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Winklevoss Helped Barstool Sports’ Portnoy Buy More Bitcoin, Chainlink

Fredrik Vold
Last updated: | 2 min read

After first admitting that he doesn’t understand Bitcoin (BTC), but that he wants to learn about it so he can get rich, the popular blogger and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has released the highlights from his meeting with the Winklevoss twins.

Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, Barstool Sports

In the video, Portnoy with Tyler and Cameron Winlevoss, both co-founders of the US-based Gemini exchange, discussed everything from how to buy BTC, to how mining works, and why BTC is a better form of money than gold, which they said will “rain plentiful like sand” when “Elon gets up there and starts mining gold” from asteroids.

In the video, Portnoy revealed that he had already transferred USD 250,000 to his new account on Gemini, and the twins then went on to help him buy about USD 200,000 worth of bitcoin and about USD 50,000 worth of chainlink (LINK).

However, in a separate tweet published before the full video, Portnoy went on to reveal that he is now “7 figures deep now in this stuff.”

After going through with the purchase in the video, the online celebrity, which is now best-known as a day trader in the stock market, then followed up by asking the pair how he could go about launching his own “Dave Coin,” so that he could “pump it and dump it.”

The twins answered that they could help out on his coin idea by putting him in touch with the right engineers, and the trio agreed to meet up again later to “hammer out the details.”

The interview with the Winklevoss twins took place after the popular blogger invited the pair to his office “to explain bitcoin” to him last week. In the video he shared with the invitation, Portnoy admitted that he had bought bitcoin “back in the original bitcoin age” for USD 20,000, but that he now “don’t know where it is” anymore. Further, the online celebrity said in the video that he “[doesn’t] know how to buy bitcoin” and that he “[doesn’t] want to get one of those wallet things.”

Perhaps disappointing to hear for the Winklevoss twins, Portnoy didn’t seem to have picked up much from their conversation, telling his cameraman after the twins left that “I literally have no idea what bitcoin is, do you?”

At pixel time (10:02 UTC), BTC trades at USD 11,716 and is up by almost 3% in a day, trimming its weekly losses to 1%. LINK, ranked 5th by market capitalization, is almost unchanged in a day, after rallying by 71% in a week.