03 Dec 2021 · 4 min read

Why the Crypto Champions Project is Shaking Up the World of NFTs

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NFTs have looked every bit the sensation they are now since they were initially introduced in Yoni Assias’ publication on Coloured Coins.” Now, they’ve really come into their own, and the result is a rapidly booming NFT marketplace.

NFT trading volume surged to USD 10.67 billion in the third quarter of 2021 alone. The more time investors spend analyzing the NFT phenomenon, the more they are convinced that everything NFT-related will be highly relevant in the near future.

Because of all the positive attention that NFTs are racking up now, everyone is looking to invest in one way or another in them. While wanting to be part of the NFT “buzz” is a cool thing, it’s even cooler to be part of NFT communities that offer more than just a chance at short-term wealth.

The more obvious choice would be to sign up for NFT projects/communities that offer true inclusion, integration, transparency, and above all, an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself.

One of the very few NFT projects that tick all these boxes is “Crypto Champions.”

This article explains the essential details you need to know about Crypto Champions and why this NFT project is the best thing for you right now.

A True Community

Crypto Champions is a community with 8000+ unique NFTs. The Crypto Champions community opens the door to an exclusive membership available on the new Web 3.0. Everything from NFTs to cryptocurrency, metaverse and crypto gaming will be accessible for community members — a truly modern digital community.

The mission of Crypto Champions is simple:

To get ahead of the curve and become the most valuable digital community in business (investment, e-commerce, and real estate), leveraging the almost limitless powers of Web 3.0 (DAOs, NFTs, crypto, and the metaverse).

The strength of a community is really in the quality of the members in it. That’s precisely why Crypto Champions are big on self-improvement for members.

As an indicator of the Crypto Champions’ desire to improve the life of its members, the founders have lined up USD 1 million in a trackable public wallet to reward community members who show devotion and actively participate in furthering community goals. The money will take on several forms of value, including an actual cash gift, a trip to the Maldives on a private jet, and startup capital for high-performing entrepreneurs in the community.

You can track activities around the public wallet here.

There are several extra benefits for members of the Crypto Champions project, including but not limited to:

Incredible Investment Opportunities

Nothing beats getting timely information on investment opportunities. Crypto Champions members will discover precisely what this means because they will constantly be gaining early access to juicy real estate deals, angel investments, and initial coin offerings (ICO).

Uninhibited access to priceless commercial knowledge

Owing to the massive success of its founders, Crypto Champions has a solid commercial and business foundation. Through these founders, members will gain access to highly sought-after professional courses, webinars, and one-on-one sessions.

Highly successful people have gathered these resources and will often be made available for free to dedicated Crypto Champions members. 

What are Crypto Champions NFTs

Crypto Champions is a collection of high premium quality 3D human models. The models have been divided into two factions — PRIVILEGED and REBELS.

Each of these factions is unique in expression, uniforms, and weapons. Add 136 distinct traits, and you get very real 3D human soldiers in both factions.

Minting Champion NFTs is a highly rewarding task. Members of the Champions Community can get up to ten times the value of their original investment when they mint rare NFTs.

Members who don't get to mint rare NFTs have a shot at increasing the value of their NFTs by participating in some simple games. The more you win, the rarer your NFTs become. Rare NFTs mean higher market values!

Better days ahead!

These excellent models will reach the peak of their powers when they battle for spoils in the Crypto Champions METAWAR.

Crypto Champions feels different because it is different!

The Crypto Champions project is not just about minting and trading NFTs; it is about so much more.

It is about reinforcing and upholding the “we are all going to make it” mindset that most people get into the world of cryptocurrency for. It’s about building a genuine community of strong-willed people who want to grow financially and contribute back to the community and the world.

Perhaps, the best about Crypto Champions is that community members get to have fun while growing as people.

The Crypto Champions project could not have picked a better time to be the main NFT sensation.

To learn more about Crypto Champions, you can join the Champions Community on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.