Triggered by Automated Safety Check

The cause of the glitch was pinpointed as an edge-case bug in how the operator computed the state update. The zkSync Development team explained in their post, “What was being computed by the protocol was completely correct… However, there was a subtle bug in the way the operator was also computing it.”

“This bug was identified, resolved, and the sequencer again began processing txs,” wrote the post. “Catching up with the those that had to wait in them mempool because they were submitted prior to the issue being addressed.”

The resolution was promptly implemented. According to the development team, “once the issue was fixed, an updated version of the node software was immediately published so other node operators could deploy the changes.”

In addition, the zkSync team acknowledged that the highly defensive posture, initially established for the mainnet launch, might no longer be suitable given the network’s enhanced maturity. But the most important matter was that “no funds were ever at risk.”

“We want to offer our apologies to affected developers and users,” wrote the post. “We also deeply appreciate the community’s patience and offers to help during this incident.”

Pudgy Penguins to Launch Pudgy World on zkSync Era

The popular NFT project Pudgy Penguins recently revealed the upcoming alpha launch of its web3 game Pudgy World based on zkSync Era.

According to their press release, the alpha will launch in Q1 of 2024. The user will not be required to own Pudgy Penguins NFTs to play the game, though holders could get certain benefits.

“The alpha launch of Pudgy World is a massive step forward for the Web3 and NFT space,” said Pudgy Penguins CEO Luca Netz. “Because Pudgy Penguin owners will be playing with their Pudgy Toys, without any pre-existing knowledge of the blockchain technology it is built on.””